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Bloody Rose

In the modern world, rich companies control the lives of every person in the world. They doing of illegal acts are making the lives of honest people more and more difficult as time goes by. They don’t care who they hurt and they don’t care what they do to get what they want. However it has all gone too far, they caused the displeasure of the gods and now they will pay. There is one man, he is the son of a God and he has been appointed a task, find a group of skilled scions and give them a purpose. He goes high and low finding the people that he thinks would fit best to work in a group. Now with the group formed they bring justice to people, rob from the rich and give back to those that need it, they provide Leverage.

This will be based on the Leverage show, if you haven’t watched the series I strongly suggest it. It is about a group of five thieves joining together to help people that has been robbed or conned out and they con and rob them back. I will need the following
The Mastermind- (Reserved by Zarazel), He is the boss of the group, he is the brains of the group and knows how to act a little bit. He is the guy who gets the job and basically is the leader.
The Brawn (Reserved by Avorae)- He/She is the one who hits hard, the one who defends the group and the one that knows how to fight  as best as anybody else.
The Thief (Played by AndyZ) she is the thief of the group, the girl that can steal everything right in front of your face and get away with it.
The Hacker (Open) He or she is the best at computers, she knows how to hack even the government itself. She or he does not have much of a fighting skills or people skills but she or he is the backup of everybody in terms of providing information and fake Id’s she or he it’s one of the most  important parts of the group.
The Grifter (Played by Swordsman)- She is a con artist, she knows how to act and fool you every step of the way. She is the type of girl that can assume many different roles and make everybody believe it.


Character sheet: (write down your character sheet in here)


Question.  Are we doing a system here, or what?  I'm curious, and potentially want the role of the hacker...

Bloody Rose


How smart do you have to be to play as the hacker? I'm interested in playing a nerdy character, but 'm not that all smart with computers...

Edit: Oh, sorry there Reji. Didn't know you wanted the spot too. Kinda overlooked that part of the post. :S
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Are there any house rules we need to be aware of during character creation....
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Bloody Rose

lol you dont have to know how to do them you just have to know what to do. It's like I won't ask you how you hacked a building you just tell me you want ot hack it, roll and if it's good then I will tell  you info

Epic Perception for damage on firearms
No scent of the devine


Name: Valerie Jacobson
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Role: Thief
Personality: Occasionally bubbly and cheerful, sometimes thoughtful and melancholic
Likes: Shiny things, expensive things, indulging her curiosity
Dislikes: Probing questions, being told to grow up or act mature, people who hurt cats
Bio: Valerie doesn't like to talk very much about her past, but it's not too difficult to figure out from what she omits that it wasn't very pretty.  Some tidbits that she's let slip suggest a childhood on the streets, others an abusive family or an orphanage where she never managed to fit in.  For all her curiosity, for all the bubbling questions that she loves to ask on her good days, she doesn't want to let people know about her own past.

Valerie strongly believes in the prospect of Harmony, the cosmic balance that must be repaid, that some have lost that karmic balance within themselves one way or another.  She suspects that such beliefs are what caused her to be chosen for this particular Band, almost as much as her sinewy grace and thieving skills.

Like her feline counterparts, she's more than happy to be playful and affectionate, as long as it's on her own terms.  She can just as easily drift into standoffish behavior or outright seclusion.

Character sheet: (write down your character sheet in here)

Nature: Gambler
Deity: Bastet

Strength 2 (Epic 1)
Dexterity 5 (Epic 1)
Stamina 3 (Epic 1)
Charisma 2 (Epic 1)
Manipulation 2 (Epic 1)
Appearance 4 (Epic 1)
Perception 4 (Epic 1)
Intelligence 3 (Epic 1)
Wits 4 (Epic 1)

Academics 1
Animal Ken 1
Art (Dancing) 1
*Athletics 3
*Awareness 3
*Brawl 3
Control (Motorcycles) 1
Empathy 1
Fortitude 1
Integrity 1
Investigation 1
*Larceny 3
Medicine 1
Occult 3
Presence 1
*Stealth 3
*Survival 1

Relic - Catsuit - Counts as Bulletproof Vest with -1 Fatigue - -1 Speed to Unarmed attacks - 2 points

