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Author Topic: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)  (Read 4179 times)

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Offline Amethyst DreamsTopic starter

Epic. Fantasy.

For some of us its just two words.  It's nothing special - the province of geeky gamers and escapists; now moving on to more important issues...  For others, these two words evoke such wild and exotic imaginations that it leaves us chagrined at the dullness of the everyday world we find ourselves in.  Even for just a moment.  If you intend to read past this, chances are, you're one of those people.

How was the day with your job today?  Or your education?  Get up, get to it, get through the day, get ready for the next.  Now, one more time.  Just one more.  Keep it up.  How's your future looking by the way?  Oh, there's what's-his-name on TV.  This petty man intends to manipulate your future to his own glorious vision of the greater good, and dignifies his actions as a profession by calling himself a politician.  Great future, isn't it?

Wouldn't it, for once, feel good to stand in the way of a man who sold his soul to the devil that he might attain the power to subjugate the world to his will, rather than compete against the man who sold his soul to the devil to get a competitive edge.  On his next promotion. Injustice.  Injustice?  Don't worry.  Your lawyer will be happy, for modest fee, to battle yo... I mean debate your case against the dramatic backdrop of a courtroom drama, whilst the sneering villai... I mean possible suspect, grins at you from the box, winking un-surreptitiously, at his more competent (and better paid) defence council.

To wield steel, or the powers of the cosmos in your hands and right the wrongs that have been done to you personally, regardless of whether your goals are righteous or selfish.  To be promised such.  Hell, for those of us who find such things appealing, just a chance to attain this would be all that we've ever asked.

Uh-uh.  Not happening.  Not now.  Not ever.


Which is why some of us wish to be reborn in such a world of MYTHIC proportions.  But would you ever appreciate it?  The joy, the sorrow, the excitement, the terror, without ever knowing the crushing TEDIUM of a day of clean, honest drudgery.  Or is it work?  Hard to tell sometimes.  Clearly you can never have the best of both worlds.

But then; how about:-

Who are you?  The bar owner trying to make another day's living?  Professional accountant, with Fifteen Years Experience on the job?  Or even the woman who broke up with a jerk of a boyfriend, who took a restraining order (a restraining order!) against you?  Whoever you are, the day has ended.  Its time to go home and go through the obvious.

The bar owner goes to the basement to check what beverages are needed, and notices a crack in the floor.  The woman, muttering colourful suggestions about her ex, notices a a small green fleck in her drink.  And it's growing before her disbelieving eyes.  The accountant picks himself up from the ruined remains of his couch to gaze at the shattered front of his apartment, window and wall, and at the green crystalline rock, cratered in the floor.  Instinct would have told you to run, but comfortable living has rendered that instinct dull and replaced it with an extended nose.

FireGreen, Burning, Fire erupts.  You scream.  Are you screaming?  Its hard to tell over the cacophony of voices that sing, curse, weep, laugh, and titter, as if in a madman's dream.  You're flying (or is it falling?) but you don't know because of the crimson agony of being on fire.  Something is looking at you, but you don't know what.  Then it ends.

You fall heavily.  Sand?  Is this the beach.  No.

Desert.  Barren wasteland, as far as the eyes... your eyes can see, with only dunes, some, of herculean proportions.  Why is it so cold?  The sky is nothing more than a leaden, roiling mass of clouds, shifting as if in hurricane winds.  In this twilight, you find yourself.  But not alone.

Who are these others?  Is that an elf?  A dwarf?  W.T.F.  Oh, at least there's another human being here.  Why the hell are they naked?  Why the hell am I naked?  But they all share the same look.  The look you can feel on your own face.  Confusion.  Bewilderment.

First you need to get up and... who's hands are these?  Mine?  Wait... my body...

But no need for that.  How will you survive?  Where do you go?  How will you get back home?  (Is that even a real question?)  Do you  even want to go back home?

I don't know.  Do you like the smell of adventure in the morning...  (Okay, stopping now to avoid lawsuits)

You find yourself in a word without television, droning adverts, salesmen willing to make a quick buck at your expense, and the Daily Whatever.  You find yourself in world where magic is real, warriors clash with steel and fire, where mortals can become gods and gods mortal, and terrible powers can put an end to the world you as know it.  You find yourself in a world where almost anything is possible.

