A Wife's revenge (Looking for wife)

Started by Jester, October 24, 2011, 01:53:28 PM

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Catching your husband having an affair is a terrible thing. Catching him more than once is heartbreaking? You have a choice. You can leave him or you can get your revenge?

So armed with a new videocamera you decide to fuck aroundright under his nose and then video every single one of your naughty activities. It will be a wonderful first anniversary present. Yes thats right. You are newly married and should be enjoying a great sex life with him.

Well all you need to do is use your camera. Transform your looks and you will find that those nearest and dearest to him will help you fuck in every way possible. You have never tried anal? Or Sex in public? Lets do it! Shall we also film you getting fucked while he is asleep in the room? Or perhaps have a group fuck downstairs!

Any sexual need you have always wanted to try. We can do. All on camera to show him and his family at your first anniversary........


Well that sounds like it'd be fun. I can think of a couple things to throw into that one.

Aifa Yasha Jaganshi

I am defiantly interested in this idea.
Some day we will all wake up and realize that; the decisions we made  to define our adult life were made by a teenager, a stoned teenager.