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Author Topic: Is That All You Got (Mother-In-Law vs Husband)(Groupsex,Incest,Bondage and Yays)  (Read 1084 times)

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Offline InsanityenviesmeTopic starter

He was living the bloody dream. Engaged to a woman straight men would turn gay for if she asked. Marrying into a household so rich he would have people for his people who lift his pinky. A guaranteed Vice Presidency. But every dream comes with a price. And this one was viciously steep. His gorgeous fiancé refused to repose faith in pre-marital sex!

He'd only given her the damn ring in hopes of having a good night! But as his lips traced a lustful path down her neck, she had palmed him away with a mischievous look, lifting the strap of her dress back to adorn her shoulder yet again whilst leaving him fuming in dissatisfied lust. He could handle anything, but his libido had always snorted at his control. End scene at the bedroom and open at the hotel's clandestine bar.

Searching for feminine comfort, the groom to be finds his eyes savoring the most delicious opportunity that had ever fallen into the lap of a thoroughbred businessman.

His rather lovely Mother-in-law clad in elegantly luxurious fabric curled amidst a couple of the rather scantily clad help, engage in some very eager and obvious digging with both mouth and hands and hers weren't the only non-idle hands. And here he had been all the while duped into thinking "Like Mother, Like Daughter"

Despite her depravity, she adores her daughter. Adding to her decision is the family name being dragged through the gutter if the engagement turned foul. Suddenly, the man who seemed had it all and lost it, was gifted with an even bigger bite of the apple. And soon he learns that the Mother inspires the daughter in more ways than one..

Devilish Blackmail, Uncontrolled Lust, the perfect hint of Non Consensual drama, artistic voyeurism and finally depraved and hellishly hot group sex. He will be quite dominant and  there will be a healthy dose of dirty talk, almost assuredly reaching levels of degrading viciousness. I envisage that the first time the daughter sees her mother is accidental but all the other times are devilishly planned, though neither party knows of being played until he chooses fit to divulge his scheme upon which the ladies show them how much they love being controlled by such a beautifully dominant man   

Usually that would be the end of it but my very gracious partner has inspired me to step into the intimidating depths of Group Roleplay again

She suggested a little romance between the wife and the maid to explain her reluctance to bed her husband. We discussed and agreed that the Mother in law would offer that little tidbit of information up to my character who would then use it, thinking he had won control, whilst actually she is manipulating him to derive her pleasure for she enjoys watching the frolics of her daughter and the maid and her naughty Son in law. Learning this, he would use her pleasure against her. But sadly she would use the butler to torment him back and the convoluted war of forbidden lust shall continue.

The want between the Husband and the Mother in Law is quite fiery, but both of them are such strong characters that they cannot let the other win. And in their little game of cat and mouse, we thought we needed some cheese for bait :)

So we need a few willing and perhaps some unwilling volunteers, people.

A maid and butler, as you may have read, are necessary. I am playing the Husband, LovelylilT shall play my lovely little wife and Sasha has agreed to don the role as protagonist in this depraved little endeavor. Since I suck at this, Sasha has agreed to post a character sheet

So to recap,

Husband - Insanityenviesme
Wife - LovelylilT
Mother-In-Law - Sasha
Butler - Rahatngt

and we await,
Maid -

Should anyone be interested, please do not hesitate to PM me for further details. Once the kinks are sorted out, I would be very appreciative if you could prepare a character sheet and post it here.

Thank you
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Offline Sasha

Character Name : Victoria Cromwell
Played By : Sasha
Character Age : 48
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual - Switch

Personality :  Victoria has this ability to act on the outside in a totally different manner than what is actually being thought on the inside . The woman's public face is that of a high society aristocrat , moving in those well known circles as the ever devoted widow of the late George Cromwell. Using her power in a secretive manner as it is just not ladylike to show ones dominant side. The woman is cunningly clever and extremely experimental leaving most wondering about her true nature as there seems always left a bit of mystery in the mix. The woman enjoys a certain level of control , playing games is just a wonderful way of entertaining herself . Mix that with a seemingly insatiable sexual drive with several kinks one of which includes watching her daughters bedroom activities. Even more so controlling the players that please her daughter in this manner .