You find yourself on the world of Emaeril.

Now.  The important question...


Lol, a bit of a long-winded introduction (but if you're here you're probably quite dedicated, so Kudos), and possibly serves to bring the basic premise behind this (and yet another) campaign recruitment thread.  :P  Obviously this is just to check the waters and see how many people are interested in undertaking such a campaign, before more is hammered out.

I'm looking for about 4 - 5 players.  The core system will most likely be Pathfinder (unless more people wish for D&D), but has D&D 3.5 elements, like the Heroes of Horror and some aspects of the Tome of Magic and Weapons of Legacy.  Anyone interested?  Wipe your feet here and drop a message!  (And maybe your thoughts)  :-)

Once I've determined the types of players (and enough interest), a OOC thread can begin and the start of THE adventure!

Wishing y'all a good day (or evening)!
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Offline avorae

Hmmm... I have to say that this does intrest me a lot. I am willing to throw my hat in for a spot in this game.

Offline Mysterica

Sounds rather interesting.  I'm in if you'll have me.

Offline Foxfyr

Oh man, I can't tell you how often I fantasize about that very situation. I would love to be part of this game!

Offline Aybara

I am interested but I'd like to ask what section will this be going into? I'm trying to consider a few ideas like a combinations of who the character was and who they are now. The scientist transformed into a wizard or better yet a sorcerer could add a bit as they try to come to terms with the utter insanity of what is going on and what they can now do. Sadly I don't think an atheist transformed into a cleric would work that well!

Offline Amethyst DreamsTopic starter

Oh, four people already, this might go faster than I thought  ;D, thanks to everyone. (I was expecting number in 3 or 4 days).  I think I'll raise the total players accepted to 5 - 6 at this point.

@ Aybara: To answer your question, I'm seeing it go in the Light: Exotic Small Groups for now, being fantasy and all.  Whilst on the topic, unless the group specifically decides otherwise, I'm looking to keep sexuality as secondary to the adventure itself.  Sure in a gritty adventure we're expecting these elements to crop up (it's part of the allure of fantasy after all) but I'm looking to keep it to sensuality rather than sexuality (any romps the character's engage in could probably summed up in a post or two so as to leave people with a tantalising image rather than a lurid description).

Anyway, to tide people over whilst we wait for more players.  I've finally unearthed the world history that everyone will get to find out before the campaign starts (not necessary to know, unless you want the big picture as well as some flavour of what's to come).

The Saga of Emaeril
The following passages chronicle the events that have shaped Emaeril since the first races set foot upon it some seven hundred years gone.  This passage gives a general account of the events that led to the discovery and the shaping of the present on Emaeril – it does not give an actual account of the history of the races themselves.

Little was known of the world of Emaeril before the civilised races set foot upon its soil.  At one time there may have been others who lived upon this world, for there is evidence of past civilisations, but they are now either long gone or have passed into the dust of time.

Before the civilised races came to Emaeril, the world was one of vast untamed lands untouched by the encroachment of people, or perhaps reclaimed by nature from its former inhabitants.  Those ancients alone might have possessed the answers to the ancient secrets of Emaeril, but their time has passed and they will answer no riddles.

Chapter I: The People of Valinor
The people of Valinor are often thought to be the elves, though their race is not one exclusive to that serene wooded realm – they share this realm in harmony with the small folk, the halflings.  However, it was they who first came to the world of Emaeril.

The elves of Valinor had long suspected the existence of Emaeril – ancient, time faded manuscripts, pondered upon by the sages of the fair folk, had hinted of this realm.  Long had the search been made to find the means to reach Emaeril, but the most significant step towards that goal had been the uncovering of the Vallas gate.  This gargantuan portal had long been hidden in the deep and ancient forests of Valinor.

The discovery of the Vallas gate roused much excitement amongst the elves of Valinor, for they at last had the means to access and travel beyond the boundaries of their world,  over which they had long since held sway.  But the elves could not get the Vallas gate to yield its ancient secrets, nor could they, by any craft or magic, open the cosmic link between the worlds.

