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Author Topic: Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale  (Read 982 times)

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Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale
« on: November 01, 2011, 12:23:49 AM »
Her eyes bore into mine. The yellow pupils hypnotized and made my legs turn to jello.
"Sirona! Sirona come here! Don't speak to beggars!" I was yanked away from the girl with yellow eyes. Only then did I realize I had been reaching out to her. I glance into those piercing eyes one more time before following my mother. We made our monthly walk through the commoners. Father thought it best to make the peasants feel that we cared about them. Speaking to them rarely and just showing our presence was good enough. Our walk started at the castle and ended at Lady Elizabeth's home. We would then have tea followed by a carriage ride home. All of a sudden my attention was ripped from my thoughts. A couple of the royal guards ran toward us. I recognized one of them. It was General Sebastian. My father's favorite. Every single one of my ladies-in-waiting was head over heels for him.
"Queen Sirina, something has happen at the castle. We need you to come back right away." Sebastian proclaimed in a rush. My mother tried to read his face.
"What is it?" There wasn't even a tremble in her voice. It seemed to me she already knew. My mother knew everything. Even things that hadn't happened yet.
"It is not fit for your people to hear. We must speak in private quarters. A carriage pulled up behind the soldiers. Sebastian helped my mother in. Then lifted me up and placed me in. Under his mask of emotion, I sensed fear, sadness, uncertainty and the other feeling I knew well, anger. I sat down beside my mother and closed my eyes. At once I felt the sensation of leaving my mind and being place into a flying creature. I looked down below and looked for the carriage, hoping the yellow eyed girl was nearby. There she was following close behind. Her eyes glanced up and met mine. She couldn't be looking at me. She was looking at the falcon, she had to be. After all she couldn't know I was watching from my bird’s eye view. I heard my name being called just as I saw the girl's pupil go from a circle to a straight line like a cat pupil. Being startled I at once went back to my own mind. I felt a sharp pinch on my forearm.
"Sirona, stop daydreaming! Please focus." My mother knew that I wasn't daydreaming. When you are in the presence of humans you have to keep appearances up. Mother or Queen Sirina as she is called, isn't a human, she is a fairy. She is ruler of one of the human kingdom, as well as the fey. She is an ambassador to the Vampires. She is said to be the most powerful fairy concerning political ties and magic.
"Now Sirona, when we get back to the castle I want you to go straight to your room. Do not talk to anyone. Stay there until I come for you. Sebastian, make sure no one bothers her have a trusted guard stand watch at her door" They faded out as I stared out the window.
Giant towers grew with every clop of the horse's hooves. Servants walked around doing their master's bidding. I was home! Running upstairs toward my room, I felt a pair of eyes on me. Shrugging it off as nothing I reach my door. A guard was already waiting. He held open the door and smiled at me. Dolls, pillows, portraits, clothes, everything a princess wanted I had. Laying among my stuff animals I thought of the yellow eyed girl. Here I was, Princess Sirona, half fairy, half vampire, worrying about a peasant. I walked over to my mirror and began to brush my waist length bluish black hair. It makes my already white skin turn paler, causing my sapphire eyes to stand out. I began to remove my traveling clothes. I changed into a long blue dress with delicate black lace for trim.
Letting my hair fall over my shoulders, people said I looked like a much younger version of my mother. I wonder if she looked this way when she was 223(8 in human years). As if she had sense me thinking about her, my mother swept through the door.
"Sirona, come her." My mother called. Instead of waiting for me she glided over to me as if her feet never touch the ground. Touching my face she wiped a piece of my hair from my eyes. "We must talk." At this she guided me out of the room. I looked around for the guard; my mother must have already dismissed him. Walking at a steady pace we arrived at my mother's private chambers. She produced a key out of thin air and placed it in the lock. The key disappeared the way it had formed. Swinging open the door revealed it contents. A large queen sized bed with a brass frame. Outsized gold curtains draped across the windows. Oriental pictures carpeted the floor. An auburn wardrobe was place against the wall opposite the bed. Beside the wardrobe was a rectangular mirror shimmered as if made of water. Mother led me toward it. The image seemed to ripple out. With one step in the direction of the mirror my mother disappeared. Feeling a sharp tug on my hand, I looked down noticing my mother's hand still attached. My eyes followed up toward the wrist where it disappeared into the mirror. I closed my eyes and walked. All of a sudden it felt like I was walking though water.
The watery feeling continued for what seemed like ages. My body had a weird sense of violation, like someone had searched my entire being, the same they would opening up a drawer and studying it’s contents.  The liquid disappeared and my clothes weren’t even wet. Just an illusion.
“Sirona, please focus.” The request was a command and I whipped my eyes open, though I had not remembered closing them. “We must hurry. I don’t have time for your dwindling while important events are taking place.” My mother was across the room that we had magically appeared in. A portal. That is what we went through. I shook a shiver from my body as the watery feeling returned just from the remembrance of what happened moments before. Thoughts turned back to my surroundings, the roof was high and came to a round point, like one a person would see on top of a cathedral but they were on the inside so it was the opposite.  A church? What would my mother be doing in a church? There was very little lighting, only dim candles in caste iron holders on the walls. The flame barely cast a dim gold light over the room.   Finding no windows in the place. Everything looked black but I couldn’t be sure of it’s true color. 

Story I am working on. Thought I would start sharing to get feedback. I will more up as I write it.

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Re: Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2011, 06:16:47 PM »
A couple of thoughts occurred to me as I read, but I'm not quite sure how much feedback you want.

So just to be sure, the protagonist looks like an 8 year old girl, yes?

It's definitely intriguing, wondering what is going on.

Offline SoutureTopic starter

Re: Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2011, 09:20:09 AM »
Yes. Please give me tons of feedback! :D

Yes. :)

Thank you. I am working on the next part and I will be sure to add that soon.

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Re: Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2011, 10:04:12 AM »
Well, one of the first things that occurred to me as I was reading this was that Sirona is half-Vampire, yet had no trouble looking at herself in a mirror. I tend to be old fashioned when it comes to vampires (don't like crosses, garlic, sunlight, can't see their reflections), so I was wondering if you thought to implement this at all. Perhaps she sees herself in a completely different manner, where only the half-Fairy aspect of her shines through?

I look forward to reading more.

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Re: Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 01:00:13 PM »
Yes, I did think of that. And I reasoned with myself that she would be able to see herself because of the fairy side. I believe the same as you. Classic vampires are the way to go. No sparkly crap. She isn't affect by sunlight except when weak. Hates garlic, crosses. So that is typical.

Thank you. :) I get excited about it as I write it. It is so fun.

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Re: Shadow Walkers- Sirona's Tale
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2011, 01:27:59 PM »
Well, I'll keep up with it and provide my 2 cents here and there as it goes along.