Relic - Tattoo of Moon with Cat's eye on left shoulder - Grants access to the Animal and Sun purviews - 2 points

Relic - Tattoo of Sun with Cat's eye on right shoulder - Grants access to the Moon and Prophecy purviews - 2 points

Relic - Fluffy kitten on small of back - Adds Legend to Dexterity rolls - 3 points

Boons - Prophecy 1

Knacks - Holy Bound, Cat's Grace, Damage Conversion, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Gods' Honest, Perfect Actor, Scent the Divine, Telepathy, Meditative Focus

Conviction 3 Harmony 5 Order 1 Piety 1

Legend 2 (4/4)

Willpower 8 (8/8)
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Name: Mira Carter
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Role: Grifter
Personality: Compassionate and caring, though when it deals with serious matters she can occasionally get cold and calculating
Likes: Acting, figuring out others, Working out problems, she has a particular taste for the color gold not in the stealing kind of way but more in that she likes it, interesting or exotic fashion
Dislikes: Very simple people, talking about her mother or her past, doing completely unjust things

Biography: She had lived a relatively normal life with parents who she thought were normal and loved her. Her childhood was very normal and was filled with happiness. Mira tried to be a high school actress and it seemed as if it was enough to impress her classmates. There was also a woman in the crowd at the end of her final performance on a high school stage. This woman turned out to be her mother and she just felt more than compelled to believe her

Three years later, Mira knew Ancient Egyptian along with an assortments of all kinds of other languages and was more or less stranded in Africa. Using her skills that she had picked up from her mother, she had to work her way back from all of it to get back to the States but by that point she had been jaded, she understood what power and wealth can do and not in any of the good ways. So she started to use her abilities to act and hide in plain sight to work the system and hurt some of the people that had a little too much power or money on their hands. It was her way of enacting karmic justice on those that had treated down trodden people unjustly or tried to push an unfair agenda on people.

It should be noted that for some reason whenever she does a job there is always a portion of the money that goes directly to a charity by an anonymous donor. Rarely if ever is it the same charity twice but there seems to be some reason for it that is hidden beneath her happy smile and usually bright manner.

Character Sheet:

Divine Parent: Isis
Nature: Trickster

Strength: 2
Dex: 2 with one point of Epic
Stamina: 3 with a point of Epic
Charisma: 3 with a point of Epic
Manipulation: 5 with a point of Epic
Appearance: 3 with a point of Epic
Perception: 3
Intelligence: 3 with a point of Epic
Wits: 3 with a point of Epic

*Academics: 3
Art (Singing): 1
Athletics: 1
Awareness: 3
Command: 3
Craft (Forgeries): 1
Empathy: 3
Fortitude: 3
*Integrity: 3
*Investigation: 3
Larceny: 3
Marksmanship: 1
*Occult: 3
*Politics: 3
*Presence: 5
Stealth: 1


Health and Guardian Tattoo: 2
Magic Bracelet: 1 Worn
Pistol Tattoo: 2 (Extra point for Speed) The tattoo is located on the back of her right hip that she can touch spend a point of Legend to summon the very handy silenced 9MM pistol.

Magic 1
Health 1

Willpower: 9


Convictions: 3
Order: 1
Piety: 1

Language Mastery
Social Chameleon
God's Honest
Perfect Actor
Photographic Penmanship
Girl's Just Want to Have Fun

Dodge DV: 4
Legend: 2

Bloody Rose


Name: Lan-Mei Yu
Nickname: Jinx
Player: Avorae
Nature: Bravo
Calling: Street Fighter
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
God: Sun Wukong
Title: None
Exp: 0
spent: 0

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 102
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Black
Skin tone: Asian
Measurements: 32A-24-34 cm
Build: Petite
Date of birth: 3-16
Age: 21
*Strength ••••
Epic •
Dexterity •••••
Epic •
Stamina ••••
Epic •
*Charisma ••
Epic •
Manipulation ••
*Appearance •••••
Epic •
Perception ••
Epic •
Intelligence •••
Epic •
Wits ••
Epic •
Academics ••
Languages Known
Standard Chinese,  Mandarin Chinese, English, Italian, Japanese
Animal Ken
Art [Sing] ••
Art [Dance] ••
*Athletics •••
Awareness •••
*Brawl •••••
Control [Motorcycle] •
Craft [Auto Mechanics] •
Empathy •
*Fortitude •••
Integrity ••
*Larceny •
Marksmanship •   
*Melee •••
Presence ••
Stealth •
*Survival •
SP100 Defender II Gloves with Steel Shot •••