It would be many years before the link was established and even then, it was not by any effort or power of their own that finally coaxed the portal to open – perhaps the stars where in right alignment, or perhaps other forces were at work, but the portal had opened to reveal the world of Emaeril to the races of the wild.

The Founding of the Elven Territories
The elves of Valinor found Emaeril as has already been told.  The startling similarity to their own beloved Valinor struck a cord deep in the elven soul – it was a land of great beauty, unblemished by mortal hands.  It was then that the elves of Valinor chose to make Emaeril a haven for the elves, a place they could find nature in a perfect sate.

The elves first arrived on the isle known today as Valinor, having named it in honour and remembrance of their world.  The isles of Sirion and Andor were founded a few short years later, though they would ultimately be run from the isle of Valinor.  From these isolated places, the elves would watch and explore the lands of Emaeril.

When ancient ruins were discovered, the leftovers of a race thought to pre-date the elf civilisation itself, the elves would turn their attention upon them convinced that answers to the many questions they had would be found from the knowledge discovered within.  They would not be disappointed in this respect, but the ruins of these ancients were to be found on their own isles and as a consequence of this they grew reclusive and insular.  It was left to others, therefore, to chart the lay of Emaeril.

The Coming of the Small Folk
The small folk, the halflings, having long wished to see Emaeril, where finally given leave by the elves of Valinor to enter Emaeril in large numbers.  Being people of nomadic type, given to wandering all the regions of Valinor without causing much harm to the world around them, the elves recognised that they would, within the space of relatively short time, find the lay of the world they had found and thus the means of mapping Emaeril was within their reach.

The halflings quickly spread in great nomadic clans to the main continent of Emaeril where they began to explore.  In compact with the elves, they would relay the lay of the land and would thus always have access to the elven territories.  It was here within the region that would later be known as the Heartlands, along the great mountain range that separated the north and east, that the small folk would find another peoples, who had also found their way to Emaeril.

Chapter II: The People of Aulëros
The world of Aulëros is one dominated by titanic mountains overlooking forests and rocky plains.  It was from this world that the first dwarves and gnomes ventured forth from to find Emaeril.

It was the dwarves who were the first to find the Midgar gate, buried thousands of leagues from the surface of Aulëros in caverns beneath the deep oceans.  Its discovery was a thing of wonder, for the gate was open when the dwarves found it – a gigantic circular portal that looked to have grown out of the ground, crackling with arcane magic and glowing with radiant eldritch runes.  Through the eye of the portal, they beheld deep caverns laden with crystals and veins of gold in its walls.  The lure proved too much, for gold has a special place in the dwarven soul that few of the Stout Folk can resist.

A Legacy of Gold: The Dwarven Kingdom
Whilst the dwarves passed through to explore this new found land, the gnomes dedicated themselves to the study of the portal and the construction of a colony on the other side of the Midgar  gate.  In time this would grow to become the city known today as Dun' Gil, once the dwarves would reach the surface of the immense Karrazar mountain range.

The gold under the city of Dun' Gil was but a taste of the vast wealth that was to be found within the Karrazar mountains.  Prospectors returning from the northern regions reported that greater hordes were to be found.  The reports brought even greater numbers of dwarven and gnome clans through the Midgar  gate, attracted by the prospects of building a bright future for themselves.  Within this region, the people of Aulëros founded a second, grander, more splendid city – Ebarrak.

Chapter III: A Meeting of Peoples
Almost at the completion of the second dwarven city of Ebarrak, which bordered the region known as the Heartlands, a wandering tribe of halflings came to meet the races of stone.  As per their agreement with the elves, the halflings sent word south to the Elven Territories.

For a time, this contact benefited both races on the whole, for they had much to offer each other.  The forges of the stout mountain dwellers wrought many fine pieces, polished gems and weapons for the elves, who would in turn teach them of magic and the arts, for the dwarves were still a simple people who carved their words on stone.  The halflings of Valinor roamed the vast plains and hills across Emaeril, and made friendship with the gnomes of Aulëros.  It was a welcome alliance to all.

