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Author Topic: Absurdity & Nonsense (M Seeking...)  (Read 1214 times)

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Absurdity & Nonsense (M Seeking...)
« on: October 28, 2011, 01:32:12 am »
Greetings and Salutations!

Seeking: RPs of silliness and conflict in random varieties of absurdity! I want odd, unique, quirky... or a place where such things are accepted and encouraged. I want weird. I want not normal. Or at least a-typical, or non-normal-enough. Sex and sexual situations are perfectly fine, and encouraged to a good deal, but not my focus.

-Reiterate: Sex is not typically my focus. It is nice to have, but not usually the goal. I get bored of sex quicker than I get bored of an interesting/different/quirky plot.

Adoption: Have a plot you can't seem to get running? Need an extra man to run an RP at the moment? Got something CRAZY hiding behind the curtain? Hook me up! Send me your plot ideas, your concepts, your ideas, that just can't seem to get any attention and I'll give these a good honest lookie-loo. If anything sparks inside my head, maybe we'll get an idea snowball heading for the lodge in no time!

Concepts: Ideas are meant to be picked over, altered and manipulated. Do not take anything within an idea break down at face value. Nothing is set in stone. These are ideas first, springboards for something larger, etc. Some might be vague, some might be detailed. Some might be excerpts from writing I've done. Some might lack organization or sense, but that's okay as your input is important.

-Reiterate: Discussion is key. If we do not talk about things, the idea will quickly go nowhere. If you are not interested in discussion, I am not interested in RPing these ideas with you. Call me rude/mean/etc, but that's my line.

Parings: Listed parings and rolls are stated in M/F terms (for simplicity) but are not limited to this, per say. Character rolls are also not firmly set, and can be reversed.

Limits: O/O Thread
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Re: Absurdity & Nonsense (M Seeking...)
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2011, 06:20:24 pm »
Ideas and Concepts


To Whoever is Out There; - First and foremost, this RP is done a fair bit differently than your normal fodder. Primarily in that each RP post (or a large portion of each post depending on partner preference) will be a written letter to the other character. The idea starts with a city surrounded by a mile high wall made of stone, vines, and centuries old trees. An impossible barrier that traps those within the city, unable to escape.

One day a young male walks his way to the wall (as he's done many times in an effort to escape) and notices a very small hole which peeks light through. Intrigued, he tries to fit his hand, but no luck. Trying to enlarge the hole is also fruitless... but an idea pops into his mind.

What this young man does is write a letter and place it in the hole. "To Whoever is Out There," he writes, "I am Daniel. I live in Central City. As long as I've known, my parents have known, and my grandparents there's been a giant wall around us. I want to know what's on the other side. Please tell me. Sincerely ; Daniel T. Quirk."

Your character finds the letter, and so begins their back and forth.

We can do this in proper letter format, or try it the usual 3rd person manner... but I'm not sure how well this would work with the latter.

Eel Wiggles - This is about a girl and her pet eel. Little does the girl know, but her eel is a bit more than she realizes. The creature she keeps as a pet has the power of telepathy, and is messing with the poor girls mind. At first, it is only dreams. She fantasizes about things a girl shouldn’t. She thinks about her pet in ways that make her uncomfortable, that seem wrong and sick. Putting it in places and letting it squirm and wriggle about around, and inside, her body.

She fights all the thoughts, all the dreams that make her wake up wet and wanting something inside of her... but eventually something happens. The eel inside that tank finds it’s way out, and in her bed while she is unaware... squirming slowly up into her as the night goes on.

Thy Couch - Here's an idea for you. A couch who is bent on serving it's master/owner to the point where it will kill for them (and maybe please them sexually in odd/unique manners). [Image] This rings in my head like "lost couch bought at flea market" like a dog or puppy would attach to an owner on an emotional level. Or maybe the couch is actually a wizard who turns into a couch... or the couch houses a genii. It can be anything, that's why we discuss things. (Any level of content possible.)