Seen Relationships in the Storyline : ( Subject to more detail and negotiation with incoming players )

1. The Daughter  - loving relationship with the hidden kink of interacting sexual through others performance while she watches . To touch would be incestuous to which Victoria can not lower herself to do ...however masturbating as she watches secretly seems perfectly delightful . Currently untouched by the hands of man and that subject to change maybe with the husband entering the picture. ( Imagining the daughter as a reclusive artisan that prefers the company of a woman)

2. The Butler - wonderful man that seems to know his place and service to the family has earned his raised status in the woman's mind. Playing games , secret lovers ...willing to do what is asked beyond the call of duty and has been doing so even prior to the demise of the late George Cromwell . His own perverted kinky nature makes him a wonderful pawn in Victoria's mind . What she has over him to be determined but he is deliciously trapped in servitude.

3. The Maid - this naughty woman is also a sweet pawn that is used in the many games of Victoria . Be that in pleasuring the woman herself or the delightful pleasures of seducing the daughter . Of course the butler has been a part of those games now for several years. Victoria adores this woman behind the scenes and even though she is blackmailing the little tart cherishes the time spent achieving that full submission.

4. The new son-in-law ...unfortunate a factor that is needed to run the business empire so she can continue to control things in the background. Not wanting to tie her own hands back up in a marriage as the devoted widow has its advantages. The marriage of her daughter was just a necessary, now the element of control needs to be completed as he has just became the new mouse ...or is he really a cat in disguise. As the story unfolds with the twists of power plays the man seems to have more and more charm as the days pass on . Maybe indeed he is more of an equal than she had first envisioned .

Background  :  ( To be added , still working out a few details in my mind.  )

Online rahatngt

Dibs at the butler :) ?

Insanity I admired the plot when I read it originally in one-shot. And now looking at Sasha's char :) well its just wonderful. Going out a bit, but will try more detail communication later in the night.

Offline InsanityenviesmeTopic starter

Much obliged, Raha! Thank you! We shall all await your suave butler's entrance, although I suspect Sasha would be the one most on tenderhooks ;)

I'm afraid I must announce the same thing. Well, same in terms of my time to prepare a Character sheet. But I do promise that I shall post it as soon as I can :)

So, we have our butler. Oh Maid, Sexy Maid, where art thou, dearest...

Online rahatngt

Name: Bernard Butler (pun intended :P )
Played by: rahatngt
Character Age: 36
Sexual Orientation: Straight, Switch

Personality: In a way one can say he has quite the similarity to Victoria. Working for the Cromwell since the tender age of twenty, his life and career both had been immensely shaped by the family and specially Victoria. He had been her lover for the last twelve years and have mastered from her the art of duality. Outwardly in front of others, he is the ever reserved if a little exotic butler, silent and proficient. It is only in the privacy however slight in their intimacy that his passionate lusty nature reveals in its full bloom.

Victoria had shaped his sexuality in a young age and the much older women had taught him a lot about giving and taking control like herself, aroused the depravity and passion for taboo lurking deep in his mind. Despite his adventurous with ladies since then Victoria herself held a special place in his life and spark seem to fly whether their bare skin connects.

[will have to wait for the photos, since Sasha had a suggestion and seems that the wonderful latest version of YIM just gobbles up photo links from the history .. WTF ]

Offline Foxy Oni

Oooo... I'd be up for the part of the maid if you'll have me.

Offline The Lovely Tsarina

Character Name : Olivia Cromwell
Played By : lovelylilT
Character Age : 23
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual - Switch. Olivia's still a virgin, though, with men! :-)

Personality and Background :  Olivia, she usually is very shy, and quiet.  Ever since she was a very small girl, her parents, George and Victoria, they telled her what to do. So, in public, and at big events, she doesn’t say much, she only smiles and waves. She gets much atentions, from the tabloids, because she is famous, and pretty. And, because some day, she inherits millions! But she is a mystery, for most people, she keeps mostly to herself.

