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Author Topic: Idea list 2008  (Read 1318 times)

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Offline schnookumsTopic starter

Idea list 2008
« on: December 31, 2007, 04:00:45 PM »
Well, a little early, but I'm posting up my list of ideas again to see if I can get any hits. I've modified a few, cut a few, and just fiddled with some of the ideas. We'll have to see how successful this'll turn out to be!

1. An ancient curse:
A fantasy genre game, the basics are a father/daughter team of adventurers who've been working together for a while. Unfortunately, during their last adventure the father had accidentally triggered an ancient curse, and slowly he begins to change, to regard his daughter with lustful intentions. He'll fight it, but by himself he won't be able to beat it. And of course, the daughter won't discover how bad the curse is until things have just about gone to far. Will she be able to free her father while he's busy forcing her to submit to his forbidden lusts? I was thinking maybe mages of some sort for profession, although D&D style druids could offer an extra kinky element.
(Kink Keywords: Incest, NC/Rape, Some bondage, possibly impregnation if people are up for it, possible bestiality esp. if we go with the druids)

2. Cute 'lil faerie dragon in trouble!
A mage's familiar, a faerie dragoness,ends up on a series of misadventures. Perhaps she's trying to rescue her master, or maybe she's accompanying him/her on their adventures and ends up running afoul of all sorts of nawtiness. either way she'll be in trouble!
(Kink Keywords: Well, this game could go either way...could end up being a very rough time for the poor dragoness or it could be a little more light-hearted, less NC-ish type game. Otherwise, sizeplay, transformation, monsters, interspecies {hey, some human might think she's more then just 'cute'] maybe tentacles, and whatever strikes our fancy, this one's a bit less defined)

3. Dark horror
Okay, this one I wasn't sure if it would work here, but I'll toss it out. I'm kind of interested in a horror type game, especially one in the vein of the Silent Hill games by Konami. Basically a women finds herself drawn to a small town, only to find it abandoned...and for some reason she can't leave. Things start slowly progressing to a dark and horrifying reality as time progresses, and the women finds herself drawn into a horrific plot with her as the linchpin for its success. I'm really looking for the kind of shifting reality/nightmare situation that's presented in the Silent Hill game, so some familiarity would help (but I can work with folks if needed.) I'm kind of looking to push limits (so to speak) with this sort of game, but I'm also mindful of the site rules and all...just trying to see if it could be done.
(Kink Keywords: Well, pretty much the same stuff I've been mentioning before, again looking to explore darker things with this game is the best way to put it)

4. A fantasy farce
This one is a bit of an odd idea. An adventuring sort, solo or part of a group, ends up stumbling across all sorts of naughty situations, with a bit of a comical edge to them. Like, mage casts a spell to turn into say, a fox to scout, and while doing so she finds herself drawing the attention of a fox who's been quite lonely. Or she gets captured by orcs and discovers they aren't quite the brutal raping sort, but they sure do enjoy spanking. Basically looking for weird fantasy sex stuff with a comedic twist to it.
(Kink Keywords: Just about anything (within site limits) goes, although I'm looking for a light-hearted kinkfest really. Transformations, cross species nawtiness, bondage, maybe a little beasty action, all are good.)

Offline schnookumsTopic starter

Re: Idea list 2008
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2008, 03:25:49 AM »
Just a note that I foolishly forgot to add: I'm generally looking to be the victim as it were in these scenarios. I'm still feeling things out when trying to run such scenarios, but feel free to contact me if you'd like either way, maybe I might feel confident enough to try running a scenario with the right people and suchlike.