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Author Topic: Not Human (Roleplay and Detail Oriented) Sci-Fi  (Read 861 times)

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Not Human (Roleplay and Detail Oriented) Sci-Fi
« on: October 15, 2011, 09:04:49 pm »
Type of RP: Sci-Fi
Roleplay Style: Heavy and Detail intensive (This does NOT MEAN it has to be perfect in every post. Sometimes a post is small, lacking detail out of necessity)

Have you ever wanted to be something other than a Human? Have you wanted to explore its differences? That is the gist of this idea, but I am taking it a step further. This isn't going to be about elves and dwarves different (both of which aren't all that different than Humans). I am wanting to play an alien race which is quite a bit different from Humans. I'm wanting to explore these differences and compare and contrast them to Humans and or other races populating the galaxy. The main character(s) will be the alien race and not Humans.

Instead of Human's being the new ones on the galactic scene or being the weak under dogs, I want to play an alien race new to the scene, perhaps the under dogs as well. Humans have been around awhile and are considered among the strongest of races, looked up to by others or feared.

As an alternative idea to the above, me and or a partner play an alien and a Human (maybe two each or however the mix up goes). I at least want to play an alien for myself, new and naïve to the galaxy.

The race I have in mind is below in the spoiler. Be warned or for those who love a lot of detail, prepare to read, because I have a lot. Its over 6 pages (word precessor). Not as much information as one race I created, but I'm not finished fleshing out the Sarwena race either.



The Sarwena homeworld is a dense network of jungles, mountains, rivers, streams, and lakes. There are few oceans and most are small. The seas might just be mega lakes. While there are few if any true oceans, the water content of the surface is about half of the land content. The air is humid as often as not. Rain is constant, though long periods of rain are common as well.
Heat is normal and what a Sarwena thrives on. Cold is basically unknown to a Sarwena. Only in the southern and northern tips of their world does it get cold and even then its nothing compared to the cold of ice planets or the cold Earth can get in its polar regions.
The local flora is menagerie of color and bright vibrance. Akin to many oxygen type worlds, green is the most common color among plants, but it finds itself accompanied by a much greater mix than other oxygen based worlds. Purples, pinks, reds, yellows, blues, and so many more light the jungle up. Night time is especially beautiful to behold. When Sarwena travel to the highest points accessible, they can look out over the jungle and are greeted with a spectacular light show.

Racial Locomotion

Sarwena are primarily arboreal, spending the majority of their lives in trees, cliffs, and high places above the ground. They are miraculously adept for their humanoid shape and design, but the Sarwena have tentacle like appendages which reside within their arms and their waists which they use for climbing. This grants them flexibility and speed when climbing.
Unlike most creatures which rely on claws or suction or tiny fibers or spikes to create traction, the Sarwena swing and pull their way up and along surfaces.


The aliens converse through a variety of ways that would put Human communication to shame. First the aliens converse vocally, same as a Human. Secondly the aliens use appendages that are camoflauged as the same color as the hair they rest in. The aliens eyes and hearing is specially attuned to notice the subtle sounds and motions made by the appendages. Most races might not notice or if they did, would be clueless as to what was going on.
Thirdly, the aliens communicate through a none invasive pheromone exchange. The pheromones are not harmful to other races and have no side-effects. Fourth, the aliens communicate through body language like a Human. Lastly, every alien has a limited form of telepathy which works by sending mental images to get across a point.


The only food a Sarwena will eat is fruit. They cannot digest meat and have a hard time digesting plants.


First and foremost, clothing is something the Sarwena have never dreamt of. What is clothing? That is something a Sarwena would ask if questioned as to why it doesn't wear clothing. Nudity, as Humans and other races know it is a foreign concept. The bare body is normal and nothing to be shamed of. Shame in regards to nudity is foreign to them.
Even though clothing is a foreign concept, the concept of making items to hold other items is not. Sarwena can be seen wearing belts or belt-like sashes to hold or carry items.

Sexuality exists among the Sarwena but is not as strong an aspect of society as it is with Humans. Sarwena could learn the concept and practice/feel it, but it would have to be taught too them. Procreation is pleasurable, but its not naturally addictive for them like it can be with Humans.
Unlike in Human culture where sex holds a position of respect and loathing at the same time, in Sarwena culture it is something to be revered. Copulation often is done so with an audience of friends and family. This is not always the case. When a couple is trying to create life for the first time, friends and family are invited to watch the wondrous display. Afterward, some Sarwena may become more private, while others continue to have sex in public.
Touch is a huge propensity for any Sarwena. Whether they touch with a Ralish, hands or feet, it doesn't matter. Feeling textures and angles of shape is immensely fascinating to them. To other races this may make them appear immature or naïve, but that is far from the truth. Like a cats curiosity, a Sarwena is curious to feel.
Because of their strong desire to touch, it is a cultural norm for strangers to touch each other in the attempt to better “understand” each other. Sarwena get a physical understanding of each other just as much as an understanding of each others personality.
New borns will touch more than anything else they do in the early years. This is encouraged as they grow.

One way to offend a Sarwena is to call them a Carvashi. This is actually the way to offend a Sarwena. If someone wants a fight, call them one. Sarwena are not particularly violent amongst themselves, but animosity isn't an unknown concept to them. Sarwena will call other Sarwena Carvashi to incite anger, but only do so when really angered, so much so that it is their minds only way of formulating an insult to get across their anger.

Space Travel

The idea of traveling through the stars was just as exciting for a Sarwena as it was for any other species. The idea of escaping the fearsome Carvashi was especially enticing. However, the Sarwena nearly gave up the dream. Space is cold. The very thought was nearly abhorrent. Despite this, the Sarwena persevered and brought themselves into space.


Using advanced hydroponics, aeroponics, and the like, most ships have growing trees aboard for the Sarwena crew to move about. The entire ship would be very hard for a Human to navigate; especially in a timely manner. The passageways are designed with swinging and pulling in mind. Many artistic and fiery designers have upward facing turns which require a Sarwena to come at the turn with speed so as to swing at a ninety degree angle right into the tunnel. (Think of a gymnast on the bars, swinging in circles around the bar)
Most of the ship is created to artificially mimic an arboreal environment, with the occasional spot that has an actual tree growing. Most of the vegetation is kept in special areas of the ship for easy growing and maintaining purposes.

Cross Breeding

Cross Breeding between Humans and Sarwena is basically impossible in the Sarwena's case. The half-human fetus cannot survive in the Gavash. In the case of a Human female carrying a half-Sarwena, the chances are very slim, less than 10 percent that the child will be born. Scientists don't know why Human mothers have a greater chance to bring a baby to term.

Sarwena Physiology

If not otherwise noted below, the Sarwena are identical in design to Humans. If you don't understand some of the physiological terms I am using, I have included url links to wiki sites to explain the terms for you.

Halish: The Halish are the two tentacle like appendages which reside on the Sarwena's head amongst the hair follicles. The Halish are the same color as the hair and are textured exactly the same way. Halish blend in quite well and it takes a keen eye to notice one, especially since Sarwena hair often gently ripples as if alive.

Halish are used solely for communicating and only another Halish could ever hope to comprehend what a Halish is communicating. Haslish are fully prehensile but lack the strength to hold an object with any real weight. Objects which are very very light are of sufficiently light enough weight to be held.

Eyes: Sarwena eyes are double shaded, each eye slowly fading from one color to the next. The most common colors are a dark blue and dark red. The fading process creates a faint purple for a few seconds.

Eye Membrane: A Sarwena has nictitating membranes which cover the eyes similar to an eye lid except are a milky white color, allowing the Sarwena to see through, though not with clarity. A nictitating membrane protects the eyes from small debris and from excess light.

Skin: Sarwena skin is a mottled mix of colors. Their skin comes in a variety of colors much like their environment. Their skin is much more muted than their vibrant surroundings. It comes in dull blues, reds, purples, and greens – with greens being the most common. Grey tends to be the primary secondary color which makes up the blotches, lines, and streaks of the mottled mix.

Hair: Tends to be black, but can be a mottled version of the Sarwena's skin color, except with a faint shimmer to it.

Digitigrade Legs: Instead of straight legs like a Humans, a Sarwena's legs are bent back then jut back out at an angle until coming into the ankles and feet. Their legs are incredibly strong, able to jump up or long wise great distances. This is used to help them get back into a high place when on the ground.

Pheromone Pores: Pheromones pores, four in all, are small but noticeable cavities which are located in the nape where the neck meets with the head, below the ears. The are a bright red which contrasts with the Sarwena skin color. Pheromones are produced in a sack just beneath the skin and exuded through the pores.

This is one of the several ways a Sarwena communicates with other Sarwena. Pheromones are used solely to communicate with and serve no other purpose.

Gripping Feet: Sarwena have feet similar to a birds, which allows them to grip tree branches or other surfaces in which they intend to perch upon. While shaped similarly, the feet are thicker and clawed for digging into a malleable surface. The back of the foot is a single talon like claw which latches onto the surface by bending in towards the front three claws. Example of Feet  (Keep in mind the back talon is not quite what the Sarwena have, but the pic is close enough)

Ralish: A Sarwena has multiple tentacle like appendages which are used for climbing, the Ralish. They are fully prehensile and capable of gripping onto objects even tighter than a hand. They are very strong for their size – needing to be to support the weight of the Sarwena.

Two Ralish are located in the arms, one for each arm. On the underside of the forearm is a muscle membrane which conceals the sack which contains the prehensile Ralish. When the Ralish is needed, the membrane peels back and the Ralish can be extracted for use. The Ralish is coated in a wet, almost slimy, substance which acts as a disinfectant. When the Ralish is retracted, the coating prevents infections from getting started.

Eight more Ralish are present, four each to each side of the hip. These Ralish reside within similar sacks with the same disinfecting coating.

Ralish are stretchy and can stretch up to great distances. Normally the Ralish can only stretch up to the length of the Sarwena, but if the Sarwena so desires, a Ralish can be stretched two too three feet longer if needed. This compromises a lot of the strength, so most Sarwena only do this if really needed – exercising caution while doing so.

Gavash: The Gavash is exclusive to female Sarwena. The Gavash is the birthing “hatch”. When a Sarwena mother is ready to birth their child(ren), the Gavash opens up, downward, to reveal the unborn child(ren) inside a protective membrane. The mother uses her Ralish to extract the baby(s). The Gavash is invisible to the naked eye until it is opened. No one would even know the Sarwena had the capability to open up its stomach.

Many Sarwena females use their Gavash as a place to store items when not pregnant. Since Sarwena do not wear clothing, they have adapted in strange ways to carrying items of interest.

During pregnancy, a Sarwena female does not show. Her stomach does not bulge. The cavity beneath the Gavash is large enough to fit the baby.

Lith: Lith are spine like protuberances that line the tops of their arms and down the middle of their backs. They are long, slender and flat. Laying against the skin. Lith are a tint or shade of the skin color. They can be pulled up, but it can be uncomfortable for some Sarwena to do so with too much pressure.  Some Sarwena find their Lith to be an erogenous zone.

The Sarwena can control the up/down movement of their Lith and use the Lith as a form of body language. Because a Lith is not capable of complex movements, a Lith is not classified as a separate means of communication like a Halish is.

Male Organ: Unlike Human males, a Sarwena male's reproductive organ does not reside on the outside. It is kept inside of the body in a protective sack. It is, however, located in relatively the same location, just a little higher.

Disadvantages compared to other races

Light Weight: Sarwena are not a hefty species and thus can be physically bullied.

Cold Sensitive: They cannot survive long in extreme colds and are uncomfortable in less extreme colds.

Items of Note

Natural Predator: On the Sarwena homeworld, despite the Sarwena being the only sentient species, they have a natural predator. The Carvashi-ravari-la is a six legged creature twice the size of a Sarwena and three times heavier. It feeds on the Sarwena like a Lion does on antelope. However, its way of feeding is what makes it stand out amongst any other predator of its size throughout the galaxy.

The Carvashi doesn't, normally, devour a Sarwena. Instead it captures a Sarwena with its front two legs and then takes its victim back to its home. There, it eats the Ralish (a painful ripping process), so the Sarwena cannot escape back into the trees (or at least has a much harder time of it), and then if the Sarwena is female, begins to drink her secretions. If the Sarwena is male, he is killed then discarded. The Carvashi injects a special none-lethal neurotoxin into the Sarwena, via hypodermic sized spines located on its tongue, which induces the production of the bodily fluids the creature drinks. (It is to be noted, that it is believed a Carvashi cannot initially tell the difference between a female and male until it actually takes the time to investigate while in the safety of its layer. That is why male Sarwena fall victim even if they are not the true targets.)

While the female Sarwena is not killed, the process is far from pleasant (it terrifies a Sarwena and some die from shock). Any Sarwena who can't escape, faces certain death by starvation and or dehydration.

Carvashi subsist on sources of food other than Sarwena, but always take the chance to nag a Sarwena.

Sarwena hold the belief that the Carvashi is sentient in some form, as it seems very cruel in how it gives a slow death to a captured females. Carvashi are loathed beyond compare and hunted, but hunted cautiously. They are cunning and highly dangerous. The only saving grace is that they are not the greatest of climbers, so Sarwena are safe above ground.

Impact of Suviving a Carvashi-ravari-la

Any Sarwena who has managed escape or has been rescued is severely disabled within Sarwena society. The rest of their body may be in perfect health, but without their Ralish, their ability to traverse the heights of their world is limited. While they can use their arms and feet, their speed is cut to one tenth and many forms of climbing becomes very difficult. To lose ones Ralish is the greatest shame a Sarwena can feel.

Sarwena society, however, is very gentle and caring to survivors. It is the societies greatest duty to protect and care for victims of Carvashi assaults. Regardless, Sarwena survivors are forever marred and tend to be sullen and rejected husks of their former selves. Some recover, not all do.

Possible Story Archs

These ideas need not be mutually exclusive. Each one can probably be used in the same story line. Maybe one or more prominent than the others. Any other ideas are welcome.

I was wanting to experiment with a story that didn't necessarily have to consist of big and epic story plots. If it can be a little less epic, that is great. If it turns out epic, just as good.

Maybe instead of one big story, it can be smaller parts just pieced together by virtue of having the same characters/different ones added into the mix.

First Contact

A first contact situation would probably be fun. I can imagine our characters being awed to meet a Human or another race for the first time. The language barrier would be interesting to deal with. A universal translator could be brought in perhaps. Cultural differences would also be fun to explore.

-One scene I definitely want is of my Sarwena touching a Human woman during first contact and either freaking her out, or she displays admirable self restraint as she realizes this alien is just doing what is normal for it; though she still would feel uncomfortable (and or is a bit turned on).


Sarwena bodily secretions could possibly be so desirable that a slave trade is started which threatens to destabilize Sarwena life and potentially the race. Action is eventually taken as other races begin to realize what is going on.

Many slavers capture Carvashi to watch the morbid display of how a Carvashi feeds itself. This becomes a popular pass time for sick bastards with money.


Instead of the aliens being the exotic sex objects, like in Mass Effect in the case of the Asari and Quarian, the Sarwena find Human's to be the exotic ones. A reversal of roles. Maybe not all Sarwena find Human's sexy, but enough do that it becomes common enough to see Sarwena pursuing Humans.

Client Race Status

Sarwena become a client race to Humans or some other race. Their low tech level places them in danger of being preyed upon by stronger races and or the illegal elements of the galaxy. Being a client race entitles them to protection in return for providing services of some sort.

Getting into the mindset of a Sarwena

Getting into the mindset of a Sarwena

Questions and observations to think about. Might help get you into the mindset of thinking differently than a Human does.

-What would an arboreal race think like? Human's take walking on the ground for granted. Would a tree based species take the ground for granted?
-With the Sarwena's great hatred and fear of the Carvathi, the ground would probably hold cause them a bit of trepidation. Maybe only some hold fear of the flat surface that is the ground.
-What would having multiple limbs be like?
-Only eating fruit means that watching another species eat other food could be strange. Think about what a vegetarian thinks or a carnivore when watching each other eat (I think its strange seeing people eat nothing but vegetables, myself)
-Think about the various ways Sarwena communicate. How strange would it be for them to see other races communicating in such "limited" ways?
-How would a Sarwena react to races that didn't let the Sarwena touch them?
-How would a Sarwena react to sexual advances from a race like a Human that finds sex far more motivating than does a Sarwena? Sarwena revere sex, but its not as strong a mental influence on them, so they can control their urges much much better.
-What would a Sarwena think if they found out sex was not revered?

What I need from you

-I need a creative partner willing to put time into this. It doesn't have to be consecutive hours in front of the computer typing RP posts or talking to me (if you can do that, bonus points to you, as I tend to have a good amount of time to sit at my computer).
-Needs to be willing to create with me, even if its not time intensive (which isn't very likely, though, as the creative process isn't often quick).
-Needs to be a good writer. Equal, greater, or slightly less than me is fine. Too much lower, though, and I can lose interest in even trying to read.
-Check my O/O's. We need to be compatible in enough ways to make the sex parts worth it.

What you can expect from me

-I am creative and love to be creative.
-You can expect good writing. (as a note: my in game writing is better than my out of game writing)
-You can expect me to check your writing ability before we pair up.
-You can expect me to check your O/O's before we pair up.

What you can expect sex-wise

-It will be present.
-Story comes first.
-Too much sex equals death of story (I can't keep up a good story when it turns into smut; though, I do play on E for the reason of being able to add sex into the mix)

How to contact me

-Via PM is preferred.
-Noting interest in this post will suffice as well.
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Re: Not Human (Roleplay and Detail Oriented) Sci-Fi
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2011, 11:17:29 pm »
I added some more information.

-Added "Getting into the mindset of a Sarwena" to help people feel the role better.
-Added some small detail under "Sarwena Physiology, Gavash"
-Added in the a wiki link to define what arboreal means for those who don't know, under Racial Locomotion.
-Added in a bit of info on Sarwena spaceships, below Space Travel.
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