-Adds legend to Dex+Brawl rolls
-Can strike at a distant target out to Legend x5 yards away
-Gain a -1 to a weapon’s Speed (unarmed)

Dragon Tattoo (Left Arm) ••

-Chaos Purview
-Star Purview

Titanium Tools
While Relics may be made of stern stuff, the usual off-the-shelf “authentic katana” tends to fold like the cheap steel that it is when it connects with something under the force of Epic Strength. With this Knack, any tool or item that the Scion picks up benefits from the same bends and loopholes in the laws of physics that allow Epic Strength to defy both leverage and structural integrity.

The Scion could use a wooden board to clobber a thug, or he could ram a flimsy iron fireplace poker right through a wall of concrete with the full force of his Epic Strength. In either case, the tool would remain reasonably intact (albeit with some cosmetic wear). Such guarantees are particularly handy when using an object of questionable strength to beat a titan-spawn to death without destroying the item in question (such as a snow globe intended as a present). Note that Titanium Tools doesn’t improve the Hardness or rigidity of an item. A cheap katana can still be snapped in half by an angry titan-spawn that decides to target the blade. A limp spaghetti noodle is no better a weapon with this Knack than without. Titanium Tools simply allows the Scion to use objects that might be feasible as weapons under normal circumstances and subject them to the extraordinary effects of his Epic Strength without breaking them, for as long as he wields the object.

And the Crowd Goes Wild
By the luck of the divine genetic draw, the character is superbly suited to athletic pursuits. She excels at any sport she plays, even if she’s never so much as heard of it before. Running, jumping, climbing, swimming… any athletic pursuit is second nature to her. As a result, any dice the character has in Athletics are considered to be automatic successes when the player rolls a dice pool that includes Athletics. Bonus dice granted by an Arete (see Scion: Hero, p. 149) are also counted as successes automatically if the player spends a point of Legend when her character performs the action. Values that derive from a character’s Athletics rating (such as Dodge DV or the feats of strength total) are not affected by this Knack, nor are any Boon activation rolls that might call for Athletics

Body Armor
The Scion’s body is so tough that, even unarmed, he can parry close-combat attacks that would inflict lethal damage. If a berserker hopped up on Jotunblut or a thrall full of eitr tries to split the Scion’s skull with a fire ax, the Scion can take the blow on his forearm and knock it aside without serious injury. (That assumes the character’s Parry DV is sufficient to cancel out the attack roll’s successes, of course.) While that benefit remains in effect all the time, the Scion can also engage a temporary one that offers even more protection. With the expenditure of a Legend point, a measure of the Scion’s ichor wells up from within and coats the Scion’s body. This coating hardens into a gleaming, metallic armor that’s no thicker than a hair’s breadth. This armor has a bashing and lethal soak equal to the character’s Legend, and it inflicts a mobility penalty of only -1. The ichor coating is thin enough to fit comfortably beneath one’s clothing, so it adds its protective value to that of any other armor the character might already be wearing. Natural armor from this Knack lasts for only one scene and disintegrates at the scene’s end.
Self Healing
The Scion’s player spends a point of Legend to repair a single level of damage. That damage can be bashing or lethal, and the healing takes place in an instant without leaving a scar. (Aggravated damage is beyond the power of this Knack to heal.) Scions who are interested in building their reputation and spreading their legends quickly find this Knack to be one of the more effective tools of doing so, as bruises, lacerations and bullet holes vanish before astonished onlookers’ eyes

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
This Knack is a character’s trusty Get Out of Jail Free card. When the character gets into trouble with some angry witness or authority figure be it the police, a mortal parent, one’s long-suffering spouse, etc. he need only shrug haplessly, grin foolishly or do likewise. (His player also spends a point of Legend.) At that, the offended party decides that whatever the character did wasn’t really that bad. The character gets a slap on the wrist, a stern warning or no punishment at all, depending on when he chooses to use it. This Knack doesn’t work on anyone with a higher Legend rating, though. Also, if the character wants to use it against someone with an equal Legend rating, his player must roll (Charisma + Presence+ Legend) against a roll of the potential victim’s(Willpower + Integrity + Legend).


