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Author Topic: Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!  (Read 962 times)

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Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!
« on: November 01, 2011, 05:25:52 PM »
Hey all, just making a post here to see if I can garner up some interest in some three-way fantasy roleplay's I've wanted to try out for a while. I realized I had so many I might as well make a thread about it  :P but here goes. I really enjoy the aspect of roleplaying with more than one person in roleplays, I've tried playing multiple characters with two people but I find the third perspective on everything makes it so much more interesting, so if you've ever had any interest in a three way sex roleplay, feel free to PM me or drop a post down here!  :-)

Title: Guard duty
Needed: 2 Females (sub)
Scenario: Out somewhere, miles and miles away from civilization, the two other characters are stationed at a small guard outpost. Nothing happens around them, and the two get very bored often. One day however, my character sneaks in while they are distracted and ties both of them up, cutting off all communication from the outpost. He begins to use them sexually and train them, making the two his slaves.
Additional notes The location/time period of this roleplay can vary from fantasy land in the jungle, to modern day in the arctic, really anyone's call

Title: The Queen's Pet
Needed: 1 female (switch)
Scenario: In this roleplay, you would take the role of a powerful and wealthy queen, ruling her kingdom after he husbands 'unfortunate' death, allowing you to divulge in all the pleasures you want. One of these pleasures happens to be a handsome street rat you noticed while roaming the city one day. Your guards captured the boy (my character) and you keep him in a special dungeon, where you take full advantage of his position sexually. One day however, your kingdom is sieged by a rival kingdom, a large battalion of soldiers and mercenaries burn the city to the ground and make their way towards your castle. In the confusion, your prisoner escapes, and with vengeance in his heart he captures you and escapes in all the confusion, taking you around the countryside as his pet now, training you and humiliating you.
Additional Notes: We can begin right at capture, or a little before the siege, depending on how long you'd like to dom for

Title: Tomb Raider
Needed: 1-2 females (sub)
Scenario: One or two female explorers find themselves discovering a deep, underground passage that seems to be what was once a large underground city. Seeking the treasures within, she(they) soon learn that the city is far from dead, as a band of strange, half-bandaged mummy like beings find and capture the girl(s). Also you cannot understand their language, you soon learn that they have taken you as slaves, and you are soon trained in servicing and pleasing these strange people.
Additional Notes:

Title: A deal with a devil
Needed: 1 female (sub)
Scenario: In a small house far from civilization, your character, a lonely but beautiful female suddenly finds a young, cloaked man at her door one night. She is very wary of this strange man, but his enchanting blue eyes and honeyed words soon give way and he convinces you to invite him in, as he is a traveler seeking refuge for the night. After feeding him a meal, he reveals he is a devil, and since you opened your hospitality towards him, he could do with you what he pleases. You soon find yourself helpless at the strange man's whims, as takes full advantage of his control over you...
Additional Notes: I imagine this devil much more human than supernatural, there are certain laws he has to obey, however other than that he is simply an incredibly powerful and charming human. If the roleplay continued I could imagine him becoming more and more powerful and 'devil'-like the more he has 'fed' on your character, or any other characters.

Title: Fun with the neighbors
Needed: 2 Females (1 sub 1 switch)
Scenario: This roleplay would begin with my character, one of the females boyfriend leaving her to go out for a little. Our neighbor, a rather sexually aggressive, attractive female would invite herself over, knowing the couple enjoys bondage quite a bit. The neighbor would subdue and tie up my character's girlfriend and begin having fun with her, only to be interrupted by my character returning home. He overpowers his girlfriend's captor and ties her up as well, deciding to teach her a lesson, much to his current girlfriend's delight.
Additional notes: Depending on the age of the characters, I can see them either living in apartments next to each other, or in a nice, if not quiet suburb.

Title: Hunted
Needed: 1 Female (sub) 1 male (dom)
Scenario: My character and the other male are two bounty hunters, on the lookout for a highly wanted outlaw, played by the female. Eventually we track the girl down and capture her, and begin to have fun and use her sexually as we begin to transport her back for a reward. I'm not sure how the ending would play out, whether we would turn the female in and she escape again or just decide to keep her, but I'm very open to just about anything here.
Additional notes This would probably take place in a medieval perhaps fantasy universe.

Title: Captured Prince
Needed: 2 Female (dom maybe switch)
Scenario: My character, a wealthy and noble prince is traveling in the forest, when he is jumped by a tribe of amazonian style-women. He is captured and brought back to their base, where 2 of the females that captured him begin to use him sexually. This can eventually lead up to him submitting to them, or leading to a more friendly relationship with the two, eventually taking control at one point over one or the other.
Additional notes I'm still new to submitting, so I'd like to have something perhaps, extreme run by me before it occurs. Very interested in the idea however, so anyone who might think they could introduce me to it is more than welcome to try.
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Re: Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 06:06:40 PM »
Updated, with some 1v1 plots!

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Re: Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2011, 09:12:05 PM »
Guard Duty and Tomb Raider caught my eye.

Feel free to check out my O/O's and some of my stories to get a feel of my writing.

Online Dashenka

Re: Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2011, 02:47:33 AM »
I like the Tomb Raider thingy as well. Which role would you be playing yourself Dave? That of the mummies?

Offline duchess85

Re: Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2011, 12:58:16 PM »
I'd be interested in doing a MMF roleplay if you have an idea and another male to play with  O:)

Offline DaveTopic starter

Re: Three's company [MMF/FFM [NC/BON]] Inquire inside!
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2011, 01:59:01 PM »
PMs sent out and everything updated  :-)