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January 31, 2023, 10:05:34 am

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Author Topic: Borough's Ideas  (Read 1181 times)

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Borough's Ideas
« on: October 29, 2011, 07:21:23 am »
Greetings, below are some roleplay ideas I would like to play. Whether you are a male or female writer/player does not matter, I am fine with writers/players roleplaying a character opposite to their own gender.

Admittedly, I favour the first idea over the second.

Wait, this is a Girl's High School?
Light Human, M/F
Alexis is 16 year old boy whose parents recently divorced. Both working adults, they also decided to move and could not agree who should take care of him. They found a compromise and thus Alexis was transferred to a Boarding High School in another relatively small town in between the two cities his parents live in, so that he could easily visit either of them. The High School was recommended by his grandmother from mother's side, but as her memory has worsened the recent years she forgot to mention that it is an all-girls High School. With his parents to busy with the divorce, they never checked the details of the High School and now Alexis finds himself arriving a few days before the start of the new school year.
He notices the overwhelming amount of girls as he moves to his dorm room, but the truth only really dawns when he finds out his room mate is a girl, who is shocked to find out her roommate is a boy and informs him of the nature of the school. Not daring to call his parents to point out the mistake and get even more trouble on both him and his parents, nor with another High School in reachable distance, Alexis asks his room mate for help. She is willing to help him, lend him her clothes as they are of similar height and pretend he is a girl, but in exchange he has to do the chores in the room and satiate her lust as there are no other boys around, as well as let her pick out his clothes. Luckily, he has a rather feminine appearance with long hair, helping in dressing up and pretending to be a girl.
Ofcourse, to keep such a secret is difficult and what will happen if other girls in the school find out he is a boy?
I would really prefer to play the role of Alexis, but can play the role of the girl(s) too if necessary.

Wizard Apprentice lost his Teacher and wishes replacement
Light Exotic, M/F
A wizard apprentice lost his old teacher years ago, as the old teacher had passed away due to old age. In the mean time he has been trying to make end's meet. Residing in a Wizard's Tower near a small village, he has been able to satisfy the wishes of the villages, providing the occassional simple potion, faking a blessing over the fields and placing simple wards against foxes. He is now in his early twenties and he has studied the old tomes in the wizard's tower a lot, but many of them deal with complex rituals and spells written in the older wizard's particular handwriting and style of taking notes, which have been very difficult to make sense out of without instruction or experience. Where he should be a developing wizard, he is but at the level of apprentice, only having mastered the simplest of spells, and despite his many attempts and dedication, the resources at hand are not helpful enough, as he has blown many an attempt at a higher spell. There is a reason why he does many of his experiments outside these days and stays a clear distance..
Unfortunately for him, problems have been accruing recently. Wolves have been sighted, as well as fiercer predators. Some even claim to have seen a monster in the darkest of nights, and while it is likely that these are false, who knows if that will remain the case. There is currently somebody in the village who he can not cure with his potions, a calf and mother has died at birth, a flock of ravens have been seen at the full moon, more people are having accidents and ill omens are more frequent. Studying the position of some of the planets and moon, the apprentice has concluded that even worse is coming this year. Afraid of what is to come, he decides to attempt one of the more complex rituals, even if he knows there is a risk of some kind of mishap.
At the next full moon, he performs the ritual. A ritual allowing him to plea for help, to summon somebody who can help him deal with the problems and help him become a mightier wizard. The result of the ritual will be a female, but depends on the partner: Does he summon a female angel, demon, wizard or witch to help him? Does the ritual seem to have no effect, but the next day a more experienced female wizard in her twenties visits town and upon hearing how bad he is taking care of the village, takes charge? Perhaps a witch comes by and tries to become friendly by helping and teaching him, but she actually wants his old teachers books and knowledge, and will seduce him to get it? Perhaps a succubus will be summoned, seducing him to practise darker, demonic magic to make him more powerful, while needing the energy from lustful activities to stick around?
I have a slight preference to play the male wizard's apprentice, but I like the concept of the summon as well, and genders can be swapped of apprentice/summon.
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