Game Face
This Knack functions identically to Dreadful Mien (see Scion: Hero, p. 133), but functions for characters with positive Epic Appearance. Just because they’re handsome or beautiful doesn’t mean they can’t be scary as hell when they snarl at their foes or flash a razor-edged, you-know-I’m-going-to-kill-you smile.

Spatial Attunement
The Scion is so aware of his surroundings that his other senses (primarily those of hearing and smell) compensate for his eyes in identifying nearby objects outside his line of sight. The Scion could recognize the person sneaking up on him by that person’s telltale scent and mark exactly how far away that person is by the sound of his passing. With one quick glance around the room, the Scion could mark in his mind exactly where every wall and piece of furniture is within. Having done so, he could then navigate the room with his eyes closed, even slipping through a milling crowd of people without bumping into anyone or anything. To a certain extent, the character can perceive what’s going on around him in a 360-degree arc. Also, he suffers no penalties for fighting blind as long as he can hear or smell his opponents

Language Mastery
The Scion can understand any language that is spoken to him. Once he’s heard a few sentences, he can then speak that language back as if he grew up among native speakers. Writing the language is a bit trickier, as he can only transliterate his written words in the alphabet of his native language until someone teaches him the alphabet and punctuation of the new language. For instance, say a Scion with this Knack whose native language is English has picked up French at Orly Airport in Paris and would like to leave a thank-you note for a bartender who gave him helpful information. That Scion might write, “Maresee du mah-vay zayday,” to express his thanks, when what he really means is, “Merci de m’avez aidé.” Likewise, reading the new language can be difficult if that language uses characters that don’t appear in an alphabet with which he is already familiar

Eternal Vigilance
Similar to the Environmental Awareness Knack(see p. 64), a Scion with this Knack is never taken by surprise by unexpected attacks. He joins battle as soon as the attack occurs, and he applies his full DV to his own defense. It doesn’t matter whether the attackers use supernatural means of concealment or not. They simply cannot catch him off guard. Unfortunately, this Knack doesn’t help the Scion’s comrades. The Scion reacts as the surprise occurs, but he does so practically subconsciously and not in time to warn anyone else. What’s more, this Knack works even if the Scion is asleep, though to a lesser extent. If the Scion is sleeping and someone tries to spring an unexpected attack, the player rolls the Scion’s full dice pool to notice the attack as he would if the character were awake (awake and didn’t have this Knack, that is). If the roll succeeds, the character wakes just in time to react to the attack, though still not in time to warn anyone else.

Eye of the storm
When the Scion finds herself caught up in a chaotic situation unrelated to her whether she’s dodging a tornado’s debris or emerging from a bar to find a berserk mob rushing toward her to clash with a line of riot cops down the street she can activate this Boon and become an island of calm in the tumult. She is miraculously untouched in the confusion, and she remains so for as long as she doesn’t actively involve herself. She still suffers normal environmental movement penalties, but environmental dangers such as falling rocks, stampeding beasts or thrashing rioters all fail to touch her.

Perfect Timing
The heavens were humanity’s first clock and calendar; thus, a Scion with this boon can innately feel the temporal movement of the universe. She always knows the time, to the second, no matter what her circumstances. This does not matter so much in an age of cheap and accurate wristwatches (though it is still useful in the Overworld, Underworld and other realms) but Perfect Timing also enables a Scion to sense supernatural distortions of time, such as those caused by other Star Boons. In such cases, the player rolls the Scion’s (Perception + Science), with bonus dice equal to the dot rating of the Boon. (For other supernatural effects that warp time, use the Legend of the entity that causes the effect as the bonus.) Each 100 yards distance raises the roll’s difficulty by +1. Success means the Scion knows the direction and general distance (within 100 yards) of the time distortion. A Demigod can re-purchase this Boon to raise the distance increment to one mile; and a God can buy the Boon a third time to raise the distance increment to 10 miles. This is also a one-dot Boon for the Moon Purview (many Moon Gods are also calendar gods)
Duty •••
Harmony •
Intellect •
Valor ••••

Legend Pool 4 / 4

WILLPOWER ••••• ••
Willpower Pool 7/7

Join Battle:5 [+1 auto]
Dodge DV:6


Vertical Leap:8
Horizontal Leap:16
Lift:650lbs [+500lbs]

[][][] 0
[][] -2
[] -4
[] Inc
ACC:14[+1 auto]
Tags: P

WEAPON:Light punch
ACC:14[+1 auto]

WEAPON:Heavy punch
ACC:13[+1 auto]

2-Brawl [4,5]
2-Melee [2,3]

Life is a hard game but the rewards are sweet if you know where to look.


