Keep Step Daddy Happy [M seeking F - Multiple characters]

Started by Dray, November 07, 2011, 11:09:01 AM

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Looking for a female role playing partner who is capable of handling two characters, or if I get enough of an interest then I could have two writing partners for this one instead of one.  I prefer writing partners who can be somewhat detailed and descriptive and have no problem reading and typing a few paragraphs per post...short posts and lack of description kill the mood for me.  I would also like to discuss the role play a bit before starting it, so send me a PM if you are interested and also tell me if you would be willing to play both character's or if you would rather just play one.

Main Characters of this Role Play:

Husband/Step Father - 30 years old
Wife/Mother - 40 years old
Daughter/Step Daughter - 18 years old

The mother marries a man whom becomes the step father of the daughter.  He is a rich, young and very successful business man.  He likes to be in control, having a dominate nature to him since he is a nature born leader and yet at the same time he is loving and takes care of both of them.  He is in love with his new wife, finding her attractive and appealing despite her age, however, he also finds his new young step daughter to be very sexy as well as she carries her mother's beauty in a younger body.  The wife would adore her new husband and his lustful desires for her and sexual appetite, and of course likes being taken care of especially financially. 

The daughter would also find this young man that her mother married to be quite attractive as well, and having seen and heard her mother and step father having sex plenty of times before she feels pent up and tense, wanting to be in her mother's shoes at times.  I see it as the step daughter playing the part of a tease, wanting her step father but yet wanting him to take her so she teases him constantly to get him to the breaking point where he finally throws himself at her.

That's the basic idea of course, it is up for discussion and change.  We can add twists to the story as it progresses, such as how the relationship develops between husband/wife and step father/step the two of them keep this affair a secret, or perhaps maybe the mother finds out...what will she do then?  How will she react?  Will the mother accept the relationship her new husband shares with her daughter?  What if he impregnates his step daughter?  What if they both become pregnant?