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June 22, 2021, 06:08:09 pm

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Author Topic: Lythe Idea Box [M LF F, Open]  (Read 896 times)

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Lythe Idea Box [M LF F, Open]
« on: October 31, 2011, 09:11:26 am »
Greetings, welcome to my work-in-progress ad. O/O's are recently updated. I'm aiming for 4-5 active forum roleplays going on at a time, and I currently have three, so really I'm not eager for that many new people... But I wanted to get my ideas up anyway. PM me please if you're interested, the more detail and additions you can send the better! I invite you all to modify my ideas in any way you see fit.

Under Control (Drug-play, sex-heavy, D/s themes, mild (legal!) ageplay)
In every school there are troublemakers. Outlaws who refuse to obey the rules, and laugh off the usual punishment. Boys and girls who simply skip detention, ignore or mock the shouting teacher and wear suspensions or expulsions as badges of honour. It is every teacher's worst nightmare to have to control one of these uncontrollable, but that is Martin Phelps' job.

Martin would call himself a specialist. He was bought into troubled schools to improve the behaviour of the very worst pupils. He was more a tutor than a teacher - though he was certified if it came down to it - and as such was awarded special privileges and powers to deal with the problem individual. Powers such as the right to keep his tutee in with reason or excuse, and the assurance that he will never have to answer directly to the parents or governors; that he was afforded a shield from the beauracracy. And, most important of all, that so long as the student was not in any danger that people would 'look the other way' from his methods.

And Martin - the smart dressed, unassuming looking fellow - had several techniques. His very favourite, though, was Propropazyne. A special, relatively safe substance that had two key effects that made it valuable to him. First it was incredibly addictive; pupils in his charge would do anything, even behave, to get at it (and considering how hard to come by it was, they usually had to come by Martin) Secondly, it was among the most potent aphrodisiacs in the world, which might not be directly relevant to his training but made his work considerably more enjoyable.

Note - the above is an example. I am equally happy to transfer a similar story to the work place (presumably where Martin improves staff performance) or prison, or anything else you can suggest.

Male Lead: A confident, dominant man with a love of, and knack for, playing with people's heads and putting himself in control of every situation, though often with no real end goal. He keeps his own life very private, while stripping others' bare. He is almost psychotic in his desire to control and manipulate; to him it is more important than the sex that often follows, and he has no moral qualms in indulging in his hobby. Historically this man has studied psychology, worked as a teacher and most recently excelled as a behaviour therapist.

Female Lead: Your character should not enjoy this. She should begin being levered into the situation and proceed to hate-but-need initially the drugs, and perhaps later his attention. There is scope for her to fall for him, or grow to love the situations, but this should be a slow process. Your character should have behavioural and/or performance problems to be 'fixed'.

The Kinks - Addiction, D/s and uncontrollable arousal are the main ones. The D/s side might lead to abuse and bondage, while the arousal may lead to exhibitionism, public displays, and general hyper-sluttiness (gangbangs etc)

The Hitcher (Dark, Story-driven, nc/abuse/possibly-extreme, blatantly stolen from another thread!)
Red, as he was always known, was rumbling idly along the interstate with no sign of a soul for miles before or ahead. Hell, he could drive for hours and not see a soul. Such a scene - set to some foot-tapping country singing - was not in the least bit unfamiliar to Red or indeed to any trucker.

Indeed the only oddity was the young girl sat alongside him, looking across the great nothingness and doing all she could not to pay him much attention. She'd been like this since he suggested he might drive better with her head in his lap. Wherever she was going was important enough that stupidly she hadn't jumped out, and instead she was just most rude; taunting him and blanking him all at once. He really ought to teach her a lesson...

Some time later Red found himself leaning against his truck, a bottle of beer in one hand and the girls hair in the other. The view was spectacular; a hundred gleaming missiles, streaming toward more civilised parts of the world. In the next few hours each would land, and by the time the sun set Red reckoned the rude bitch and himself were among the lucky few not caught up in the apocalypse.

Okay so the schtick here is two people with no similarities and plenty of reason to hate each other also have to depend on one another. The world has all but ended, and there's scope for bandits, mutants and the like or just two people trying to survive and cooperate, despite a deep hatred.

Him: A tall, bulky middle aged redneck of a man. He's very good at looking after himself; strong, armed, full of common sense and terribly practical. Where he falls down is on intelligence and any manner of people skills. He gets on with his kind of people, which is to say barely anyone. For everyone else he has a fairly intense hatred, leading to his apparent willingness to rape and abuse.

Her: almost anyone! Good if you can make them useless but vulnerable. She has to be willing to stay with him after all, even if he continues being abusive. Bonus points for making her younger than he is.

Kinks - Rape, abuse and everything that goes with it. I'm thinking quite physical and quite extreme (within both of our limits.) Additionally, in a strictly non-erotic sense, death/gore/etc. are quite likely!

And a few I haven't had chance to write up in detail yet. I'm still interested in them, and I do have more ideas, so don't let the lack of details included deter you!

The Cult (Extreme!) - Nestled in a small, backwater town is a cult of the darkest kind. Practitioners of black magic, demon-worship and sacrifice to the great lords. They sole purpose is to spread evil, cruelty and corruption across the land, and the only way to be safe from them - in their home village, at least - is to cooperate. So when one young girl comes of age and the village secret is revealed, how will she respond?

My Sister, The Pornstar (Incest, Sex-Heavy) - A much older brother has ad to care for his young sister since their parents' death. In the meantime, he has grown accustomed to a fast, easy life of leisure off their savings; which have now run out. So how does he make more without doing too much work? Why, sell his sister into prostitution, slavery and the porn industry, of course! And, since she's so pretty, it'd be a waste not to take a first-hand role...

We Shouldn't.... (Incest. Forbidden Romance) - A brother and sister combination. She is due to be married, and he has multiple girlfriends... But all he really wants is her, and the perverse idea is of mutual interest. I want to run this in a realistic way, so anyone finding out would be horrified and it's more about sneaking around, holding affairs and eventually running off than anything else.

There's *yet more* ideas on my IM thread, most of which could be transferred to here... So if you really want more suggestions: