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Sweet Revenge

This storyline is based on this profile from an rp I was going to do but it never took off. Cliffnotes version: Modern based rp. Young, rich heiress with aak wild streak causes a scandal that jeaprodizes the family name. The scandal? She wrecked Daddy's Benz in a DUI. The worst part..she killed a pedestrian. She is sentenced to rehab thanks to her family's influence and money. She has been sober a year and is in school to turn her life around. Until she is kidnapped by a collector, who has been hired to capture and train the girl to specific specifications. The twist? The person who hired the collector is connected to her past.

Name: Sophia De la Cruz
Sex: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Italian and Hispanic

Personality: Sophia used to be a bit of a wild card, spending a good majority of her times in clubs. She is outgoing, outspoken, and usually quick to anger. Although some of that has calmed down now that she had been sober for over a year.
Personal History: Sophia De la Cruz was born the youngest daughter of a minor noble in a miniscule country that most have not heard of. Her family holds little to no power in the spec of a country, but are still quite wealthy. The young bombshell has spent most of her time in America, going to private schools in New York City. It was here that she got into the most trouble. With parents that were barely around, the young hothead took to drinking and partying. Why not? Her parents did not pay enough attention to care, so she could get away with it. However, she slipped up and caused a scandal when she wrecked her father's Benz in a DUI, killing a pedestrian in the incident. Her family's power and influence, not to mention the diplomatic immunity, happened to save her from prison. She was sent to rehab, and has just recently become sober. A year total for that matter. Now she is attending school, intent on doing something useful with her life.

Character's Sexuality/Ons/Offs Despite the wild streak, Sophia managed to maintain her sexual innocence. She never really had an interest in men, though she has experiemented with girls. She finds men interesting, but has never been sober enough to persue anything worthwhile. Girls are a huge turn on for her, and she is curious about finding out what all the chatter is about men in general.

Buyer's Specifications: There is a darker reason behind this buyer's interest. The buyer requested a specific girl in general, Sophia herself. The buyer knew the spoiled rich girl in the past and has a great itch and need to exact some hidden revenge. Specifics of what they want: Sophia herself, humble and moldable. The one thing they request: Use the harshest means necessary to break the bitch.

Player's Limits Death, Vore, Scat, watersports, vomit..

Family Squabbles

Fantasy setting. Not modern. Medieval?

A strong willed woman has saved her family from the poor house with her cunning skills in business. As a result she has taken the family title, which should have gone to her younger brother after their father commited suicide. But the young woman has taken it for herself, and holds the title firmly in her grasp since she has reestablished the family fortune. She runs all ventures, bosses all of her siblings around, and is pretty much the pain in the ass you would assume someone of that position would be. You would play the 'younger brother' who has come up with a plot to get the title back and make your sister play.

Open to discussion on this one.

A Debt to be Paid:

A rather competitive minded Mistress is close friends with a male who is also a Master. The two of them have both competed for the attention of submissives. Recently, they have decided to place stakes on their little competition. A specific submissive has been introduced to the both of them. They are both vying to get the girl's attention and a deal is struck between the two Dominants. The person to get the girl to accept a collar first wins.

The steaks are as follows: If the Mistress wins, she gets the choice of one of the Master's best slaves. (He is well known for his training techniques. Known to tame even the most feral.) And if the Master wins, the Mistress becomes his slave for a total of atleast one year. (Just a general idea. Up for any tweaking you may have. Shoot me a message if interested. Or if you have ideas to make it better.)

The Officer's Infatuation:

The General's wife is quite the looker, everyone on base agrees. Privates and officers alike stop and stare when she strolls passed in the commisary. It is not uncommon for a solider to harbor a small crush on the Commander's young wife. But one man takes it too far. A member of the General's staff (whom is very close to the general and his wife) has developed an unhealthy obcession, perhaps even harbors the delusion that she loves him. So when the General flies off to DC for a meeting at the Pentagon, the Officer makes his move. (Non-con, EX, knife play?, gun play? Send me your thoughts. Willing to change things if needed.)

An Empress’ Distress :

Mara was born the sole heir to the Coranian Matriarchy. At the age of thirteen Mara was thrust into the position of Empress of a war torn nation. A war over trade routes had been raging for nearly 2 years by the time her reign began, and it was up to her to win the war and regain Corania’s way of life. Eight years later, the war still rages and Corania is now broke. There is whispers in the streets and in the royal court, of a revolution. Desperate, Mara proposes to the the Elder Council a marriage to a foreigner. This is forbidden by Coranian law, but Mara sees no other choice in the matter. All of the bordering countries have turned their backs on the war torn nation, refusing to send aide to the once proud nation. However, this foreigner offers fresh troops, food for a starving people, and the end of a 10 year war.

This could go a few ways. Person could play the foreigner (Prince or Ruler of another country not far from Corania) who has their sights set on marrying the Empress and ruling the country. (Which is against Coranian law and tradition) This would be a secret of course, and he would be charming until he finally convinced her and her people to consent.

Could also play a member of the Elder Council, General of the Army, or Head of the Palace Guard who is against the idea of the marriage, either because they are in love with the Empress, or because they are against a foreigner being in charge. (Even though the Emperorship is nothing more than a figurehead position.) Open to suggestions on this one.

Elven Holt
An Elven Holt has been found by an ever encroaching human civilization. The young human ruler (you) has ideas of grandeur about ruling all of the world. He finds the elven world intriguing and the women beautiful, so he plots an attack against the Elven Holt, intent upon overtaking it. He very nearly succeeds, but is thwarted, only slightly. The ruler of said Holt sees the danger in the ambitious man and offers a meeting with the young ruler. A deal is struck between the two. The young ruler will leave the Holt in peace, if the King of the Holt offers his daughter for marriage. The King of the Holt agrees, without consulting his daughter. She is handed over to the human, and we can take it from there.

Held Hostage

A noblewoman arrives at the house of her betrothed ‘s estate under the escort of her father’s guards and a few of her ladies in waiting. Her wedding is to take place the very next day, but her fiance has been called down the coast to attend to an attack on a coastal town that he oversees. However it is all a rouse. While the fiance is away the estate is overrun (by pirates, an enemy nobleman, fantasy creatures? Use your imagination). Open to ideas from there.