Started by Dingo, December 17, 2007, 03:23:52 PM

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For some reason I feel like playing a dark brooding gunslinger in a Western scenario, mixed with E-ness.

It may be mixed and matched with Sci-Fi, magic, monsters and whatever, as long as it has gunslinging heroes, that bite on a piece of grass, smoke cigarettes that never seem to burn out and noble savages, buxom wenches, ghost towns, gold rush, green horns, and the like.

But preferably just the Western setting.

PM me if you have additional ideas. (P.S. My character will be a badguy, but not a truly evil guy.)


Sounds like a cool idea. I tried a western thing one time in which my character was a preacher, trying to save the damned souls of those in a corrupt mining town. Needless to say, he wasn't too successful. Message me if you're interested, I guess.


Want more than one player?  If so, I might have a couple ideas for a character if you want.   ;)
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