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September 22, 2019, 02:57:15 AM

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Author Topic: Wild Girl - a werewolf story (f lf m)  (Read 493 times)

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Offline wolventearsTopic starter

Wild Girl - a werewolf story (f lf m)
« on: October 26, 2011, 10:22:04 PM »
She had been captured, and put into a cage that was barely big enough for her to stand in, much less lay completely flat. She was naked and dirty, her long hair tangled and matted, falling around her body.

She had been taken by the wolf at a young age, young enough, she remembered nothing of her life before. He had bitten her, scratched her, raped her. She lived with him ever since, and he claimed she was his mate. He kept her in that cave, and she became wild, an animal, much like him, but she still understood that she was not there of her own free will.

She managed to escape him, getting far far away, but she was captured, the humans coming down on her locking her in irons. She fought, and most of them had been well armored but she managed to kill one, ripping out his throat with her teeth and hands. They thought she was just a wild girl, a child that had been lost and managed to survive in the wilderness, but what they didn't know was she was changed, no longer human. And when they got her into that cage, and the moon shone upon them, the wolf came out. So they kept her caged, showing her off. The wolf girl she was called. And once a month, they would hold a show, bringing in a lot of profit, because everyone wanted to see the girl who could change into a wolf.

In the last town, her keeper hired a man looking to make a little money. He had heard of the show, and was intrigued by the idea, but when he saw her, curiosity engulfed him. She looked no more than a mere dirty young woman and he wanted nothing more than to see her, to talk to her. He felt bad for her and what they were doing to her, but he had seen the wild way she acted when he threw the meat into her cage. All humanity was lost, a wild animal left in its place.

One fateful night, he decided to get a little closer, to get a better look, and she was sleeping after all, what harm could it do. But when he opened the iron door, and it creaked, she awoke, a snarl on her face and she attacked, biting him on the arm. 

Now what I need here is a male to play the bitten. The story will go through him getting bitten and releasing her and running away with her now that he would end up changing during the next full moon as well. Her origianl capture will come in as well. There will be fighting and blood. And a hard coming together of the two characters as their animal lusts go out of control.

PM me if interested! Hope to talk to you soon! ;D