So Zarazel, can we start out knowing each other, get some PMs in for some personal interaction and all?
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Bloody Rose


If there's still a spot, and I can find my core book, I do believe I would be interested in trying my hand at playing the Hacker.

Bloody Rose


One thing I wanted to ask, Zarazel: how often will a "story" be in your game?  I wanted to check for things like Prophecy and to know how often I can trigger that.  I'm guessing that each Legend increase will be the end of a story, but it never hurts to check: you might have it as often as every mission.
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Bloody Rose

Well each chapter is a story so I guess each mission or two will be a chapter


So you'll let us use Mystery and Prophecy each mission?  Sweet.
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Epic Perception for damage on firearms
No scent of the devine

Ok, working on the character now, but I need a clarification, because my brain is rusty on the creation in general, so house rules are going to be unfamiliar to me. I get the first and last (I think) but Epic Perception for damage on firearms? Does that mean if I've got it, it adds to the damage?


Legend is 2 and can't be raised with bonus points, but increases will be given for free as we go along, all at the same time to keep everyone at the same level.

Scent the Divine may be purchased as a Knack but isn't given out for free.

Epic Perception gives a bonus to firearm damage in the same way that Strength gives a bonus to damage on pretty much everything else.

Hope that helps ^_^
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Bloody Rose

Epic strength add damage to brawl, so epic perception add damage to firearms/ranged. Think of it as this way,  you know where to hit to deliver max damage.


RGR... I might end up being the guy who flirts with having way too much Legend, in the end. I'm vacillating between Hephestus, Quetzalcoatl, and Raiden, with Quetz being the standout at the moment. That'd make him a bit of a cutter, but each day he'd hurt himself for a Legend gain.

I'm just a little sad that I can't take a pantheon specific purview outside of my own. Quetzalcoatl seems like a good fit, in skills and such, but Tsukumo-Gami is something I could see being quite useful.


Ok, been a while, but here we are:

Name: Akio O'Riley
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Role: Eccentric Wunderkid
Personality: Brash and reckless, but loyal when it had been earned,
Likes: Creating things, reverse engineering things, sensory overload, games of chance
Dislikes: Oppressive authority figures, the Man, boring people, imprisonment
Languages: English, Japanese, Gaelic


Akio was born into a mixed heritage family. His mother is a native of Okinawa, and a brilliant research analyst. His father was an Irish-American Marine, who met his future wife while posted overseas. The two fell in love, and Akio's mother followed his father across the ocean, where the two eventually settled in San Francisco to start a family. When Akio was seven his father was killed trying to stop a mugging. His mother died only two years ago, when he was fifteen. She had been fighting cancer, but had not told him of her illness so that he could focus on his studies.

As he was obviously brilliant child from an early age, Akio's parents worked diligently to provide him with every opportunity possible. When he was thirteen he had already completed high school through self-study, and he drew the attention of Professor Warren Scandlon, a Forensic Science professor at MIT. That year Akio was accepted to the prestigious university, where he went on to complete a Computer Science degree in two years. Despite the tragedy of his mother's passing, he continued to devote himself to his studies, and obtained a masters in Forensic Computing only this year.

Akio had it in his head that he would be a shoe-in for the CIA, but another calling came to him... a more divine one.