However it was not to be said that Emaeril was an unblemished paradise.  While the elves built citadels and refuges amongst the trees, the dwarves burrowed deep into the mountains, unearthing its bounty.  It has been speculated that it was perhaps by the very different natures of the two peoples that conflict became inevitable.

If the dwarves are a people slow to anger, they are slower to forget.  Minor misunderstandings, over time, soon gave way to harsh grievances on part of the dwarves.

The time was nearly three hundred years since the people of Aulëros and Valinor had come to Emaeril.  This was during the reign of the Dragon King Aenarion Varil of the elves.  Aenarion was of the high elves.  Of all the sons of the High Kindred, there was none so mighty.  But for all his prowess, Aenarion was a poor diplomat with little liking or patience for the dwarves.  Circumstances would also find that the High King of the dwarves Murin Ironhelm, was likewise a dwarf of similar pride and prowess, and though he had no particular dislike of the Fair Folk, he had accumulated over time injustices, real and imagined, committed by the elves against the Stout Folk.  The stage was set so that only a push would bring war to the peaceful realm of Emaeril.

The War of the Beard
When war finally did come, its onset was ruinous and terrible – often compared to The Sundering by the elves, when civil war had been waged amongst themselves on Valinor.

The dwarves came down from the mountains in fury and vengeance, to bring low the Elven Territories, which at the time extended to the main continent of Emaeril.  For over five years did dwarf and elf fight, held in stalemate where the subtlety of the elves and the fury of the dwarves kept each other in check.  The dwarves were directly responsible for much of the destruction wrought to the former Elven Territories on mainland, but it was as a consequence of their actions that brought low their own growing kingdom – for the elves sought to resolve the conflict through diplomacy and tact.

For those years did the two people fight.  The gnomes had an indirect hand, aiding the dwarves with their inventions that were now turned to the purpose of destruction.  The halflings sought to avoid the conflict for war had never been their strength, but despite their best attempts some were caught up.

The Savage Threat
The elves were insular, for the most part concerning themselves with the secrets afforded to them by the ruins within their territories.  The dwarves likewise paid little attention to regions outside their mountainous kingdom, content to mine the treasures of their realm.  Gnomes concerned themselves with the events of life, and the halflings had since found the most hospitable regions on Emaeril for their clans to wander.  When the War of the Beard broke out, all their attentions were focused on the conflict of misunderstandings.  They paid no attention to where the true threat might lurk – The Great Wilderness, vast and unexplored by elves or dwarves or gnomes or halflings.

Whilst the War of the Beard raged, a new threat to the civilised people was gathering like a storm at the borders of The Great Wilderness.  Without word or warning, a great horde of orcs poured out onto the plains of the Heartlands, whilst from the north goblins and orcs descended on the unprotected Dwarven Kingdom in a wave of fire and blood.

The civilised people set aside their differences to combine against the monstrous invaders.  Indeed, in those early days the orcs and goblins and other races that poured out of the Ushur gate in the depths of The Great Wilderness were perceived as living monstrosities, for their appearance was terrible to the people of Aulëros and Valinor.

The world of Ushurak is home to a number of savage races.  Whilst the people of Aulëros and Valinor had made a society for themselves, the denizens of Ushurak did not.  They lived in isolated tribes, incessantly waging war with each other, occasionally grouping into large war communities, and then splintering once the reason for their amalgamation was no longer.  They had none of the artistic nature of the civilised people, but had advanced more rapidly in the matter of population and war-science.

From the Ushur gate they spilled forth, like water from a burst dam, and the initial surge of this force was unstoppable, and tore into the disorganised defenders of Emaeril.

But, once rallied, the resilience of the dwarves and the tact of the elves formed a solid host that the savage tribes of Ushurak could not break.  For a time savage might was held in check by the arts of civilised warfare.  Many of Ushurak's people, growing tired of the stalemate, abandoned the main war tribe, finding ways around or through the enemy battle lines, slowly trickling through eastward to the rest of Emaeril.

Chapter IV: The Coming of Humanity
Savage warfare raged on the west of Emaeril, and so it was that the arrival of humanity from the east was unnoticed at first.  Perhaps it was just as well, for the first humans to arrive on Emaeril were fleeing a war of their own.  A war of conquest in which they had been the losers, and in pride of lineage chose not to submit to their conquerors, but chose to evade capture at any cost.