She Is Susan - A spirit from the future lives in a house possessing inanimate objects and people alike. Her name is Susan and she is the savior of both our world and her's. She meets a guy who is in love with someone completely different but during the process of things the woman he loves dies and Susan is reborn through her. Susan is usually confused and dazed when possession happens, not to mention lacking memory. The guy in the story, however, slowly helps her to remember. Love story, mostly. Susan speaks almost robotic, though has a whimsical way about her. She's fun and giggly when not worried about what is going on in either world and/or when focusing on the guy. (Sex is possible, though it will probably be very vanilla.)

Lil'ist Pet Shop of Horrors - “Evil” space dog/cat/thing falls from the sky and literally drops onto a pet shop owner who is struggling to keep his business afloat. Like the Little Shop of Horrors the dog/cat/thing from space will be an alien that does not exactly have the shop owner’s best interests in mind. Suspension of disbelief, the government will not catch wind or wish to capture/whatever/etc the animal that arrives. No scientists will get their hands on said creature (although they can try) and if people wish to involve something more interesting they can be humanoid in nature BUT that should grow into effect rather than happen at the start. (With transforming animal, sex is highly likely and wanted to a certain degree. It could end up a driving force to the RP if done proper. Non human bondage kind of deal.)

Stuck To You - Possible 3 person RP concept. The idea which is floating around my head was that of Siamese twins, although the problem is that one  is not fully developed. A talking tumor attached to a full grown human. The undeveloped twin can not do much beyond speak and move their arms to grip some things. The year is current and the job is real. The brother who is fully grown works at Wal-Mart and gets paid enough to live. The other one gets disability and is barly alive at all. Neither are happy about the either but both can not fathom the thought of being without his twin. Not to mention that the surgery is expensive, painful and has a high risk of death to one considering their situation. (Don't see much sex. Extreme violence or gore? I can see that.)

Commander & Captain James Q. Waller
It didn't take long for Commander James Q. Waller to find the safety switch that would prevent the destruction of his ship. However, in a panic he smashed that switch into the dash and broke the thing; heat of the moment had him thinking it was a button. The commander cursed out his toothless mouth as his ship spun violently about, neon green body glowing in the now dark space cabin as hair burst about the low gravity chamber he was strapped in. The galaxy outside spun itself around the tiny capsule that held the odd looking captain but he was not phased, excluding being irritated his ship might explode and the slight fear of possible death. Pressed for time as his pod leaked oxygen into empty space while having the ever present danger of bursting into a rupture of debris, the captain looked for the nearest planet to resemble his own.

Luck would have it that Earth was not far away.

-Mutant alien space man... from space! Cloak devices, etc where needed. His body-type isn't described minus his face but that can be tweaked and manipulated. (All kinds of possibilities possible, from tentacles to Monster girl if rolls are reversed.)

Shrinking Concept - A guy (or girl), who's gone his whole life to be just an average size dude living an average life, doing average type things, hits a bench mark on his twenty second birthday. On that day, something odd happens, his body begins to shrink rather than grow. Doctors are seen, priests are visited and even a little bit of dark arts is practiced in order to try and stop this new problem from progressing worse or even to out right stop it. It soon becomes a battle for his job, his school, his girl and his life as things become progressively worse. Will the man’s girlfriend/fiancé/wife stay by him during this terrible time? Will the man be able to keep his job or find new work if he can not? Will the worlds new frightening size keep the man inside a shoebox out fear? (Sex is possible. Could contain light vore, may have D/s tendencies. All up for discussion.)

Red Town - Everything is red. Or at least it seems that way to everyone who lives in <Small Town Here>. Special attention to a young man living in that town, his mind preoccupied with usual bull and his eyes letting all the reds, oranges and yellows blur together. Nothing interesting, nothing eventful, all is dull. Then, one day, he sees something odd. He sees... the color green/blue/whatever, and on a person of all places. Suddenly, life just got a lot less boring. (Any direction possible. He could take It could be mutual. It could grow into love, etc.)


