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May 23, 2018, 06:29:10 AM

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Author Topic: Ideas for The Dragoness  (Read 667 times)

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Offline ReineTopic starter

Ideas for The Dragoness
« on: October 24, 2011, 08:08:38 PM »
Looks like I was accepted not too long ago, so I reckon its high time I put out a request for Reine. The sexual desires of a dragon can be hard to meet sometimes, but all are welcome to try their hand at a girl with a tongue as sharp as a dragon's claws.

1. Treading Dirt (Male or Female. Combat Oriented): This is the most original and oldest tail for Reine, and the one that is probably the least sexual, though to the winner will go the spoils of Reine's sinful flesh. While on a most dreadful track on foot through Death Valley on her way to Las Vegas, Reine Isotomi is stopped by a hired body seeking to make her answer for sins. If bested in one-on-one combat, the Dragoness' is willing to do just about anything to keep herself out of the hands of her captors. Beware: Reine's power is far behind the standards of a mortal. Request with caution.
(For reference of her Captors and her Sin, read her origin story:

2. Temporal Desires (Female. One Night Stand): A more appealing story for those not looking to get their hands dirty. Upon making a successful track to Vegas, Reine takes the opportunity to do something she usually never can: have the night to herself. Dolled up and out late, Reine heads to burning hot night club to drink, flirt, and take home so feminine company. The tale will be simple and end when the sun rises on the next day. Come to me if you're interested in some sloppy fun in a hotel room.

3. The Later Years (Male or Female. Fire Emblem Story): Based after the events of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Reine takes the roll of an Fire Manakete who's dragonstone has been lost for several hundred years. Reine now finds herself upon the sands of Nabata, searching old ruins and cities for anything that might leader her towards a new dragonstone. Her journey takes a left turn upon running into a gang of nomadic bandits. Despite her best efforts (even slaughtering a good number of bandits), Reine has no chance of winning without the help of a dragonstone. Now Reine is left bound in an unknown bandit camp, beaten and enraged, awaiting whatever judgement they bring her.
This roleplay will find a much more blodthirsty mood, but without the ability to fight back. The sexual nature of were it goes will go to the bandit leader (whoever picks this up), but the Manakete may be a little less than ready to love you at first.

4. Whips and The Witching Hour (Male or Female. I'll take the roll of the Dominate Succubus): The nature of this roleplay is meant to be very dark and demonic, with blood and bondage abound. Enter with caution. A wicked tale of what happens when morals break the bounds of their own realm and attempt to bring the things that should not be to their world. Isolated in a cabin in the deep woods of Massachusetts Bay, known prominently as being a place of witch hangings and burning, a Lone Human seeks to summon an Ancient One that will grant them unlimited power. However, things go wrong with the blood offering, and instead, a sadistic Succubus is brought forth. In a whirlwind of heat and confusion, the demon will take the will of her summoner, break it, and enslave it for so long as she remains in the mortal world.

5. The Tale of a Heart (Female only. A Romantic Tale): This tale revolves around the loneliness and horrors someone who can live forever bears witness to. Its been a long 500 years, and Reine Isotomi has seen both the best and the worst of the human race. Sometimes preferring the company of her shadow rather than the touch of another women, the Dragoness has long ceased living and simply... existing. A depressed women searching for a spark to make her enjoy herself past 500 would be the best basic layout i can give. I'm being very vague with what I want, so please do let me know if you're interested so that I can sketch more for you. I hope to find a romantic partner with this one~ or at least someone to enthrall my spirits again.

Once the roleplay has started, just about anything is possible. The limits to what I will not do are very little to none, but you can feel free to ask me detail about length, style, or any other questions you may have about how I roleplay.
More will come shortly, but for now, please do let me know if ya'll have an interest and any. I may not check for a day or so, please be patient with me.

Thanks~ Reine