the view in silk (feminization revenge)

Started by kylie, December 29, 2007, 03:03:43 AM

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Do you love Japanese gravure photos?  Particularly the non- or semi-nude kinds with wild settings or close emphases on specific angles of the female body in rather exotic combinations of lighting and setting?  Or more generally, would you like to tug out a sequence of little fetishes and play them up, make them seductive for someone who is already out of his comfort zone and push some buttons?

Would you like to play a woman getting a little revenge, with a man no longer a man yet not quite a whole woman?  That would be my character, the no longer and not quite.


Anton loved photos of women, from many angles.  He knew these women had so much allure and power just by their looks, their parts, the combinations and then exotic situations they could be placed in.  So much power he would barely dare to approach them.

Finally, he took his fascination to the street, with his camera and its nice zooming lenses.  He shot his own amateur photos of so many angles, of so many women who never knew until it was much too late.  He caught their curves, their clothes, their moments of relaxation, of pausing under flowers and gazing, of adjusting their garters in shadowy places, of embracing their lovers with abandon on the street.  He opened his website, and the sales began to build.

He still didn't have to approach.  He could afford to indulge a little though, and acquired some slinky clothing.  Something to share in the feel they lived.

One day, an ad arrived in his email.  A quite appealing lotion with beneficial skin care effects.  He mailed out for some, and put it on the night it arrived with some lingerie.  He woke physically female, just a bit fleshier than he would have considered ideal (and with or without male equipment remaining, to be determined).  And found an email from a woman offering to help him manage his new situation, with hints that she might expose his prior business exploits, or alternatively might help him return to manhood if he made efforts to get along...   

It wouldn't be long before he realized she might cultivate and market his new features for her own gains, in full turnabout.  And would he ever go back to what he was, or where was she taking him with all the seductive dainties and tricks she made so available, so irresistable for this new body?

This is an "after the transformation" semi-forced feminization or herm idea.  Looking for a female character to dominate one already transformed female or herm body with a male-ish mind inside finding (or was that completely losing?) its way...  And basically modern.

It's more about teasing and borderline humiliation than graphic sex, although that can have its moments.  And more about being forced fem than doing guys, although they can be in the story some, and literally "in and out" quite briefly (with longer consequences).

(Now for the curious few remaining...)

Heavy on particular fetishes, in succession and sometimes cumulatively.  Especially breasts and dressing, but others may parade through: other body parts, food, various settings, perhaps little bouts of bondage and pain.

Moderate, seductive "mind control" style to make the fetish aspects a little more appealing, but not a total brainwash.  It helps if you can describe them in ways that do make them a little more appealing rather than just lording it over.  Trying to outright humiliate my character more than immerse isn't going to do it.  On the other hand, a sense of sinking in too deep is possible if it flows right.

Please post more general questions, or PM if interested.  (And please don't call "dibs" in here.)