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Author Topic: Unfriendly Territory (M seeking F or M, depending on role)  (Read 371 times)

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Unfriendly Territory (M seeking F or M, depending on role)
« on: November 08, 2011, 03:57:30 PM »
NOTE: It's been brought to my attention that I really suck at selling this character (and, possibly, this scenario, but mostly, this character). I never knew how to do this in a natural way and I still don't, but I'm figuring out the qualities that make him an appealing character. Scroll down to read the end if you're starting to read my proposal and just aren't feeling it. Also, maybe give me a chance if you don't have a lot of RPs on your plate and often find yourself bored.

First off, stylistic stuff--I'm picky, to a point. I prefer people who have been known to write long posts, and require partners who write "deep" RP. That means you're inclined to write about your character's perspective on things in the body of the post (see my posting history for an idea; also think of books like the A Song of Ice and Fire series, which are in third person but go into detail about a character's concerns, relevant memories and so on. . .not that I'm saying I'm as good a writer, haha). If this isn't something you do, I won't want to play with you. It's not a superiority thing, it's an "I want to have fun" thing. Sorry. (PS: I've not bothered trimming down my rambling explanations so people can have a warning about what my posts are like. They're long because I have ~thoughts~ and ramble on about them at length, not because I spend three paragraphs describing the wind. Decide whether I'm the partner for you accordingly!)

Now, on to my character and my idea. His name is Cassiel, he's a poet by occupation, and I've done a couple RPs with him here before. His race is called the zal'Berei, and they naturally travel worlds some time after reaching puberty. As in, they'll be sitting around minding their own business, and suddenly poof away and reappear somewhere entirely different. They'll go to sleep and wake up on a different planet. They'll start out taking a shit on one toilet and the turd will hit water on a different one. etc. Cassiel's 23, and most people have gone through this by the time they're 17. He's only been experiencing it for a few months, and he still doesn't have proper control over where he travels, and when.

Despite this failure, he is at least passingly prepared for the places he shows up on. The government gives all zal'Berei a portable hole in which to carry necessities (potions, clothing, reference materials, toiletries and so on--it's the size of a small room), and teaches them a variety of spells that will be necessary in foreign lands, like transmutation (for turning his own money into local currency, for example), defensive shielding, and stuff. He's capable of wielding powerful magic but, to be entirely honest, he's kind of a pansy, and gets really upset if he hurts someone or kills something, even if they're cruel or he's killed a monster, etc.. He's not exactly a coward, he just places a high value on life and isn't inclined to defend himself with violence, because he's discovered that his spells are stronger when he's afraid, and he hasn't practiced enough to control that, or to be less afraid, so accidental killing is too big of a risk for his tastes.

On to the setting! It is both a specific and a non-specific idea. I want this to be a country on a planet that is a big ol' fantasy setting. In most places on that planet, magic is known and trusted, and widely taught, etc.. However, the country Cassiel appears in has outlawed the use of magic. I'm thinking that they've done this because they won a revolution, recently (within the past few decades, not "two months ago", heh), over a government that used magic to oppress its people in terrible ways. I'm open to other suggestions, but the point is that I don't want it to be because people are ignorant and close-minded. I want it to be because they know that magic is capable of special horrors, and they don't trust it (so, maybe they're close-minded and they're almost certainly misguided, but it doesn't come from a place of "what is this? I'm scared!").

Some notes about Cassiel's sexuality: The planet he's from is very sexually liberated. They've probably seen too much of the universe to be overly judgmental. It's more common for people to be pansexual than heterosexual. That's not saying people don't have natural interests one way or the other, but that they're raised in a society that considers it normal to feel attraction for all genders, and considers it abnormal to feel attraction to only one. Cassiel, left to his own devices, prefers women. When he thinks about sexual things, when he goes into sexual relationships of his own (or, more likely, mutual) initiation, women are always who's involved. That said, he isn't grossed out by the thought of being with a man, he doesn't feel especially threatened by male sexuality, or anything like that. There's a part of him that's curious about it, but he lacks the natural confidence to explore these things on his own. What this means is that 'easy', vanilla, romantic relationships would be easiest with women. It would be easiest to seduce Cassiel using a female character. But, it wouldn't be particularly hard using a man. Just keep in mind he's completely inexperienced and wouldn't think of a man sexually on his own. He's pretty much a bottom, personality wise, but I don't think I make characters that fit cleanly into a sub/dom type role. He tends to top in romantic relationships, but this is only because he's had the opportunity to build comfort and confidence with his girlfriend; in casual scenarios, he lacks that. He isn't passive, though! If the opening is given at all, he'll express interest in people, he'll participate in all number of ways during sex, etc.. To some that might go without saying, but I have met some really passive RPers in my time who basically lay there and get fucked, and that's not what I do, haha.