Humans are the native inhabitants of the world of Caeldoryn, and those who fled were of a nation called the Laetanesse, and were joined alongside by some of their allies – the people known as the Haradrim.  Utterly defeated, they sought to escape the conquerors and lick their wounds.  In their extremity they had found the Caellen gate, which was to be their doorway onto Emaeril.

The Haradrim went southward, perhaps attracted to the warm winds and eventually the deserts which they found, which were likened to their native lands they had once inhabited.

The Laetanesse pushed westward, oblivious to the battles that were being waged there.  Their arrival was much to the astonishment of the elves, for humans resemble elves more than dwarves or any of the other short folk, and the dwarves were likewise equally astounded for ever more races seemed to be drawn to Emaeril and they knew not whether humanity came as a friend or foe, for humanity resembled the Fair Folk in a close way, and rogue alliances has ever often been based on grounds as trivial as this.

Though defeated in battle, the Laetanesse were still far from spent, possessing a mighty host, many of whom veterans of war.  Eager to have allies and even more eager to vent the frustrations of their defeat they were quick to join in the cause of dwarves and elves against the tribes of Ushurak.

It was in those years that the first wave of humanity carved its place on Emaeril with a bloody sword, pushing back the savages into The Great Wilderness.  The Heartlands was to become their lands, and their position was an acceptable one to both races as a buffer between realms of dwarves and elves, if scars of the past were to heal.

Both were confident concerning their friendship with humanity – the elves by virtue of the fascination that humans often displayed for them, and the dwarves by the virtue of the strong friendships built during the war.

Humanity moved into the vacant regions left in the wake of the dwarves and elves, namely the Heartlands.  From here they would begin to rebuild their lives in imitation of that which they had once led, and only occasionally needing to defend themselves from the savage tribes that now lurked in The Great Wilderness.  Peace was a welcome relief for all.

Chapter V: The Reprieve
With the wars that plagued Emaeril, seemingly over, the people were eager to rebuild.  Humanity was especially keen to find the lay of the land, for the dwarves and gnomes knew little beyond their kingdom, and the elves were sparing with their information.  The halflings had long since chosen to roam the Heartlands and the steppes east of it and as such, their time as explorers had ended.

With the innate curiosity of humans, many began to look beyond their boundaries.  The lands were un-owned and the Laetanesse were anxious to recreate the lost glories of their old empire.  Great projects and expeditions were commissioned, by the lords of the Laetanesse.

The Laetanesse built their cities atop the foundations of the ruins of much of the old Elven Territories.  The dwarves provided them with much of the expertise and metals that enabled them prosper, while the elves adopted the role of mentors, seeing themselves as guides to help humanity along. 

Many of the Laetanesse cities built next to the Elven Territories were modified by their contact with the Fair Folk, and over time it would bring about one of the few races who are truly native to Emaeril.  Those that bordered The Great Wilderness, were to eventually make peace with some of the tribes found there.  In some cases, the results of that peace would breed another people who would also be unique to Emaeril.

Whilst peace lasted, the people of Emaeril turned to the process of healing, so that they could once again build the world that they envisioned.  Great interaction between them was rare, usually only in the form of trading.

Many were worried by the ambitions of humanity, for their numbers were more numerous, and increased at greater pace than those of the other longer lived races.  It was indeed the ambition and curiosity of humanity that brought the end of this period of peace, but not in the way that any would have dared imagine.

Emaeril is a plane of gateways and portals to many worlds.  Some were strange, some wonderful – the possibility of discovering them was intriguing,  for it all pointed out to a myriad of possibilities, and the chance to discover what other realities lay undiscovered.  But the term 'realities' implies the possibility of finding that other than what lies on the Prime Material plane.

Humanity's push for exploration of Emaeril, delved into many regions that the halfling explorers of old had left, for the impracticability of pushing into such inhospitable regions was not an ordeal the Small Folk of Valinor were willing to endure.

Chapter VI: The War of Horror
The elves discovered that the gates from Emaeril could only be effected from Emaeril itself, but, that once opened, could be held open by means of The Art, which to all others was known as magic, unless the gateway was sealed from Emaeril before such means could be brought to bear.  This knowledge, however, they had not shared with humanity.

