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Started by Brandon, December 24, 2007, 02:29:09 AM

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Over the eon's an ancient artifact has appeared in the mortal world time and time again. That is the letifer, created by whoever rules over the afterlife to catelog the deceased and given to their messengers when they would tread into the mortal world to sheperd souls into the afterlife. However today one of these artifacts has been lost, dropped into the human world when the strap of a reapers satchel suddenly broke. Before the notebook could be recovered by the reaper it fell into the hands of a young man and now it can not be forcibly taken back by the reapers. They can only reclaim it if he chooses to give it back or when his time in the mortal world has ended.

The book states that when a persons name is written into a page that person will die. The time of death, circumstances, and much more can be specified and changed but the name written must be their real one. At first the young man signs the name of a man who is currently bullying many of his friends and the man dies of a heart attack moments later. He believes that it is just a first. Days later he finds a group of thugs harrassing a woman and several of them introduce her before it turns into an inevitable rape. Lacking the physical might to fight them all he places his hope into the book and signs each name, watching them all perish and saving the young woman.

After these events unfold he realizes the true power of the book and comes to the conclusion that he will use it for the good of mankind. Destroying all evil humans and making others so frightened that they would not dare commit crimes for fear of their deaths. Crime rates drop as hundreds of peoples names are signed into the letifier and soon the FBI has no choice but to get involved and search for the phantom killer while the public secretly cheers him on. This is where our story begins...


Obviously this story idea touches on some interesting albiet sensitive topics like capital punishment (in another form) but it is not ment to explore or come to a conclusion whether the murder of a violent criminal, murderer, and/or rapist is right or wrong. I have my own opinion on that subject as Im sure many others do. This is instead a story ment to be a phsycological and supernatural thriller as the penman tries to create a world without evil while the FBI search for him and the reapers try to reclaim the book.

I intend to play the protagonist as the penman and have 2 antangonists (1 being an FBI agent thats after him, and another being the Reaper that is trying to get the book back) that can be played by a single person or two seperate people.

So who is interested?

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