But, while Olivia appears shy, and quiet, to most people? She becomes very domminant, and aggressive, in the bed room! Her father telled her, to save herself, for marriage. So she is a virgin, she’s never been with a man, before. But, she’s been with many women, in secret! She loves women, more than men, she only is engaged because her mother wants her married. She is wild, and kinky, with her lovers.

Her favorite lover, now, is her maid. She doesn’t know, at all, that her mother sended the maid, for being her lover. And, she doesn’t know yet, that her sexy maid, she tells her mother every thing, of what they do to gether!

Olivia, she doesn’t do much, with the family company. Instead, she starts her own fashion line, for clothes. Many people say she is a up and coming star, in the fashion world!

Seen Relationships in the Storyline : ( Subject to more detail and negotiation with incoming players )

1. The Mother – Olivia, she adores her mother. And, she does any thing her mother asks, with out hesitatons. Olivia trusts every thing her mother says, and does. But, she doesn’t know yet, of her mother’s kinky side. And she definitely doesn’t know, that her mother sended her sexy maid, to her bed!

2. The Butler – Olivia only knows the butler to always be with her mother, he’s always helpful and kind, to her. She doesn’t know, that he’s her mother’s lover, too.

3. The Maid – the sexy naughty maid seduced Olivia, not very long a go. Now Olivia and her maid, they have a yummy and twisted relation ship! They do all sorts of kinky, nasty things, with each other! But besides, their sex, Olivia adores the maid, she thinks she is her best friend. And she trusts her, she tells her all her secrets. She doesn’t know, yet, that her mother also sleeps with the maid. And that she tells, all of Olivia’s secrets, to her mother too!

4. The new son-in-law – Olivia likes him, but as a friend. She doesn’t want being married to him, though. She also doesn’t look forward, for loosing her cherry to him. So thoughts of her wedding day, that make her nervous. But her mother, she insists on the marriage, so she agrees, to it. But, she pushes away, all of his advances, as much as she can, any way!

Online rahatngt

Mmmm lovely profile and very very sexy :)

I hope your dancing and everything is going well T.

I didn't realize that I was suppose to put the relationship thing .. thought it was only for Victoria with her being the central character. Will put an update if needs be after a talk with Sasha.

Offline InsanityenviesmeTopic starter

Character Name :  Derek Slater
Played By : Insanityenviesme
Character Age : 24
Sexual Orientation : Straight - Dom

Personality : Some would suggest his willingness to become part of his fiance's family depicts a form of submission, but Derek intends to channel their wealth and power for his own. He is a very shrewd businessman- not for nothing is he becoming Vice President, second in command only to Mrs Cromwell though the climb up was severely shortened thanks to his "falling in love" with her little girl. Derek is an alarmingly expert judge of situations and character. He knew the Cromwells were looking for a Male heir to their Business legacy before conveniently placing himself on their table at Cromwell Inc's Grand Halloween Ball. A couple of drinks, a few more dates and one well orchestrated proposal later, he was engaged to the girl who was the sole heir to the Cromwell throne. His deviousness did not limit itself to business. He was quite a perverted lover. He enjoys the thrill of dominating a woman. But that alone isn't enough. He reads them. He understands them. He manipulates them. Finally breaking them to believe his pleasure was theirs leading his women to become his slaves.
Relationships to the characters in the story

1. The Daughter  - Unfortunately so far Olivia has remained untouched by his charms staying true to her promise to rebel against pre-marital sex. Only the Cromwell fortune has kept him from forcing himself upon her, but he does service his male urges, though he is quite adept at keeping his name from sully. But he still has his eyes on her and he is adamant to have her both before and after their wedding and eventually make her his own

2. The Butler - No real relation. Derek is a bit of a high minded prick. He concerns himself with a certain class of people, but the businessman in him has noticed Bernard's efficiency. He also seems to be quite "preoccupied" with Victoria, often never leaving her side. Occasionally his mind does drift towards possibilities of the Mistress and the servant exchanging roles- an avenue of thought that he intends to investigate. After all, he is obsessed with holding the upper hand in everything!

3. The Maid - Again, No real relation other than a few depraved glances and nightly fantasies. Derek suspects old families like the Cromwells employ servants who are capable of extending their services to the bedroom and considering both Bernard and the Maid's physique and uniforms as well, he believes there might be some truth behind the gossip.

