Craving Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy or Voldemort

Started by PreciousPetra, October 29, 2011, 06:32:02 AM

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I began in RP several years ago in the fandom of Harry Potter back in the days of journal games such as those which were found on Live and Greatest. This is still my favourite though one I seldom seem able to find partners for any more.

Maybe one reason for this is it is strictly canon characters for me when it comes to any pairings. Everyone has their opinion on this and I understand that, but for me OC's just do not work on either side of the pen...or in this case keys.

I have re-read all of the books recently as well as watched all the films, though in my view the books are much better for they capture the real essence of the characters.

Having said that here are some of the pairings which make me very happy. My character is in bold and any that become scored through are pairing that have been taken on the forums.

Update 15/12/11 Currently REALLY craving one of my ladies with either Snape/Lucius or Voldemort above all others and I have a few ideas swirling around in my head for plots in regard to these pairings. I've read some very impressive fan fics in my time and I have no shame in taking ideas from those and turning them into a one on one RP. Marraige law...what might have happened if the wrong side had won...misused potions to name but three.

Hermione/Voldemort or Tom Riddle

In my time I have also written as Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Narcissa Malfoy and Lily Evans/Potter. I enjoyed each of those greatly though writing as Hermione will always be my favourite, possibly because she was the first but if someone would like one of them instead of Hermione I shall gladly discuss it with them. I have tried to write as Ginny but I really do not enjoy it, no idea why but I don't so she is someone I leave to others.

There are also other males whom I would find of interest with one of my females such as Remus Lupin/Sirius Black/Arthur, Fred, George, Bill or Charlie Weasley. Name me someone else canon and I will let you know if they appeal for a story.

As in regard to plots I prefer to discuss these with my RP partners so that we can work out something which we shall both enjoy. The relationships could be anything from romance and love to force, blackmail or simple abuse of power and so the plots would vary from one to another depending on the circumstances. As long as Hermione and co are sixteen and over I have no issue with straying from the canon story, many a fan fiction has done so and in many instances the plots were most engaging and interesting, so there is no reason ours should not be the same.

I would also like to say I am interested in one shots (which are just about the sex lets face it in whatever form that is)  as well as something more on going and evolving. But I do enjoy an on going story which contains many other aspects of their daily lives be it the war or school life. And that is something I am finding difficult to find good, quality partners for. Many seem to have short attention spans and that often leads to disappointment.

It would be preferable to have partners who will post at least once a day though more would be wonderful! I understand life can get crazy at times but if you find you are unable to post for a while please do me the honour of letting me know. Also if you grow board and no longer wish to continue our RP tell me and do not just ignore our story. I can't tell you how many times that has happened with members on here both on the forums and via email RP. It's very rude and frankly makes me very angry!

Now if I haven't completely put you off and you would be interested in discussing a RP with me please feel free to drop me a PM.

Thank you for your time.


Updated with current wizard cravings.