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Author Topic: The cravings of a certain kitty.  (Read 727 times)

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The cravings of a certain kitty.
« on: October 26, 2011, 05:39:24 PM »
Well I am new here but I would more then love to start some new rps with someone. I have a few Ideas to start but if we get along and you want to try something you have thought of just ask.

A slaves awakening
       It had all started two-thousand years ago. One of the first vampires had glanced upon a human, wishing for the burning liquid to quench his dry throat. But he was mad at himself, he had also wished not to harm another human. He had killed so many. He didn’t mean to. It just happened. Humans were too weak, even if he tried to save them after feeding, it never would work…
The Vampire, named Ludwig, was thought of as insane by most, but as a doctor and a scientist by some. He got a request to build a creature, lost of them, from the DNA of humans; and that is what he did. Her name was Kira, the first of her kind, the mother of them all. She had the same human blood and skin, but she was stronger; and a quicker healer. Most of the Damini are females, but not all of them. The Damini are as perfect in looks as the vampires, that’s one of the traits that the Doctor gave them, so as to make them more attractable towards their Masters, their owners.
The Damini are now being made more often, for almost all vampires want them. No longer are they for just feeding, but the more you have of the Damini, the more powerful the Vampire and his or her wealth. There are markets where they are sold, the most popular one is disguised as a strip club, called Damini Haven.

The humans don't know what Damini's are, nor shall they ever. A certain waiter leads you to the back of the club, down a dark stairway to a place barely lit. Everything is made of dark damp stone. Bodies, alive ones, are in cages near the walls, or hanging by chains around their wrists and feet.

I want to play the Damini in this one, the vampire and be either male or female.

A knight in shining amour
I have been wanting to do something along the lines of the Anne Rice The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. A princess that is saved and taken to her princes castle only to find what awaits her wasn't what she was expecting.
Again I would play the female. there is room for the queen or the brothers sister to come into play so male and female can join.

Out of place

This one is a school one a Goth girl and a jock. She is beautiful and the jock more then thinks so. but being form different worlds it can't be expectable to be together. So what is a boy to do, Make her his of course but in private. Secret glances and meetings. There could be NC to start but she could start to like it after a while. Seduce her and she would be your perfect secret lover.

I want to try something similar with a female counter part A cheerleader, I would me more then will to be the dom in this one. seducing the girl and teasing her about her love for woman.

I'll love and protect you always my perfect little sister
I want to a rp with a older brother, I am the younger sister. Growing up we lived a abusive home, a father that beat us. He would always protect me and try and keep me form getting what beatings I did. We slept in the same bad together, she always felt safer there in her big brothers arms. She is only 16 but she was smart for her age in high school with her brother. But when her brother was done with high school he wanted to go to collage. He couldn't leave his sister there alone. So what was he to do.” It is only for a couple of months by then I will have a place and you can come live with me. For now you stay your friend Sarah’s." he said with a kiss to her forehead and a hug. He had to get there the fast he did the faster he could have her with him again. He left holding back tears as he drove off he could seeing her tears let fall. He hated being the one to make her cry but he had her somewhere safe till he could have her by him again. She tried for a whole month to be with out him...."why can't I sleep without him here.....?" She was confused and lost at the fact that she needed him and missed her older brother so much. She was out with Sarah at a party and got drunk trying to make her feelings go away. But Brian a jock at there school saw her drunken state and takes advantage of it. Raping her and leavening her  in Sarah’s bed silent and not moving. Anna cried herself to sleep that night curling up and wish she had her brother with her. He would have never let this happen... How could have her first time been like this,taken and making her fell dirty and sick. It should have be Matt(older brother's name that can change those) she didn't now why she felt that way it was wrong but. You were meant to give that up to some you loved, and she loved her brother more then anyone in the world. She needed him, and that was when she decided she wasn't going to wait for him to come get her. She was going to go to him. She woke up that morning with Sarah already high and laughing at her "That a girl I knew you had it in you. Damn Brian too. you go girl' she said not knowing that Anna was raped. She faked a smile “yeah yaay me.' she joked and held up her hand her thumb and index finger close together.” NO WAY... wow that explains why he gets so mean." she laugh. Anna sat next to the girl and smoked of the already light joint. As Sarah passed out on the couch watching cartoons Anna stood and grabbed her bag and headed off to be with her brother.

