Just a trip (M/F M/M F/F)

Started by gnoah, October 17, 2011, 11:42:33 AM

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Patrick and Mary were your average couple, both working in the corporate world and just had their first child 3 years ago. They are happy and wouldn't change a thing.  Hey have a healthy sex life also but very vanilla, well maybe vanilla with hot fudge and sprinkles but still vanilla.  One of their closest couple friends who also had a kid around the same time mentioned how they need to get away from it all, hit up the tropics and let loose, have more than 2 drinks for a change.  Patrick and Mary are all about it. Lets go they say! 

Both couples send the kids to the grandparents and they head out down to an Island resort in the tropics.  As soon as they arrive swimsuits are thrown on and relaxing begins. 
Im looking for someone to play the part of the other couple, we each play two.  Drinking will commence and inhibitions will fall, skinny dipping, showing off some bedroom bikinis, eventually watching each other and maybe trying new things, f/f or m/m.  If this interests you hit me up.