It came to pass that humanity began to explore the regions north-east of the Heartlands, in a region now known as The Blight.  In those days it was a barren region, of few trees and grass, where the cold winds that blew down from the mountains chilled the land.

In this desolate place, humanity found another gate of curious aspect.  Those who opened the gate saw a world so inimical to the senses, that fear gripped their hearts instantly.  Instinct may have warned them off, but such is the deadening effect of civilisation upon the senses, that it kills the instinct and replaces it with curiosity.  They passed through to see what lay beyond, with fear in their hearts.

Nor was it an idle fear.  Death lurked beyond the shimmering surface of the open gate, death swift and terrible, death slow and hideous, hidden, elemental, tireless and unrelenting.  Those who passed beyond did not return and The Gate was not sealed against those who inhabited that terrible realm of fear.

From time immemorial, people had spoken of them.  Around camp fires, men told tales of them.  Mothers frightened their children with them.  The elves had speculated of them.  Dwarves told stories of legendary heroes of yore who battled them.  But in truth, no one had ever truly believed in them.

Sixty years of peace had held, and the people of Emaeril were still building their lives, for the wars of the past had touched all of them deeply.  In this respect, fate was not kind.

Horror and Terror set forth from The Gate, and perhaps for the first time in any recorded history, the mortals of the Prime Material met the Masters of the Abyss, which is the realm of demons.

Though blessed with peace, time had strengthened the people of Emaeril, not weakened them.  Humanity was adaptable, the elves were the masters of the arcane, the dwarves were sturdy with all the fierce pride of the ancient lineage, the halflings were well versed on the lay of the lands and more than once they had used this to tremendous effect, and the gnomes now turned all their expertise to the making of implements of battle.  Even some of the tribes of Ushurak took a hand in the battle.  Any would have been daunted to face the unity of the people of Emaeril at that time.

But they warred with more than mortal power.  For the flesh of demons is not as the flesh of mortals and to harm that flesh was a task most difficult.  The means to do so were uncovered, but to equip an army with the weapons necessary for that job was difficult and all the while their numbers dwindled.  The Abyss disgorged ever more demons.

There was talk by the elder races of abandoning Emaeril, but the realisation that to leave Emaeril in the grip of demons was to invite future problems for the it would be throwing ultimate victory into the laps of the fiends, by giving them unrestricted access to the gates that were on Emaeril – for the gates were indestructible by any means possessed by the people of Emaeril.

So their only hope lay in pushing the twisted denizens of the nether realm back through the gate and seal it.  For to simply seal the gate was not enough, for those remaining would always attempt open it again, and a war of attrition is one not suited to mortals in the short as well as the long run.

Humanity had unleashed Terror upon Emaeril, but it was also they who ultimately drove it out.  At least this is the view taken by the non-human races, but neither the Laetanesse, nor the Haradrim, were responsible for the deed.

The defeat of the Laetanesse on Caeldoryn had been more complete than they had ever dared imagine.  Their old foes had at last found the Caellen gate, having battled over and through Laetan to find their fleeing enemies.

The Hyrkanians burst onto Emaeril – an army flushed with victory and now in pursuit of their foes with the passion of a starving wolf.  It was exactly this that was needed to turn the tide of the war.

Bewildered by the array of potential foes they found before them, the Hyrkanians spent the first months of their arrival smiting left and right at all without discrimination.  But logic and truth would eventually prevail, as well as necessity.

Tightly and methodically, the people of Emaeril began to drive back the atrocities of the abyss back towards the gate.  Perhaps demons were too arrogant to believe such a fragile people could do them harm, perhaps they were far more interested in sowing terror and destruction than making a true effort to win the war.  But to a certain extent, the ranks of the demons were disorganised, and that aided the defenders of Emaeril.

It was said that despite the might of the mortal armies, they would not have driven back the horrors of the abyss but for chance that caused fiend to fight fiend in the final days of the War of Horror.  The truth of that assertion may never be known, but the war was won by mortal hands in the end.

