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April 17, 2021, 02:50:37 am

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Author Topic: Craving a specific Naruto plot.  (Read 851 times)

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Offline Mech PilotTopic starter

Craving a specific Naruto plot.
« on: November 01, 2011, 05:03:06 am »
I'm craving a specific, story-driven plot I invented for a character of mine, in the Naruto anime world.

Its an incest roleplay between a mother and her son, and I'm looking for someone to roleplay the mother.

They're both from Konoha, and the mother had an involvement with a minor Uchiha ninja before the clan's massacre. She was a real genius-like kunoichi herself, and got to Jounin pretty young, being a very respected and strong kunoichi. She got pregnant, and after she gave birth to a boy, he got kidnapped by one of her enemies, who threatened to kill him if the mother did not join her. She made the mother commit a serious crime against the village, and deemed a traitor, the mother had no choice but accept the enemy's proposal and left the village, becoming a missing-nin. She couldn't know she was getting into a minor arm of the Akatsuki organization.

Time passed, the boy grew up and raised to Jounin level as quickly as his mother, showing to have inherited her talent. He was only 13 years old when he made to Jounin, and received the mission to go undercover as a genin to protect another genin who was being target for whatever reason. His team was attacked by the mother and her team, they fought and talked, but he failed into convincing her of coming back to Konoha. He managed to fend her team off, and they split again.

Once back to Konoha, they decide to use his background to their advantage, and devise a plan for him to go undercover into Akatsuki. His mother was officially branded traitor and wanted by Konoha, and he fakes an attack on the Hokage as retaliation, leaving the village soon after, becoming a wanted criminal himself. Couple of years later, he finally manages entering Akatsuki, and end up being teamed with his mother. Now, becoming close to her once again, who will he be loyal to? His mother or his village? Will she repent for what she's done and come back to the village with him when his mission ends? Will they even survive it?

If you're interested in it, please, PM me. =)
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