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Author Topic: Lovely's Musical inspirations (f for M)  (Read 732 times)

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Lovely's Musical inspirations (f for M)
« on: October 17, 2011, 11:43:57 AM »
Music is a huge part of my life and a lot of times I find the stories I form may be worthy of playing out.

So PM me if you find any of these interesting to you. Titles in bold are the songs that inspired the ideas

Someone Like you -Adele

Molly had just found that the one man she always loved has left her for another. Heartbroken, and trying to rebuild her life without him, she goes to Paris to find herself. Sitting outside of a cafe, a sexy stranger sits near her. She's not sure if she should take a chance and try to find love again.

He moves and sits with her to talk to her seeing how sad she is. He offers to be her personal tour guide, to show her the city and nothing more. He feels for her, seeing how her heart was broken. They form a friendship, and friendship begins to blossom into love. Molly then has to make a decision, does she stay in Paris with her new love, or does she leave him behind?

( Elements, friendship, slow building romance)

I'm the only one _ Melissa Etheridge  TAKEN

Mia has been friends with Michael since they were young, best friends. She's seen Michael go from girl to girl to girl, always getting his heart broken because he's a "nice guy."

Mia has always loved him, but has hidden it for the sake of their friendship. Now Michael has scored a date with the hottest woman in his company. Mia knows how this will end, and bites her lip, knowing she'll be there for him when he gets rejected again. Will he ever realize what he has in Mia? That is true love has been there in front of him all along?

( Elements, unrequited love, romance)

Separate Lives- Phil Collins

Casey and William had been married for five years when it happened, he cheated on her. She threw him out, heartbroken. Forward six months later, he's been desperate to fix things, to reconcile the marriage. She's not sure, he had hurt her so bad. On the way to meet him she gets into an accident and gets hurt pretty bad. When she wakes up, she's lost all memory of her past, and see this stranger sitting in her hospital room.

Will William try to use this to his advantage, her memories of the past and his affair gone, or will he be noble and still try to fix things to make their marriage really work?

( Elements, Infidelity, love, trust)

We are the Champions - Queen

Bree had been on the cheer leading squad for three years, now in her senior year, she had been voted captain of the squad. She isn't like one of those typical cheerleaders, she's kind and sweet and not a slut like other girls. She's had her eye on Jack the captain of the football team for two years now, but knows she'd never have a chance with him.

He had a reputation, went through girls like water, and Bree wasn't like that. Once night after a big game, she literally runs into him leaving the game. Will she take the chance and ask him out, or just pass him by knowing all he wants is one thing?

( Elements, First Love, virginity, morals)

Wake Up call - Maroon 5

Jessie broke up with Brian three months ago, he was just to possessive and jealous for her to continue on with him. She didn't know the half of it. One day as she's home with her new boyfriend, Brian breaks the door down, killing her new boyfriend and kidnapping her. He had been stalking her and he was obsessed with  her. He takes her to this gritty dirty warehouse and keeps her captive, wanting her to love him again. He tries to break her mentally and physically. Will she succumb to him and become is plaything?

( Elements, Kidnapping, rape,  light torture, mental abuse, Stockholm syndrome)

Honey, I'm Good- Andy Grammer.

Ellie owned "Raging Bulls," the hottest nigh club around. Night after night she had to fight off proposal after proposal from her male clientele. Most were kind and sweet just trying not to be lonely for another night. That all changed when Alex walked in. Marriage on the rocks, Ellie felt for him. Night after night he came in for company and to see Ellie dance on the bar. Weeks pass and one night he comes in and says his wife has filed for divorce, she's found another. Will Ellie still rebuff his advances, or will she finally give in to her heart?

(forbidden love, full on romance)

Home-Marc Broussard

Adam was traveling on his club to club tour.  A singer/guitarist not wildly famous, but his name is known though the country. He likes to keep it pure and real with his music. Being on the road and writing,he never had time to settle down or have time for even a serious relationship. One night as he stopped in his way to Vegas, he stopped in this little bar owned by this stunner named Avery. Local girl who made good by having a successful business. Yet she longed to get out of her broken town. So when the stranger she had never seen entered her place, she agreed to let him play an impromptu set for the locals. She liked what she heard, and he was pretty easy on the eyes. They talked the rest of the night, and sadly, he had to be on his way. Would he remember, her, or would she just be another face in his memory on his way to fame?

( Elements of romance, loss, longing, long distance relationship.) 

Biala- Jennifer Lopez

Andrew's fiancee sent him to take dance lessons for their upcoming wedding. He hated the idea because he had two left feet. when Aria walked in to give him his lesson, he saw the beautiful woman that was going to teach him and didn't resist so much. Would Andrew stay faithful to his betrothed, or would he begin to fall for the pretty dance teacher that he had to spend three nights with a week?

( Elements of forbidden romance, betrayal.)

Ghost - Ella Henderson

Aria and Tom had it all, a new life together, the perfect life.  A home, newly married, their whole lives before them. Until that fateful night the drunk driver came out of nowhere...

We can determine what happens after the accident, but I'm planning on one of them dying.

( Elements, loss, romance, afterlife)

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Re: Lovely's Musical inspirations
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2012, 09:54:15 AM »
I am back from a loooooooooooooooooooooog hiatus and would like to see if anyone wants to play these with me.

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Re: Lovely's Musical inspirations
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2015, 03:49:08 PM »
Added "Honey I'm Good." All stories open again.

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Re: Lovely's Musical inspirations (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2015, 09:17:40 AM »
three new plots added

Please PM if interested