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Author Topic: Welcome to my universe of fantasy! Story based and literate. (M/M, F/M, F/F).  (Read 1565 times)

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Offline ValchyrieTopic starter

Welcome to my fantasy!

About me.

So let's start off with a little information about me, just so you get a feeling of the being I am.

I love to roleplay, and I try to reply to my posts as often as possible. I am a literate person myself, I can post long paragraphs always if I'm given enough to work with of course. I am also open to most suggestions when it comes to roleplays, I'm always up for trying new things I haven't tried before.

I prefer to roleplay as a female character, but if the roleplay is really interesting for me, or if we double up on characters, I can play a male, but it has to be a really good plot and such before I'll agree to it. Note, lately I've started getting back into the male roles as well, so it's easier for me to find it interesting now.

I can almost get online at anytime, since I'm always on my computer and I'm always on my email where I get notifications and such, so I'll always see if I get a message and all that.

Well, I think that was all there need to be said about me right now, my turn ons and offs will be further down the page ^^.

What I'm looking for in a roleplay partner.

¤ No one liners.

¤ No sex based stories and no sex within the first page.

¤ No god modding, if you want to do something that will make you god mod, ask me about it first.

¤ Literacy and good grammar, my grammar is not perfect either, but I do try my best to please.

¤ No sweet innocent cute acting characters, they can have a side that makes them like that, but not as their common all day around personality.
¤ I don't want to be the one controlling the roleplay the whole time, so be creative and take charge of the roleplay too once in a while.

¤ If you leave for more than a week, let me notice. If you don't, I'll send you a message once that week is up, to ask where you are, if I haven't heard anything with two weeks or so, I might stop the roleplay.

¤ No characters that act like they can save the world and have to protect anyone, their personality annoys me. There's a difference in wanting to save everyone and protect family and such, and in just being plain annoying about it.

¤ Don't be afraid of becoming friends outside the roleplay either, I enjoy getting to know my roleplay partner ^^.

¤ At LEAST 2 PARAGRAPHS with 10 lines in each. I'm not a bad person or anything, but I have to write it like this to make sure people understand what I mean with literacy ^^; Hope you people understand that.

¤ Hmmm I think those might be the rules right now, I might update if I think of something that's not on here, or if you suggest something that I've forgotten about ^^.


General ONS:

¤ Literacy.
¤ Open people.
¤ Good descriptive skills. (I try my best, sometimes there's just things I don't know what's called, which gives me a hard time).
¤ A good rough plot, meaning I don't like having a complete plot set up, it becomes too straight ahead and leaves no room for twists.

General OFFS:

¤ Sex based stories.
¤ Sex within the first page of the story.
¤ One liners.
¤ Closed people.
¤ People without humour.
¤ People that can't accept others likings and none likings.

Well, lets head on to the genres, here there are no OFFS really.

¤ Fantasy. (covers basically any fantasy you can think of).
¤ Modern.
¤ Future.
¤ Medieval.
¤ Romance.
¤ Action.
¤ Horror.
¤ Comedy.
¤ Drama.
¤ Anime based.

I would have written some themes here, but instead, I'll write my more naughty turn ONS, and just put my themes/cravings/plots in later.

¤ Male x female.
¤ Female x Female.
¤ Furries.
¤ Music.
¤ Piercings.
¤ Insane/Strange/Crossed the sanity line characters.
¤ Over powered characters if fantasy, that way you can make even more overpowered enemies and get a lot of fun out of it.
¤ Older women x Younger guys.
¤ Chubby/Heavy girl x Chubby/Heavy girl.
¤ Chubby/Heavy girl x guy.

Naughty turn OFFS:

¤ Rape.
¤ Sweet innocent characters.
¤ Pumped characters.
¤ School roleplays (Unless there's a really good plot in it).
¤ Skinny girls.
¤ Crap, and I mean that literally.

I think that was it for now, I really don't think I have anymore OFFS, I'm a very open person.

The more of the ¤ they have, the more I want to play them on a scale from 1-5.

¤¤¤¤ Fantasy.
¤¤¤¤ Modern mixed with fantasy.
¤¤¤¤ Dark themed roleplay - medieval/fantasy style.
I know it's not a whole lot, but it's what I have in mind right now. 

Okay so updating here since I think that is needed badly.
First story: Picture:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Idea to picture: Modern or slightly futuristic setting. It's the third world war now and Russia was the one to start it. I would be playing a Russian girl, agent, soldier, or whatever we think could be interesting. It's not much to go with, but for this one, I'd rather discuss the details with you if you are interested.

