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Author Topic: Sword & Sorcery & Corrupting the Pure Stories [M seeking F]  (Read 539 times)

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Sword & Sorcery & Corrupting the Pure Stories [M seeking F]
« on: October 27, 2011, 12:39:40 PM »

I'm looking for a writing partner for sword & sorcery adventure.

Genre: Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Adult Themes: Heterosexual, Dom/Sub, Slave/Master, Bondage, Non-Consensual (only so much as any slave/master relationship has an element of non-consensual and see this as more of a willing victim)

The great city of Carnor thrives upon the harvest of the sea, either in trade or as a clearing house for piracy. It's merchant princes are the wealthiest in the known world and the only true God is gold. Every year as the winter storms close the sea to most sane seafarers a Great Festival is held to celebrate and give thanks for the profits of the trading and raiding season. The highpoint of the celebration is the great slave auction. The great Carnorian slave houses compete sell the most beautiful and desirable slaves to the wealthy merchant princes to help them satiate their senses during the bitter winter. The most beautiful slave is crowned the 'Queen of the Festival' and fortunes are bid upon her. More than one of Carnor's merchant princes have found themselves ruined after bidding too much of their fortune for the prestige of owning and deflowering the Queen.

This year the Queen has been stolen away right from under the noses of the 'great and good' of Carnor. The cell she was being held in was empty and none knew where she was or how she had been spirited away. There was uproar in the metropolis of Carnor and the slavers and merchant princes attempted to search the city from house to house such was the blow to their honour and prestige. Only one man knew the location of the ' Queen of the Festival' for he had stolen her away for himself. That man was Cearul, a warrior, a reaver and a thief from across the sea. He was an untamed barbarian of great size and vigour, an adventurer and mercenary of great skill and greater boldness who was renowned as one of the greatest warriors across the lands. Cearul held the civilised and decadent merchant princes of Carnor in contempt and decided to have the 'Queen' for himself.

Someone to play the beautiful slave girl who is the kidnapped 'Queen of the Festival' while her new barbarian master waits for the uproar to die down so they can make their escape from the city. There is a great deal of flexibility with the character and her background and personality as I have only envisaged the basic background and my character. I'm looking for someone who is keen to play a submissive character opposite a traditional S&S barbarian warrior and adventurer who excites and thrills her. The story will have plenty of sex, but also lots of action as they escape from the city and are then chased and hunted by the numerous and powerful enemies Caerul has made. She may be an unwilling victim who has little control over her fate, but I expect that a great deal of affection will develop between the two.

I'd prefer a female writing partner for this story.

Please read my Roleplaying Preferences and PM me if you are interested with some idea regarding the character you'd like to play.
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Offline PrimorisTopic starter

Re: Sword & Sorcery Story [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2011, 05:51:07 PM »
Purity and Corruption

I have a germ of an idea about a powerful wizard and/or demigod of great evil and vileness who has been imprisoned and the slow corruption of his keeper. She has been specially chosen as an incorruptible woman of incredible purity, virtue and strength of purpose. While she remains free of evil, pure in thought and deed the dark wizard cannot escape his prison. He seeks to corrupt her with his silver tongue and seductive promises so escape his prison with the aid of his new ally.

I haven't worked out the details, but that is something I can do with a writing partner. I'm looking for someone to play the part of the incorruptible keeper opposite my imprisoned darklord.

Please read my Roleplaying Preferences and PM me if you are interested.