Chapter VII: The Consolidation of Races
It had seemed that Emaeril had never had any real peace, and perhaps, sceptics argued, never would.  Another storm seemed to be on the horizon as the lines of the Hyrkanians and Laetanesse drew up against one another.

But the people of dwarves, elves, gnomes and halflings had long since agreed on peace, and would tolerate further conflicts.  In the end, the new elven Dragon Prince Caledor, brother and successor to Aenarion, who had stepped down despite the protestations of his court, brokered the peace that lasts till today – having stated that on Caeldoryn, humanity's grudges may endure and play themselves out, but here on Emaeril they had no cause for to continue it.

Both sides of humanity have kept the peace, and though they occasionally chafe at each other, peace endures.  The Hyrkanians having interdicted in the war, claimed for themselves the region east of the Heartlands which is today known as the Eastern Marches.

The people of Emaeril have built and in doing so, for perhaps the first time, chosen a far greater degree of interaction with each other, so that indeed a new age has come to Emaeril, and has endured for the past two hundred years.

Chapter VIII: The Turning of the Wheel - The End of an Age
Peace has endured, but tensions are now rising in the face of a new adversity.  For all the history of Emaeril, the races have interacted with Emaeril and with their worlds beyond.  They were free to go wherever they pleased, but no longer.

All gateways on Emaeril including the Vallas, Midgar, Ushur, and Caellen gates have ceased to function.  The people of Emaeril now turn to each other for answers to the cause, but silence fills the great halls of debate.

A phenomenon only previously seen on rare occasion has been on the rise.  The Forsaken Ones.  The Lost.  A phenomenon some will ruthlessly suppress the knowledge of.

The civilisations of Emaeril now seem incapable of action, and as the days pass the tensions rise.  There is almost a feel in the air of a conflict in which none wish to deal the first blow, of a world waiting to tear itself apart.  Armies are preparing their weapons and diplomats race between cities to bring and receive news.  A subtle decay and lethargy seems to grip the people of the world.

And life on Emaeril is about to change...
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Offline Mysterica

Wow...  This is quite the novel!  But I enjoyed reading it!  I would definitely love to once again state my interest in this game and say that it would be an honor participating in a game that the gm has gone through so much trouble to write such a history for!

The only real question is whether we will be diplomats trying to prevent war (possibly more to protect ourselves than for others), the rising heroes against an unknown foe, or a bit of both.  Either way, I would love to play possibly a bullied college student turned either fighter or sorcerer.

Offline Altair1983

Id love to be apart of this! this sounds amazing.

Offline hgb

If you would have me, I would love to be part of this game. My current line of thinking would be a guy who's been beat down most of his life, once he enters the new world he realizes he can change things, help the little guy, and thus he sets off down the path of a Paladin.

If the party wanted to go down a more devious path instead, I could think of something else that would work better with party dynamics.
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Offline Aybara

I'd likely be interested in playing a caster of some kind on further consideration. I've been playing a lot of melee characters lately so it would be nice to play a caster again. It depends what the group is in need of unless I come up with an idea I really like. A mystic theurge could be fun, I've always wanted to play one.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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I'm thinking of going with a monk class, most likely a Zen Archer to cover both close range and long range combat.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
« Reply #11 on: November 07, 2011, 07:45:34 PM »
I am thinking of a bored housewife who either started going to church to cure her boredom (cleric) or went the opposite route and started hanging out at shady places that  a devoted wife and mother should not have been at. (rogue)

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
« Reply #12 on: November 07, 2011, 08:58:44 PM »
Oh, most definitely interested.

I've been in two games/stories like this one... both times the GM burned out of course before we really got started.

I'm very enthusiastic.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Woot!  I'm stretching it a bit at 7 players, but I guess since we're doing this by post it'll compensate.  Other people who would like to take part are welcome to post their interest, but will have to wait for openings in the future should any come around (though it would be awesome if the core group who began could finish together!).

Running a check list, the core group now being:
Loki Aesir

Well... 8 players now, because of a last minute addition!

