Lookin' for somebody to love... er, RP with.

Started by Stargate525, October 29, 2011, 11:17:01 PM

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I'm looking for some RP partners. I'm not picky on setting or idea. I'm pretty loose with what the other person wants to play.

The first list is a couple of ideas that would be a hit with me right now. This is updated sporadically. I remove ones that would no longer interest me, and strikethrough ones I'm running somewhere already. Not to say I won't run multiple instances of something, provided they're different enough. I'm also interested on variations, alterations, or something else completely different. Throw it by me, if it tickles my fancy, I'll go for it.

The second list is my stable of characters. These are characters from various places which I have fleshed out in my head fairly well. I am NOT averse to making new ones custom-built for the RP in question. In fact, I tend to prefer it. Though, if you want an RP with one of my characters, that's more than fine as well.

If any of it interests you, gimme a PM or post here.

RP Ideas that tickle me:

Weekend Invasion: A rich man has rented out an entire hotel for his weekend vacation... except for a single hotel room, inhabited by an alluring woman with ideas on what to do for a weekend alone at a 5-star hotel...

Birthday Present: Unbeknownst to one of the characters, one of his (or her) friends has decided to give them the night of their lives for a gift. Might lead to something more.

Perfect Form: In preparation for colonizing a new planet, a genetic transformation process has been invented. Two colonists undergo the process, discovering that the change comes with some powerful sexual urges of their own...

Big for your Britches: Probably a one-shot. A couple spend and evening in for a night of sexual romping. The problem? The guy has a cock the size of a fire hydrant, and the output to match it...

Sparring Partner: Two sparring partners meet up late in the gym, and the sexual tension between the two builds, finally snapping when they become partners in more than one sense.

Real-Life: A realistic, modern-day RP that runs a pairing from their first date through dating, marriage, family, probably ending with the last kid being sent to college.

Characters: These characters are char's I like to play, but will be happy to make a new one for a setting or game.

Thomas - An anthro (or feral, if you like) red dragon. Intelligent, kinda naive. In settings that support it he's a powerful telekinetic. Strong guy, typically between 6'0 and 6'10, and always some sort of athletic/muscular.

Dune - An iguanadon anthro character. Shorter, more solidly-built. Smart in a practical way. Kinda straight-laced.

Mike - Two characters with this name. One is a fairly average human. A bit of a smartmouth. Brown hair, brown eyes, average build and height.

The other is a snake anthro. He's absolutely huge. About seven feet tall, a tail of about 20 feet, and a man-meat to match.

Norkas Carter - An older human male. Wise, clever, and fun-loving. He seeks out adventure and interesting things. his RP never lasted long, but I kept him because I like him.

Jon - A guy who's been anywhere from 12-24. He's a sarcastic, biting person a bit too smart for his own good. He is, however, very loyal and deeply lonely underneath all that.

Samantha - See Thomas, but female. She's giggly, bubbly, a sex-crazed fiend, and a lifelong tease.

Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire - Triplets. They take various forms, beginning their lives as dragon-feline mixes (though I've played them human as well). Diamond is bubbly, energetic, and girly, Sapphire is a semi-violent tomboy, and Emerald is serious and mature. They prefer dating a single guy, and do almost everything together.






Kicking this back up there. Looking for anything on that list.