Establishing Boundaries (M for F)

Started by Richardson, October 25, 2011, 12:24:56 AM

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When he attempted suicide, it was no laughing matter and the end result was mandated sessions with a rather unorthodox therapist who wanted to show him just what there is in life that makes it all worth living.

I'm looking for a slow burn here in an almost surreal existence.  Not reality where such encounters rarely have erotic potential but not porn-reality where she's down between his legs day one while the sax plays in the background.  There needs to be build up, tension, release and a return to tension again.  I'm looking for a dance of mutual seduction in a forbidden environment.

A sense of play is a must but so is a sense of class.  A little Mad Men; a little Californication; a little David Lynch.  Shoot me a PM and let's discuss.  I'd like to be a little picky with this one.  If we have a current game, I'm still open to playing this one out.

If nothing else, I hope you enjoyed the sexy gams before clicking away.  Be well, all.