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Author Topic: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M seeking F]  (Read 758 times)

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Castor's Cave of Concepts [M seeking F]
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:03:23 PM »
Hello, come in, fancy a cuppa coffee? Or is coffee not your cuppa tea? Before you make your decision on what you want read my ONs/OFFs.

  • Rough Ideas: These are just rough ideas, I'm an open-minded lad and large chunks of these ideas are negotiable. Unless I say otherwise.
  • Images: The images I use are a rough guideline of the sort of woman I'm looking for. I'd prefer you played the characters in the images - if you want more pictures just tell me - but if you don't then it's no biggie.

Conquering The Head Girl TAKEN

My role: Iím a member of a powerful Kenyan family that is dominant and well-renowned all over the country having made billions of money in the oil business. After achieving the best results at secondary/high school I applied to the University of Oxford to study Geography and I was accepted. I come from a rich family but have very much been raised with working-class ethos and in a working-class environment in Kenya. These ethos are evident when you look at my work-rate, tremendous energy and my athletic body. Iím confident, assertive and incredibly smooth with words but these qualities distort themselves as I move into a new country. My language is of a very good standard but I struggle to settle, being so far away from my close-knit family.

Your role: Youíre the daughter of a famous British politician and are also studying at Oxford. Youíre beautiful, highly intelligent with a quintessentially British swagger to complement those attributes. You were Head Girl at the private school you attended and scooped more awards than you could remember. You have the whole package as far as your appearance and academic record are concerned. Your parents have pampered you all your life, being extremely over-protective, nothing terrible has happened to you and no one has a bad word to say about you. Well, they do, but a lot of it is jealousy that youíre so good at everything. Youíre simply a woman who can do no wrong. Yet youíre not quite the complete package inside your soul and something is still bothering you Ė youíre still a virgin.

Roleplay details: This would be an interracial roleplay and itís the taboo part of this story that gets my blood racing Ė my character is not the type of guy your parents would approve of, for I am of a lower class? When your virginity is taken your personality may change - but what will you turn into?

The State Tour Guide TAKEN

My role: Iím a British student going to the USA for a gap year to experience what the USA has to offer. Iím very intelligent, charismatic and possess a fierce personality to always win but Iím not quite sure what I want to do in life. The only thing Iím sure that I want to do is travel. My second year at University hadnít been all too successful as there was too much play and not enough work, prompting me to have a long hard look at myself. My life had become cumbersome, I needed a change of scenery and I need to see some obscure USA states. I know you through my brother who used to live there and he arranged for me to stay at your house

Your role: This is up to you, this is quite a broad role catering for different types of roles. If you PM me a picture of the sort of woman youíll be playing or a description of what your character then Iím more than okay.

Roleplay details: I want this to be a very realistic roleplay where you actually show me around the sights and sounds of your state(s). I want to feel like I have been there or Iím there! The location is negotiable, we can do any country.
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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2011, 12:09:38 PM »
Standing Firm

Your role:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Youíre my only sister. The onus was on you to play the role of the mother from your late teens onwards when our mother died. You no longer live with me yet you constantly worry about me and regularly invite me around for Sunday lunch. That said, youíre perceived as a class traitor by me and others in the extended family; a woman who has betrayed her roots. Youíre intelligent and independent Ė the first in the family to have gone to University Ė but there is very little involvement from you in the family functions. Your education at University has made you change your group of friends. I hold some resentment towards you, but even though I wouldnít testify it to you, I absolutely adore you and wish I was as articulate and self-assured as you.

My role: Life hasnít been easy, my mother died when I was 8 and my father was part of a football (soccer) firm/gang. Since his death four years ago Iíve had to honour his legacy by joining the frontline of the gang and fighting for his honour. While my father had a reputation as a tough guy, I struggle to fill his boots because of my baby-face, forever living in his shadow. I work in the family Boxing Gym Ė a gym which has been passed down from generation to generation. I lack confidence but there is a confidence male somewhere in there waiting to blossom. Iíve had my fair share of girlfriends but I am not experienced and my recent Ďdroughtí with the opposite sex has left me disillusioned with  them in general.

