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May 23, 2018, 01:56:46 PM

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Author Topic: Super Magical Mysterious Space Station  (Read 880 times)

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Offline King_FurbyTopic starter

Super Magical Mysterious Space Station
« on: December 19, 2007, 03:07:37 PM »
Super Magical Mysterious Space Station:

Ok it has a long name but should be a fun game. Now I'll give more information.

Far into our future mankind has found the stars and expanded outward to live among them. Humans have populated several solar systems and have yet to encounter an intelligent race. They have found planets with alien life but nothing as intelligent as humans. the only evidence of such a race is a mysterious space station at the edge of the galaxy. Nothing is known about who or what created it but while most would like it destroyed there is still one organization that seeks to explore the station more. whatever created this station had technology way beyond humans and so one organization funded by a galaxy nation wants to discover possible uses. They send 1 person at a time into the station to try and discover more about it. Once every six months whoever is inside reports their findings.

It was discovered that this station seems to be some sort of game or experiment. There are hundreds if not thousands of rooms to explore. The inside seems to be larger then what the outside would suggest. (no this isn't Dr. Who lol.) Each of the rooms seems to be a world of it's own or some sort of scenario. the hope is that one of these rooms will contain information about the race that created it. It has been 10 years that the station has been explored but still nothing has been found yet. The last explorer within the station failed to report on time, so now someone else is being sent to find out what happened as well as maybe take over the post. This is where it gets interesting.

The last explorer was a women, but when my character arrives he only sees evidence she was there not that she is now. Within the first few hours he is there he discoverers she has been turned into some sort of ghost. Her body has disappeared and only her ghost remains. She is a ghost but can't move through the walls. She can only follow where a person goes, meaning a person has to open the doors or hatches for her to move from room to room. A big difference is she can still be touched and touch others by being strong willed. This could lead to exciting adult role-play. Imagine my character doing a ghost, all he sees is the shape of her body but yet she could feel like she was when human. Maybe during specific times, like when she has built up enough ghostly energy she can interact with her world or maybe even take human form for brief periods of times.

I will play the male who would be taking over her shift, you would play the female ghost like thing. I prefer playing with a female playing a female char but I will accept a male playing a female if you can play the role well.

the station is sort of like a game. The person within the station has to wear this wrist watch like thing. There is a central safe room and by means of the wrist device the wearer can teleport back to the living area at any time. If the wearer dies in one of the rooms he or she is teleport back to the room but must wait a few days before being allowed to explore once more. The women's ghost form has to keep close to a wrist device worn by a person. If she tries to go too far away she is teleport again close to the person. She still has ghost powers like she could move something's with her mind and body and even turn invisible and communicate with people wearing the device.

Lastly about posting. I am looking for an RP to have posts done a few times a week. A good rate would be about 4 times a week. But I will try to do more then that.

So if interested either PM or post here and we will talk more. This would be a light plot driven sexual role-play. So sex yes but good plot and story too.

I can link you to one of my RP's if you want to see my role playing style. I am very satisfied with my current RP on Elliquiy but recently some of my AOL RP's ended and i need something to fill the gap.