Character Sheet:

Divine Parent: Raiden
Nature: Rogue

Physical Attributes

Strength:   oo
Dex: oooO
Untouchable Opponent
Stamina:    oo

Social Attributes

Charisma:    oo
Manipulation:    ooooO
Blurt it Out
Takes One to Know One
Appearance:    oooO
Serpent's Gaze

Mental Attributes

Perception:    oooO
Subliminal Warning
Intelligence:    oooooO
Perfect Memory
Wits:       ooooO
Instant Investigator

Academics:       ooo
Art (Sculpture):    oo
Awareness:       ooo
*Brawl:         o
Command:       o
Control (Cars):      o
Craft (Electronics):    ooo
Craft (Metalworking): o
Empathy:       o
Investigation:       oooo
Larceny:               o
*Marksmanship:   ooo
Occult:               o
Politics:               o
*Presence:       oo
*Science (Computers):    ooooo
*Science (Chemistry):   o
Stealth:               o


Android Tablet (ooo Relic; Access to Psychopomp; 1/day +1 Succes to Science);
Lucky Coin (oo Relic; Access to Sky & Chaos)
Professor Warren Scandlon (oo Mentor; MIT Forensic Science Professor)


Eye of the Storm (· Chaos)Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per scene
When the Scion finds herself caught up in a chaotic
situation unrelated to her—whether she’s dodging a
tornado’s debris or emerging from a bar to find a berserk
mob rushing toward her to clash with a line of riot cops
down the street—she can activate this Boon and become
an island of calm in the tumult. She is miraculously
untouched in the confusion, and she remains so for
as long as she doesn’t actively involve herself. She still
suffers normal environmental movement penalties, but
environmental dangers such as falling rocks, stampeding
beasts or thrashing rioters all fail to touch her.

Unerring Orientation (· Psychopomp)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
In a locale she knows well, such as her hometown
or a national park she visits every autumn, the Scion
knows how to get from any point within to any other
point. In an unfamiliar locale, her sense of direction
defaults to a standard compass rose. Should someone
give her correct directions in an unfamiliar locale,
she retains them thereafter. If she studies a map of
an unfamiliar city for five minutes, that information
remains imprinted on her mind until she leaves that city
for longer than a week.
For the cost of one Legend, the Boon can also
reveal to a Scion how far away and in what direction
the location she considers home lies. Alternatively, if
the Scion finds herself in a strange place—if she’s been
drugged and kidnapped, for instance—this Boon can tell
her how far she is and in what direction she traveled
from the last place she wasn’t lost.

Sky's Grace (· Sky)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
By spending a point of Legend, the Scion takes no
damage from falls of any height. Alternatively, the Scion
can use that point to double the distance he can jump
either straight up or horizontally. If the Scion has the
Holy Bound Knack—see p. 126—as well as this Boon, the
base distance he can leap doubles, then doubles again if
the player spends a point of Legend.
Also, Sky’s Grace can mitigate knockback the
character suffers from successful attacks. If an attack
knocks the character back, he may spend a point of
Legend to stop himself in a sudden gust of wind. The
attack still knocks the character back at least one yard,
but the character may stop himself at any distance he
chooses beyond that.

The Wakeful Spirit (· Tsukumo-Gami)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: None
With a little persistence, a Scion can capture the
attention of the spirit of an inanimate object and speak
to it for a few minutes. When she does so, the object takes
on anthropomorphic features—the grains in a wooden
door, for instance, might flow into the shape of a face—
and speaks in a way befitting the size and importance
of the object. Unremarkable, unimportant objects have
dim-witted, semi-conscious spirits, whereas unique
objects to which people form emotional attachments
are eloquent, knowledgeable and charming.
In speaking to a spirit, a character can find out
information the spirit has directly experienced. A car’s
spirit can talk about where it’s been or who’s been in it.
A lamp’s spirit can talk about the last time the master of
the house used its light. A wishing well’s spirit can talk
about how many people have wasted their pittances on
false hopes. The older and more interesting the object is,
the farther back and more clearly its spirit can remember
key information. Spirits don’t differentiate easily between
non-spirit beings, though, and they consider it rude to
talk about the goings-on of other spirits if the spirits in
question are doing their jobs properly. Also, most don’t
pay too much attention to their surroundings unless
something truly unusual happens.

Willpower: 7


Duty:      o
Endurance:    oo
Intellect:            oooo
Valor:       oo

Dodge DV:
Legend: 2

Bonus Expenditure:

1 Birthright (Mentor)
2 Knacks
1 Attribute (Wits)
4 Abilities

Bloody Rose

Can you put O instead of . some people cannot see very well and the dots will be difficult to see


Anyone else feeling like this about this game?
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Bloody Rose

I will work on the mastermind today and post it later tonight