I want to be the Anna in this one, when she surprises her brother at collage he is shocked but happy. She is going to hide what happened for a while so that will come into play later. No one at the collage knows he had a sister. Anna is well developed for her age and look 18 not 16 by any means. you can pick the age of the brother and change the name if you want.

Well that’s all for now I want to play more but I can't give all my ideas out at once. Smiles~ Please let me know if you want to do any of these. And again if we mesh well and you have any ideas you want to play out I am game if you are.

A growing lists of ideas i would like to try
Vampire/ human
werewolf/ human< really feeling this one, probably start NC but evolve from there becoming his mate and even becoming a werewolf herself.
teacher/ student

I am really in the mood to do a RP that I play the slave in. I am very much interested in the lifestyle and the idea of control. I have been wanting to do this for some time. We can set up what ever story line you wish modern or something with more history to it. I am even open to exotic RP vampire, werewolf.... and so on. The more creative you are the better.  what I love, controlling, forceful, but you can still feel love and protection. After all half the battle is trusting your partner enough to let yourself go and be theirs.

Vampire/ human
werewolf/ human
teacher/ student
guard/ prisoner
Man/woman both willing and unwilling : willing relationship, kidnap, buy her at the Black market....

I had an example a story that gave a taste of what I like, But I would like to explore a story that is more NC as well. Please feel free to ask any question you may have.

Fate is truly unknown
It all begins ages ago when haven and hell were still intertwined. Satan had just been banished and the world was still all so new. A great battle began for control of your world. Demon against angel, haven against hell. All the while earth caught in the middle. Both sides trying to control and influence the humans that dwelled here. Trying to turn them to one side or the other. true chaos was sending your world to its end.

   It was seen that there would be no other end but total annihilation  of everyone and everything, if things did not end soon. So as hard as it may be to believe Haven and Hell came to a truce, a treaty of sorts. God and the Devil agreed to pull back their troops and halt there battle for control of this world, and let man be the deciding factor. Let the free will of man truly lead the to their salvation or their damnation. But to solidify this treaty there was a blood pact between the two worlds. And that is where she came in. The ultimate mating of both worlds, having haven and hell coursing through her veins. Given to the world as a promise to let it grow to what ever it was meant to be.

   She could never accept what she was, having been taught by both demon and angel alike through her many years. She had the potential to be great evil or a beacon of light.  I refer to her as she for now after so many millennium alone wondering and fighting, growing and learning. And that final battle she does not know her true name.Having lost her memories in that battle that only haunts her nightmares. What happened, who are the people that flash in her memory?
 And that is where we are now, after that battle she awoke in a old hospital in a village near Peschici Italy. Not knowing who or what she is. They gave her the name runa meaning secret. Runa gained her strength and her barrings. As she tossed and turned fighting her nightmares, confused by her dreams. The memories all but lost to her, she left as soon as she was able. Wondering and lost to the world. Both sides searched knowing in there blood that she was still alive but still nowhere to be found. Years pasted and she never aged, confused but determined to live and figure out who and what she is.

There is room here for many rpers here. Will you be a demon or an angel, a human caught in the middle? What side will you be? Will you decide to kill her and end the treaty all together? Will you seduce her for yourself, truly fall in love, or turn her to one side or the other? I would like to get multiple characters involve in this one so if you have any ideas let me know.


Also I had an idea for two brothers... runaways for what ever reason we come up with. They have o find way to live and get by in the world around them. This leaves all sorts of interesting possibilities open for anything to happen, sex, drugs, even with each other.  We can work out the details together.

Really craving a Werewolf RP either he is one and she is wolf blood or merely human. But something draws him to her and he just has to have her. Maybe a rework of little red riding hood, or something more modern where she is a hunter that he saves for some reason. I'm open to all sorts of ideas on this one.