4. The Mother in law - She presents a beautiful mystery to him. A widow, yet she wields as much power as him. Her charms are quite similar to his own sleazy methods. He has been fortunate enough to witness first hand her delectable forms of persuasion during business endeavors and more than once his mind has strayed to her mimicking the same personality in the bedroom. She is a competition his persona has always yearned for. Perhaps he should've courted the Mother instead of the daughter... Perhaps he still can... Perhaps he can have them both!
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Offline InsanityenviesmeTopic starter

Oooo... I'd be up for the part of the maid if you'll have me.

Sure! Feel free to prepare a profile and put it up!

And thus we have our depraved fivesome! :)
I wonder if it can become more.... >:)

Offline Foxy Oni

Character Name: Isobelle "Bella" Corrales
Played By: Foxy Oni
Character Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual - Submissive

Personality: Bella is utterly devoted to the Cromwells, especially Victoria. At first her loyalty was due to extortion but over the years it has become sincere. Bella's subservience never wavers and she is both intimidated by and enamored with the wealthy and beautiful family. During her time of service with the Crowells, Bella has discovered she sexually submissive and depraved as well as something of an exhibitionist.

Bella is also very loyal to her family, something that has been exploited in the past. A significant amount of her salary gets sent back to them. While normally quiet, she can be quite protective of those she cares about. Bella does have plans to be something more than a maid but is trying to figure out how she can do that and keep her life with the Cromwells.

Relationships in the Storyline :

1. The Mother - Bella is completely wrapped around her finger. She is truly Victoria's servant in every way. At first it was because she was being blackmailed but now Bella realizes her own submissive nature and that Victoria is her mistress.

2. The Daughter - Olivia is also very dear to Bella, although the maid isn't as slavishly devoted to her. Instead they are more like close friends, ones that do all sorts of filthy things to each other after Bella seduced Olivia. She does keep some secrets from the girl, like that her own mother arranged their sexual relationship and uses Bella to keep an eye on her daughter.

3. The Butler - Bernard is the only man Bella trusts. They are kindred spirits in that they are both loyal servants of the Cromwells. As the butler has been in the family's service longer than she has, Bella defers to him in matters of authority.

4. The New Son-in-Law - Bella sees Derek as an intruder into the family. She doesn't trust the man and doesn't see why Olivia has to be married. His presence has caused the only disagreement between Victoria and Bella in years.  She would love to find a way to get him out of the picture.

Background: Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Bella had a loving family and did quite well in school. But then her father lost his job as a foreman at a meat-packaging plant when he was made the scapegoat over some contaminated pork. Bella postponed her university plans and left Colombia to find work in order to help her family.  At 18 she started working as a maid for a business associate of the Cromwells. When Bella was nineteen, Victoria lured her away with offers of higher pay. As she found Victoria quite personable, Bella agreed.

While she was quite happy at the Cromwells, soon things took a turn down a dark path. Victoria had discovered Bella was in the country illegal and threatened to let the authorities know... unless the girl was willing to perform some tasks of a more intimate nature. Horrified, Bella nonetheless went along to keep her job and prevent herself from being deported. Over time, Bella began having doubts if it was worth acting sinfully for her employment. Victoria then revealed that she had taped several of their trysts and threatened to send a copy to her very religious family if Bella didn't continue her role as her plaything. Now doubly trapped, Bella resigned herself to her fate.

The subsequent years of servitude and intimacy had a profound effect on Bella. She found herself becoming truly devoted to Victoria. It is quite likely that there is no more need for extortion to get the maid to do whatever her mistress wants. Seducing Olivia was a task she relished and she loved how close she had become with the family. But now someone has entered into the household that Bella thinks will change everything and not for the better.

Offline The Lovely Tsarina

Hooray! A super naughty sexy maid! And, she looks like Jenna Haze! ;D

Welcome Foxy! This will be lots of fun, I think! :-)

Offline Sasha

 You know ....I forgot to bookmark this thread .....whistles's done now . Goes to read the above.