When Flea F*****s Attack - An RP which has been run elsewhere many times and on-site at least once. (See Here) It's a B-Horror idea about giant fleas from space attacking Randomburg USA. It is intended to be funny and stupid fun. Lots of bad jokes and worse humor, an intended guilty pleasure. (Not intended for sexual situations.)

Please Don't Mind the Disturbance - An RP which has been run elsewhere once or twice, and no where else. It is an attempt at a psychological mind thriller where characters (and players to a certain extent) don't really know what is going on. A voice speaks to character's minds directly (though not always the same thing to each character) and a mystery about where it comes from and why it exists pushes these people together (or apart). It's heavily focused on character development with plot being the excuse for this. With it, I play something of a sadistic GM role and there is room for a second GM to play a secondary "good" voice, for extra twists. (Can easily involve sexual situations, can also easily not.)

---Became "The Children of Yggdrasil" w/ Esoteric Myobi as co-GM.

We Came Through a Black Hole - One of the very few RP ideas I have which revolve around sex to any real degree. A colony ship is sent through a black hole not far from Earth, in an attempt to populate an already terraformed Earth 2. However the ship crashes, the terraforming didn't go exactly to plan (all kinds of weird flora and fauna) and there is still the need to continue life. Relationships form, the world is fought against. Think Land of the Lost, except in space. (Focuses pretty strongly on sexual situations, but also has much more to offer.)
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Re: Absurdity & Nonsense (M Seeking...)
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2011, 05:03:32 am »
Sexual Wants and Desires

These are not ideas in the context that the above are. The things listed, here, are not intended as extended concepts or games. The list below is nothing more than sexual fantasies, fetishes or kinks I want to explore very specifically. The E term for this is a One Shot.

Surprise - A guy successfully picks a girl up at a bar, or wherever. There is obvious attraction between them, clear sexual sparks... and the two eventually end up outside of her place. Kissing, nibbling, touching, all at the front door. But, the woman in question is very particular that hands stay above the waist until the two get to the bedroom.

Once there, the guy sets himself up to get comfortable on the bed as the one-night-stand flirts her way into the bathroom. A little time passes, the woman returns wearing a very sexy though not very revealing night gown.

Meeting the woman at the foot of her own bed, he trails his hands up along her legs and slowly raises up the gown. Full intent to eat her out, only to then be met with a slowly hardening cock... which he decides to suck quite happily.

-From here, it goes where me and my RP partner want it to go. It can stop after she’s cum, it can go as far as my O/O says I’ll go (Which is pretty far) or it can stop somewhere in the middle.

Big Brother - This one is pretty cut and dry in concept. Some loving incest play between a little sister and her big brother (E rules apply. No one under 16.) The specifics depend on my partner, but I’m looking for a more loving situation. Any awkwardness of “this is wrong we shouldn’t” is fine if that’s what my RPer wants, but it ultimately should be a far more loving situation than anything else.

Curves Are a Good Thing - This isn’t even a vague idea. I just want to play with someone curvy and plump. It can be thrown in any other concept, at all, and I’d roll with it. This little want of mine doesn’t get much attention on E.

I Call It Love - Read this story of mine and come back to me.

See Also: Special Interests
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Re: Absurdity & Nonsense (M Seeking...)
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2012, 09:07:13 pm »

Thy Couch - Inspired by an interesting, and very odd, conversation in IRC. It is accompanied by an image which isn't to be taken at it's literal level. The joke was just "man eating couch" then it did as E things do, and turned sexual, somehow.

Eel Wiggles - A friend and I were talking... and sort of teasing one another... and the idea evolved from there. Don't judge me! O.O

Sexual Wants and Desires - Because I don't always want a plot. Sometimes I just want the sex. X|

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Re: Absurdity & Nonsense (M Seeking...)
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2012, 05:58:51 pm »

To Whoever is Out There - Random idea that popped into my brain while I was walking my dog. See my dog was sniffing at this other that was behind a fence. I've never seen that other dog out of it's yard, ever, and it looks so very sad.