Second story: Picture:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Idea to picture: This roleplay could either be M/M or M/F, if M/F I wouldn't mind playing the male part, unless my partner for this one wants to play the male part. It is either set in futuristic world or in a fantasy world. The guy I would be playing (if I play a guy) would be a soul creature. He would look like a human, but wouldn't be human. This I am thinking would be a more romantic and action roleplay. As for the exact idea, I have none, but if you should be inspired by my picture, then do let me know, or just if you have any other kind of idea in this kind of setting, I am open for ideas.

Picture to idea:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Idea to picture: (Old idea but still interested in it). Let Darkness Consume You: During the night, the dead walks. Not in the sense of zombies only, but in the sense of everything. Spirits, ghosts, zombies, skeletons and all of the dark creatures you can think of. They walk to find get revenge on the living. It is said that the ones who walk as the dead, have been cursed by someone a long long time ago and they come back to life every night in this world, to take revenge on whoever they can get their hands on. This means that everyone barricades their doors with magic seals, handed out by the government to protect the people. Those that cannot afford the protection or don't get the protection in time, will not survive the following night. That is the circle of life in this era. But there are those people who take their stand against the creatures of the night, people that are said to have powers, that are said to be the protectors of the citizens of the world. But are they all good and why are they protecting the citizens? Nobody knows, but most of them are happy that these people exists. But nobody have ever been able to talk with them or get close to them, besides the creatures of the night, so they exist only as a fairy tale, however, they do exist but they never let anyone know who they are, if they did, something bad might occur to the world.

Picture to idea:

Idea to picture: Normally I don't like vampire roleplays that much, but I have recently started one with a friend of mine that is actually interesting. I would be roleplaying as the girl who has been living for many decades now. She is attending night classes because she cannot go outside in the sunlight at all, vampires in this story, cannot do that. So in the night school, she's the only vampire because humans think that vampires are still just a myth. The other character that would be in this story could be a new guy to the night school, who had just moved to the city or something like that. It's a little out of the ordinary school roleplay, at least in my opinion and I think it's a pretty fun way to do this.

(Note, this one does not have anything to do with the one above it, besides the picture). Kind of craving this one since I haven't played a lot of these roleplays before actually, it's a different setting than normal that I find interesting: I don't have a picture for this, though if I play the female role, I could play the girl I have a link too here in my thread. But I would give this idea the title "Seduced on the train." It can be F/M or F/F depending on what role you want to play. What I'm thinking is that on the way to work, school or whatever we could think of, there are so many people on the train that my character would be forced to stand close or sit close to your character. (Note this is not sexual based at all, please continue to read to get the rest). They might not talk the first time they meet, but as time pass and they take the same train each morning, they start to recognize each other and they slowly start talking every morning when they take the train. Could take an hour for them both to get to their destination, that way we would get some time to play out some different scenes in the train I suppose, or we could just make a few time skips here and there, just throwing out ideas here. Slowly, they start getting more interested in each other until one day, one of them asks the other one out on a date. This could be mixed with a vampire story (if we want that) or it could just be a plain modern romantic story. Of course we would add drama into it and everything, so it's not just pink clouds and red roses everywhere lol.

Fourth Story:

(F/M or F/F) Pictures (since there are three different characters I want to play, so I'll choose a picture out from what kind of story we decide) to idea:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(The girl to the left here obviously).

(Small pre-made idea from a movie): If you have seen the final fantasy movie "Spirits within" then that's what I'm thinking this could be like.

Story to idea: This story would be set in an apocalyptic world. There are six main cities here in this world. The world as we know it no longer exists and all land has connected now, which means there's an enormous sea without anything blocking the way between countries, until you reach the other shore, if you keep sailing straight ahead. In this world, it's hard to survive, not only because of the strange weather phenomenons that has started appearing but also because of the "Spirits" that seem to have arrived on the planet now. Nobody knows exactly where they came from, but if you come in contact with them, you're instantly killed, so you always have to keep your distance to them, which can be difficult when they can't always be seen. 

Sky Pirates

Pictures to idea:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character.
My characters airplane.
This one is one of the pirates base.

(I would like you to listen to this song if you are interested in the plot, it means a lot really) Inspired by song: Savior Of The Skies by The Cog Is Dead.

Sky Pirates idea:

In the world of steampunk industrialization, everyone is working hard to earn the money they need to research in more technology. But that is not the only thing that is going on. Of course people also take breaks, living the life as they want and go travelling. But the world is not as peaceful as it might seem. If you travel in the sky, by one of the specialized air platforms that are open all around, though have a fence, you are at a risk of being attacked by sky pirates. At least this part of the world calls them sky pirates, though in truth, they are just from another part of the world. At the moment, a big conflict is going on to gain more land and the sky pirates were the ones to start the conflict. However, there are also the real sky pirates that fight for themselves and to get money and what else they can get their hands on. The reason people blend the other faction together with the real sky pirates is because they see them as being an enemy, so it’s easier for everyone to put them under the same category.

