Looking for a GM for an Exalted Game! [Edited]

Started by Calison, October 29, 2011, 01:32:21 AM

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I just recently picked up the core book for Exalted and would like to try it out. I'm brand new to the system and White Wolf games in general but I am eager to learn. At the moment I am definitely leaning towards a female assassin/spy character whose current ambition after having become Exalted is to take whatever large city she happens to be living in, feeling that she can do a better job than the established government. What her methods will be for dealing with this I'm not entirely certain, but I would like a good amount of poltical intrigue and having her being in a position of authority from the start--such as being the leader of her own gang. Also with what elements of sexual play I would like to see in a potential campaign I would like to talk with my prospective GM about those, but please see my O/Os. I admit they're a bit outdated in some respects, so feel free to bring up anything you're interested in and we can talk about them.

Please PM if interested, hope to hear from you all soon!