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Author Topic: Invasion of the Astral Plane(Original Story, Requesting Help)  (Read 655 times)

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Invasion of the Astral Plane(Original Story, Requesting Help)
« on: October 25, 2011, 12:05:17 PM »
So, over the last few weeks, I've been in a 'need to do something exceptionally productive' mood, and because of this, I have been working on creating a story that may become a web comic, maybe a book... Regardless of its final format, I'm having trouble generating the raw ideas I need. What I hope to do is find a few people that might be interested in the premise, and would be willing to fill character roles to give me some content to work with. As of now, here's what the story looks like:

The Astral Realm, gathering place of the spirits. This world is compromised of many separate lands, the largest of which is home to the four Elements. The continent is split in 4, and each Elemental owns a quarter of this land, with the capital city in the center being owned by all of them together. Every 200 years, the Elementals gather at the temple in the center of the city to recharge a large magical crystal, the purpose of which is to keep magic strong in the world and allow peace to continue for the next 200 years. During the charging process, however, an army of humans from Earth invade the temple, capturing the Elementals in artifacts and using their power for their own. Only the Elemental of Wind escapes and finds her way to Earth, where she is drawn to a young man and binds her soul to his to hide herself.

Everything to this point is what I consider the prologue, and here's where I need help. I'm having problems fleshing out characters for the most part, so if I can find enough interested people, I would like to start an RP that would begin as the Elementals are first arriving to the city for the festival, and up to at least the invasion of the human army. To this extent, I will list the characters I will require.

Adomos, Elemental of Earth
Arila, Elemental of Air
Aiden, Elemental of Fire
Arlynn, Elemental of Water

Bad Guys:
Generals of the Elements (One General for each Element. These guys are the ones that capture the elements using the artifacts and use their powers.)
Leader of the army (Haven't put any thought into him.)

Familiars of Elements (Still an idea I'm playing with. Should this idea become a web comic, I saw these guys as advisers to the Elementals who, due to there being less magic on Earth compared to the Astral Realm, would appear chibi if summoned on Earth.)
Keepers of the Temple (NPC character that I'll probably take care of. These guys will be akin to angels for the most part.)

And then one last thing with this story. While I'm just looking for general ideas for now, along with how the characters could act and how in depth I want to get with the prologue, I am interested in making the story not exactly PG-13. For example, should this become a web comic, I hope to have nudity, suggestions to drugs, and general adult humor and situations. A lot of this comes from the recent webcomics I've been reading to study, my roommate getting me into Game of Thrones, and because I believe I can be more creative if I have fewer limits. I have plenty more details if anyone wants more on the story, along with some personalities for the Elementals that I have been testing out. Hope to hear something soon!

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Re: Invasion of the Astral Plane(Original Story, Requesting Help)
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2011, 05:22:57 PM »
I hope you don't mind, but as I was reading your descriptions I thought of a few questions concerning some of your characters that I thought might help you flesh them out a little more. Are your Elemental characters immortal in any sense (straight-up indefinite longevity, reincarnation proportionate to their power levels, century-sleepers, etc.), or are their powers transmitted down a line of succession (bloodline, tournament champions, worth judged by trial or artifact, etc.) and each new person assumes the Elemental 'Title'? What do the Elementals do with their time between the Rituals? Do they go adventuring, create new magics, explore and protect their realms, do they leave the day-to-day workings of leadership to their subordinates or do they rule their realms with a personal hand? Do they interact with each other at any other times during the centuries, or only during the recharging ritual, and how do they get along?

It's kind of an old trope that those with elemental powers usually show personalities that are similar to their powers (fire-wielders are passionate, water-bearers are mellow, wind-callers are capricious and earth-shakers are stubborn); do you intend to follow this sort of template, or do you think it might be more interesting to place powers with opposite personalities to help show the importance of the promotion of harmony (a hot-headed person might end up being the water-bearer, for example, to help them learn to strike the balance between impulsiveness and consideration, or an obstinate person might be the wind-caller to demonstrate the need to know when to compromise and when to stand ground)?

As for your villains, what are their reasons for aggression? Are they striking out of fear of magic, a 'hit them before they hit us' mentality, or do they have a dire need for the powers of magic to solve their own crisis back home, or do they simply want to wage war against an interesting enemy? Do any of them regret their actions, is there an underlying desire among any of them to rely on diplomacy rather than violence that is being railroaded or ignored by their superiors? Are they all vicious, sadistic psychopaths to a man, or do they run the spectrum from 'duty above all' to 'slaughter the innocent'? You could also use the power/personality scheme to help describe your generals, in reverse from whichever form you use for the Elementals to further demonstrate whichever theme you're emphasizing.

Finally, the young man who provides refuge for the Air Elemental -- how much does he know of what's going on? How willing is he to help? Is there any chance of romantic entanglement between them, or are such relationships strictly forbidden for some reason? Will he journey to the Elementals' plane, or will his battles be fought in his own world? And is there a price he may have to pay in the end for sheltering the Elemental or having their souls bound together?

I hope that helps you pin down some new aspects. It looks like a cool world you've got to play with, mate!  ;)