Roleplay details: Incest would be involved here, but obviously not incest for the sake of incest, Iíd like to think thereís a good story to be written here. Those who express interest in this should be switches with SERIOUS interest for experimenting with their dominant side, I want it to be a constant power battle and even though Iím not usually submissive this is the sort of roleplay I will be. Knowledge of soccer firms/gangs isnít essential; this roleplay was inspired by Green Street/The Football Factory so if youíve seen those films youíll have a good idea. If not, we can always do something different, but gang-related.

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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2011, 12:24:21 PM »
Far Beyond Driven

Your role:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are dangerous woman; youíre intelligent, seductive, driven, powerful and lacking in morals. You have recently been made Chief Executive of a major investment banking firm, the youngest Chief Executive in the companyís history and you have the stereotypical high-maintenance that comes with the role. Youíre willing to step on anyone to get to the top, using any means to get what you want. Rumours are that you Ďsleptí your way to the top and with your angelic, business smile and model-esque looks it isnít inconceivable. Youíve recently been divorced and there is a ruthless streak within you which has made you dismiss several members of staff. Not only are you longing for someone young and exciting to give your life an extra spark but youíre also on the quest for even more power.

My role: Iím young intern at the firm. I have it all; the looks, the charm, the confidence and the experience.  I was something of a teenage business protťgť but never hit the heights I should have. Several years ago, I entered a competition along with you and many others and we made it to the final. As a finalist I faced you and you completely and utterly destroyed me publically Ė after all, you were much older and experienced and it showed. It was a humiliating defeat for me, confirming that I had an awful lot to learn and you rubbed it in during your winning speech, pinpointing my weaknesses to add further insult to injury. My confidence was shot to pieces afterwards and Iíve held a grudge ever since. I have no idea that youíre the Chief Executive as I start the internship.

Roleplay details: This is a mixture of powerful, passion roleplay eventually mixed with some romance, preferably. It is very MILF-esque and I am very much craving it. The experience of a powerful, older woman who goes toe-to-toe with the youthful exuberance and enthusiasm of a bruised ego which is out to make amends. Or is it? I'd love someone very dominant to do this or at least a switch.
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Re: Castor's Cave of Concepts [M seeking F]
« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2011, 09:05:24 PM »
Vulgar Display of Domination TAKEN
Your role:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Youíre beautiful, intelligent, fashion-aware and with a hint of snobbery. Youíre the new and youngest girl in our society and weíve welcomed you with open arms and youíve fitted in very well, the only Fresher white girl who has joined. You were voted Sexiest Female and Best Newcomer in our End of Year awards. Youíve made a huge impact and are well-liked for, your beauty aside, sharp tongue and ability to have fun and being the life of the party. I have liked the look of you since the day I first saw you, there were traces of sexual tension at first but theyíve faded due to our constat clashes on the direction of the society. Weíve been clashing lately which has made that attraction lower, to the point where I find you a mere pretty face, and to the point where the attractiveness of that pretty face only lasts a few seconds before Iím repulsed by your behaviour.

My role: Iím the leader of the society and have been for three years, having originally founded the society. I have the characteristics of the alpha male but Iím also a cynic, I take my job as leader seriously, making sure everyone in the society is involved and making sure nothing too silly is going on. My whole life has been about power and domination, it's why I've been so successful in everything I do. Iím a sought after male with several of the girls in the society group keen to get me into their beds (and have been voted Sexiest Male for 3 years in a row). Iíd have bedded most of them had it not been that they had been friends with me for so long that I thought of them as sisters. I think youíre a spoilt little so and so who has little respect, is stubborn, immature and has vague boundaries for the feeling of others. Youíre new and challenge me when I propose my ideas  on the direction of where the society should be heading Ė something I find particularly annoying as Iíve rarely been challenged during my three year tenure.

Roleplay details: Interracial. Two powerful, stubborn egos going head-to-head. Do you try to topple me as leader? Or do I fuck you and put you in your place?
Seeking: I need whoever expresses an interest in this to not go down without a fight even if theyíre submissive.
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