The situation has led to form a new kind of military for the sky. The pilots here are said to have amazing pilot and fighting skills in the air. But it would be stupid to send new pilots into the toughest zones to begin with, so the sky has new been dividing into levels. Level 1 means the lightest action, where the enemies aren’t that good; this is also where the people travel by the air platforms. Level 2 is where the fight gets a little tougher, but still not that hard. If you get send into level 3, you are expected to work in a small team instead of a bigger team and you’ll be getting orders that are not the easiest to carry out. The second hardest level of the sky which is high above the ground is reserved for two airplanes only, some of the best pilots of course. The last level, only one pilot is allowed to fly there and you are not expected to return once you are ordered to go there.

This has been going on for a long time now and every time the military send a pilot into level 5, they never saw them again. However, a person that no one but the military had laid eyes on went into the level 5 zone and when the airplane didn’t return, they thought the pilot had fallen in battle. It is said that in level 5, the best pilot from the sky pirates and the other faction is roaming and if you meet them, you have signed your own death. But when the airplane came back, with a lot of bullet holes in it, everyone were surprised and wondered how the hell the pilot had survived, especially with all the bullet holes and only one engine working at the return. (explanation for roleplay over).

Don't Mess With The Gypsy Girl.

(M/F preferred, but F/F can be discussed). Picture to idea:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Idea to picture: So this is basically an idea that would be set in a fantasy world, where magic and different creatures and monsters exists. My girl would be a gypsy girl, who lives in the swamps. It's a place where people sometimes go hunting for riches, but it's a dangerous place, people rarely return from there. That is the reason people keep trying to go hunting for treasures there, they believe there must be something worth a lot since no one has returned from there yet. There are those who sometimes just try to take a short cut through the swamps to get to the city that lies beyond it, even though the swamps is a big place. They are never seen either.

The System Of The Cog And Gears City.

(M/F prefered to this one. I would play one of the workers probably). Idea to title: In a city of technology development, everything is said to be running automatically by machines. The people living here are working hard to be the best in their technology field. There are a lot of fields you can work in; Development, Upgrading, Reparation, Private invention (if you have the money to run such a business), Vehicle Development and many more. This city is running perfectly the way it is, with its laws and government, or is it? People have questioned how the city came to be who it was that started inventing the machines and if the current government is the right one for them or not. And that is not all, outside the city walls; danger lurks in the form of dark creatures that are only said to exist in nightmares. Why do they not go hunting for those creatures? Well, the answer is simple, they cannot be seen. They are fast and strong and said to be big. Other than that, they are said to be invisible in the darkness, which is the only place they appear, in the darkness. That does not mean they only come out when it is night time, no, it means that they hide in shadows as well as the darkness of the night.

But maybe that is just one of their problems. As people had started to wonder what had happened to the city in the beginning of its creation, how all the gears and cogs had come to exist, people also started to explore more of the city, discovering areas that had not been seen before, at least not by the local people. The question was, did the government even know how the city worked? Or had they simply just taken control of the existing city when they had the chance and let everything play out as it did? It was impossible to say. But for those who would venture into the depth of the city, under the city streets and deep into the ground, a secret and horrible truth was hidden. The city was running with cogs and gears and steam, from the underground and it were only a dozen of people who were running it. They were pushing the gears into work, pulling levers and fixing the steam engines. Every time something blew or broke, the ground would shake, the government had just dismissed it as being earthquakes and people could easily accept that as they knew what it was. But the truth was far from that. Every so often, some of the machines would explode, causing one or more of the workers to die in the force from the explosion, by being thrown into the wall, other machines or the piles of gears and cogs lying around. Therefore new people were needed and no one but the workers knew how those people got there.

Those who would discover the workers would have to ask themselves the question; Are the workers human at all? And if so, how did they get here to begin with?

I know this wasn't much, but it needed an update and this was what I could come up with. If you'd like to roleplay with me, throw me a PM with what you thought about roleplaying, or if you have any requests that you think I might like. I'm a very open person myself, and if you ask me something, I'll more or less answer everything, as long as you're polite about it, and don't get pissed off if I say something that I thought wouldn't offend you. It happens. Also, if you don't see anything you like here, just feel free to suggest another kind of roleplay, I don't mind that at all and I'd be more than happy to hear about your ideas :)

Well, I think that was it for me, I hope you can find something that you'll like or that you think you have an idea we could have fun with. If you do, feel free to PM me.
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Yet another story added: The System Of The Cog and Gears City.