About short-term vs. long-term: IC-wise, Cassiel is unable to travel between worlds too rapidly; he needs to stay in one place for about two weeks before he can go back home. Using a lot of magic, particularly powerful magic, is likely to make this period longer. Still, he's unlikely to remain in one place for more than a couple of weeks unless something is keeping him there (not jail, either; if he's regained his strength, he can just poof out, no big deal...unless they've developed sophisticated shielding against magic use, I guess). Keep this in mind when deciding if you want to RP. Also keep in mind that two IC weeks can take a long, long time to play out, though!

So, where do you come in? There are a few possibilities, some of which have more sexual possibilities than others.

1. You could play someone who witnesses Cassiel using magic, but is not in a position of authority to do anything about it themselves. This is probably going to be someone who's sympathetic to magic users, to some degree; they'll warn him against using magic, and they'll have a conversation about it, etc.. Hopefully, they'll hit it off in some way--I don't have any particular plot for this approach, this is more 'give it a shot and let's see how it goes.' This is how I'm used to RPing, though, so that suits me just fine. I don't care too much about the gender of this partner.

2. You could play someone who witnesses Cassiel using magic, and is entirely in the position to haul him in for it. This has a few ways it could go, sexual and non. They'd talk (or he'd be told to shut up, haha) while he was being brought in, and potentially while he was in the dungeon, either to be held there or awaiting some other kind of punishment. Either "we can see what happens", like with the other RP, or I could suggest a kind of dark scene where the soldier takes advantage of him sexually. It's worth noting that I'm not into strictly rough, non-consensual scenes anymore, though. So if you wanted to take this route, it would be a situation where it was probably wrong, and his consent was probably inspired, in part, by being a prisoner of this person, but the consent would still be there before anything beyond groping or talking happened. Basically, it would be a bit uncomfortable for him, but also pretty exciting--he wouldn't think of himself as being violated by the situation. For this role, any gender would be OK, but I do lean slightly more toward women for it--I like women in positions of strength and power.

3. You could play a fellow dungeon-dweller. Maybe they're also being held for magic use; maybe they're being held for some other reason (non-violent crimes are heavily preferred, unless you really sell me on something else). They wind up, you know, talking. Maybe something sexual could happen for. . .reasons, maybe as simply as boredom. I don't want it to really be some kind of prison punk scenario though, haha. I'm not into degradation in sexual stuff, is what I mean. Any gender welcome for this role; I have absolutely no preference.

4. You could play a corrupt member of government. I think this is probably a monarchy, but I'm not thinking of someone as high as the king or queen. Just. . .someone in a position of power. Nothing greater than a prince or princess, though if you really wanted it to be the king or queen, I don't care all that much. Anyway, they hear that a magic user has been taken in, and they want to see what he can do. They want to take him on as a servant or a slave, and have him use his magic to assist them in various ways. This could remain a largely non-sexual role, but adding in an expectation of submitting to their sexual desires is also an interesting possibility. I probably prefer a female character for this role, but would not turn down a male character just because they're male.

5. Any ideas you have in the scope of this plot! I welcome people who are engaged enough to brainstorm with me.

JUST REMEMBERED! I really like to stay in contact with my partners, chat about scenes going on, be in a constant process of brainstorming, etc. etc.. The easiest and most natural way to do this is by chatting via IM (I am always on Yahoo, and can log into AIM or MSN if asked), but if you don't have an IM client, or aren't online for long stretches at once, we can find another way (probably PMs here, though that'd take a whole lot of deleting). This isn't required, but I've found that RPs where I've done this are much more likely to succeed than ones where I haven't.

STUFF I LIKE ABOUT CASSIEL (maybe you will, too)

1. He's largely a pacifist. This makes it easy to thrust him in situations that challenge his moral code, which is good for drama! I say, in places, that he lacks confidence, but that is in his physical attractiveness so it has almost everything to do with sex (to some people he does kind of resemble a stick bug with a face shaped like a smooshed egg and big troll hair, so looking at him doesn't have a history of making the ladies swoon). He has plenty of intellectual confidence.

2. He's kind of a wimp. This might sound no fun at first, but, think of how many RPs seem to go, in fantasy settings. Male Character is a total badass! He kills shit! He doesn't necessarily save Female Character, but she witnesses him slaying terrible beasts, and that makes her wet. They fuck. His total badass quality has solved The Problem (which may have been a monster, or may have been a jealous ex, whatever). Except. . .he was so powerful that, really, it solved The Problem. Now what do we RP about? Uhm. Uhm. NEW HELLBEAST. I'm not saying these RPs can't be fun, they definitely can. I've done them (or, tried; I'm actually pretty bad at writing action sequences, so my visions of total domination are much different than the reality). But Cassiel provides something different.

I had a point here but that's all I've got, for now. It's worth noting that I use male/female stuff in my rambling there because it's what I have the most experience RPing, not because it's all I'll ever RP.

Thanks for your consideration.
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