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August 18, 2022, 09:25:49 pm

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Author Topic: Tales of a Time Traveling Scholar Slut - LF strong female adventurer  (Read 794 times)

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Ok, I hope the title got your attention.
I had an idea and I want to throw it out there for you.  Tell me what you think, and if interested.  But if interested, please read my ons / offs before posting / contacting me.


I am looking for a woman who's interested in playing a strong female character.  A true modern woman, doesn't have to be American, but western culture for certain.  Cell phone, ipad, etc.  This woman should be some sort of scientist, historian, or maybe just a free spirit who has the soul of an adventurer.  She can be submissive sexually, but she's no wilting flower in her life.
Your heroine discovers she has an ancient and magical ability.  For whatever reason, and we should discuss this before play, she realizes that she can cast her consciousness back into the past.  She can time travel back and become any woman that she's genetically related too.  However there's a few catches; (isn't there always?)


Your character can only cast her consciousness back into the past at the exact moment that she achieves orgasm with a lover.  In fact, it's got to be nearly simultaneous or it won't work.   If she cums too quickly or too far after her lover, it just doesn't work.   
In addition, the further back she goes, the less time she has to spend in the past.   She feels a constant draw to be pulled back to her own time.   Only sex can keep her temporarily rooted in whatever time she chooses to visit.
When she returns to her own time, it's exactly the same moment she left; mid orgasm.  However other things may have changed....
Her actions in the past CAN change the present.
Also she can only send her consciousness back into the body of a female ancestor, or herself at a younger age.  In fact I think that may have been how she first discovered her power?  She was thinking about an earlier lover, and was sent back to inhabit a younger version of her self.  While there she made changes in her past that echoed back to her real life when she returned.  In the past on her first visit she decided that she was dreaming, but bought stock in google / apple / etc.  Upon returning home, she was no longer renting a run down apartment, but living in a deluxe condo.
She realizes that changing the past could be catastrophic, and while she wants to 'explore' the past, has to be careful of what she does.

I would like to generate a long term role play with a literate, active female player.  The idea is that your character, who may be older in her current time (lets say up to... forty and no younger than college grad, so.. at least twenty two?), decides that she's going to explore the past using her mysterious gift.  Obviously she'd have to be quite sexually liberated, and in addition have a healthy appetite for sex, or she's just going to keep getting bounced back home.  If she travels to say... ancient greece, she'll have enough knowledge from her host's body to get along without attracting too much attention.  IE she'll speak the language, know the towns, her friends / family / etc.   All of the host's information will just sort of be subconcious background knowledge.  So how will your character react, what will she do, where would she go?  Of course, this could be the ultimate fantasy for any woman with an Electra complex, you could literally become your mother and have sex with your father, and it's not even incest, because it's your mother having sex, not you.


So what I'm looking for is a woman (preferably) or a man who can very convincingly write a woman's point of view (you'd better be able to show me proof) who's interested in this idea.
I'd prefer someone who has an instant messenger that they use, so we can discuss ideas out of character there, but role play on the forums.
I need someone that is going to be a co-author with me, not just a player.  I want you to have fun with this... don't just ask who your husband is when you get into a new body... TELL ME... let's explore together.
I want someone who's able to post multiple times a day but also understands that some days you just can't post.  You might have a busy day at work, or you may just not be feeling sexy enough to work up an ERP.  Because I'm going to be doing the same.  On good days we may bang out several posts, or we may have nothing for a day or two.  I'm ok with that and want someone else who is.  I have a life outside of E, and want a co-author who does too.


I love pictures.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not use them?  I will be happy to include pictures inside spoiler tags whenever possible, and would love it if my co author used pictures too.  This isn't necessary but I feel it adds a lot to a story.
Like this
NSFW Image inside

Was one of these woman an ancient ancestor of you?  Were you there to 'witness' and experience the events of this night?

So, thanks for hanging out and reading all of this, I hope it wasn't too boring.   If you're interested, let me know!