Watch this space for an OOC thread soon.  Many thanks to everyone!
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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Eliza had to pull the RV over as her hands trembled. Nausea curdled her stomach and hot, acidic, fowl bile rose up her throat. She barely made it to the bathroom as the drugs again took their toll on her.
Looking up into the small mirror her blue almost violet colored eyes were sunken and black circles made them seem dull. Yet a fire still showed in them. She would not give in. Not give up she would fight till her last breath…damn it all!!
The doctors had tried their methods, chemo, drugs, and therapy. Then she had tried her own, she had been a Wiccan since her free spirited mother had brought her into the coven. She knew about the herbal medicines and holistic ways and she tried them and still the disease ravaged her.
Eliza would not give up, it was not her way. She had danced naked during the meetings, she had lovers of both sexes and had done things most would consider very kinky. She had marched for all sorts of things. She lived and laughed and she had never given up a single fight before, even when girls at her schools had taunted her. Made her feel dumpy and weird she had showed them…first by being an honor student then by being smarter than them.
She had went into business, wore the suits and still underneath she was a Wiccan and free. She had made a lot of money …showed the men she could play their game. Then she got sick, normally she would fight it off but it got worst. Finally she had gone to the doctors…Cancer.
Her friends had said she was nuts, her mama had cried, but Eliza was firm. She wanted to see the country before she was beaten. So she had used her savings, bought a well equipped RV and took off. That was 3 months ago, and she could feel the end coming. She had taken joy in the outdoors she saw and had fun playing silly online games. If she had a choice she would have to be an elf in her next life.
She stepped toward the front and the pain hit her, made her whimper and curl up the floor. The light was trembling …green. BURNING Green! By the goddess she fought trying to get out…her breath a crimson fire in her chest. Then her eyes blinked as she gasped, holding by a scream as something in the green fire is looking at her. Then she falls.

Her blue eyes blink as she takes a breath…a deep healthy breath. The air as cold and she felt like she was lying on some sort of sand and she realized she was naked. Then she nearly screamed as she brushed the long silken hair from her face and felt the ears. Pointed, uplifted, delicate…pointed…POINTED?!
She rolled from her back to stand and saw the porcelain tone her skin was now and the long fingers and almost white hair as it fell long and healthy. Lifting her eyes at the leaden clouds she laughed and cried and spun in a dance…. She LIVED!

DARN it i missed the start!!

Good luck to everyone!!


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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Hey, just for clarification, and to help with my plans, are we going with this from lvl 1 as people learning to deal with their new lives, or from a slightly higher lvl, and if it is the latter, just a ball park of the level.  I'm going back and forth between sorcerer and fighter, but I would like to see what there is before I decide for certain so we don't wind up having either a party full of spell casters or be a bit low on magic.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Everything will get detailed in the OOC thread I'm working on and should be up presently, but for now it's level 1 for everyone (for those of exasperated at such low levels, no need to worry since will be picking up to level 3 in short order after the introductory chapter of the game, and because of house rules there is always opportunity for 'bounty' XP points)  ^-^

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Ok then.  Sorry if I seemed impatient, I just like to come prepared with an idea, especially if I do go with the sorcerer and must start choosing spells and blood line.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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No need to worry, enthusiasm is good!  And people are most excited when coming up with a character.  There will be a few details to consider which will be in the OOC thread, so it might be best to come up with a broad concept at this point.  ;)

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Very well then.  Sounds like a plan.  I'll just check back now and again for that information, don't have much else to do since all i have left to do for the next four hours here at work is to sweep and mop the little bitty store.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Just a quick question does every cleric have to have gods or can they have a ideals that the hold at the center of their faith?

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Under the standard rules, no -  the necessity of having a god is specific to this particular campaign, and has story ramifications should anyone care to explore it.  I think at this point, the closes you can get to not needing a god for a cleric is the Separatist Archetype found in Ultimate Magic that allows you to choose one domain not of the deity you serve.  Hope that helps, though I believe at this point there are presently two potential divine casters in the group, but I can't see another joining the mix being disrupting or even unhelpful!

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Alright Cool Ill choose something else, Then I agree to many divine casters can get in the way of things.

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Re: Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game: Crossroad of Worlds (Epic Fantasy; Interest check)
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Well...  Either way you can join the game thread once you decide your race and physical appearance since character sheets aren't necessary until later.