Interest Check(s) For Porn Studio and Hollywood Based games

Started by lesleymoon, October 15, 2011, 08:23:23 PM

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We have an OOC thread now -

I put it in bondage, simply to allow anyone who might want to explore a bit of bondage they can. The studio will produce films that include bondage and BDSM elements.

And I'm going to create a main story thread later this afternoon or this evening. Yay! I'm looking forward to it guys :)


Character's Real Name: Isabelle St. Marie
Character's Screen Name: Penelope Partygirl
Age: 24
Occupation: Co-Owner of Temptation Studios, Part-Time Porn Star, Stripper (former)
Height: 5"4"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Isabelle is of French and Irish extraction. A nudist in her private life, she has an all-over tan to show for it. When she must wear clothes, she goes for skimpy, tight numbers that show off what she has. She has a tattoo reading "Partytime" in cursive over her pubic area. She sports a twisting rose climbing her left ankle, the Chinese symbol for "fun" right above her rear, and a circlet of roses on her left arm. She sports nipple rings, a clit piercing, and a tongue stud in addition to ear piercings.

Pic Please:
Sexuality: (Straight, gay, or bi): Bi
Specialties: Oral
Will Do On Camera?: Oral, anal, DP, Group scenes, boy/girl, girl/girl, solo, willing to experiment with light BDSM.
Won't Do On Camera?: Scat, gore, vore, bestiality, watersports, anything illegal
Background: Isabelle's parents met in Ibiza at a discreet orgy for sons and daughters of privilege and it was lust at first sight. They hit it off and when Isa's mom moved to the States to take over her family's publishing empire, her new boyfriend came with her. They eventually wed and produced Isa. Being sexual libertines and nudists, they taught Isa that there was no shame to be had in displaying her body, and when she grew interested in sex, they encouraged her.

At 14 she discovered her interest in girls with a best friend on the cheerleading squad. Finding pleasure in sex, she was soon experimenting with boys. Outside of a rough patch before she accepted she was bi, her life at home was wonderful. With the casual attitude she learned from her parents, she shrugged off the jealousies and names the girls at school hurled her way, and when she graduated, she knew she wanted to enjoy her body and her life for all it was worth. She moved from San Francisco to L.A. to pursue a modeling career after high school, but when that fizzled she got into stripping and the club scene, getting a reputation for giving "favors" to clients in the VIP lounge in return for cash or other gifts. In this way she met a casting agent for Temptation, and went to work for them. She enjoyed her time in front of the camera, but increasingly became fascinated with the behind-the-scenes operations.  Over the last two years she's been saving her money while taking turns as director and producer, learning the business and technical ends of the industry to broaden her horizons. She still worked in front of the camera, as she enjoys it, just not as frequently. It was just a month ago when she had saved up enough to buy into the company as an owner.

Personality: She's fun and outgoing, eager to meet new people. She loves life and loves to party, in all senses of the word. She can freeze out people who cross her, but she's got a big heart and she sees the sunny side of life. She's excited about her new opportunities and eager to help her fellow workers at the company make Temptation the best around. 


Sorry I'm going to have to drop this. I hope you all have fun.


And now we have a game thread!

Feel free to post in that thread, anything that tickles your fancy. Is your character filming a scene? Arriving at the studio for the day? Meeting with someone?

sensual pen

Checking in with my bio- happy to play my parts to the full!
Character's Real Name:  Mike Brandon
Character's Screen Name:Brandy
Age: 35
Occupation: Actor- porno specialist and stunt man
Height:  6 ft 3 inches
Weight: 190 llbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Description: Good condition- works out and keeps fit- running, swimming. But not a body freak. Well shaped cock- circumcised- long and thick, good head,
Pic Please:
Sexuality:) Straight preference- but plays bi when needed.
Specialties: Wide range of talents- Can get very kinky, slow or greedy oral all over the body, wicked tongue – Tit fucking. Lots of cum – takes deep throat, All aspects of foreplay – great staying power and imagination for vaginal and anal sex. Can be brutal or tender- break in a virgin, or fuck in a gang bang. Will take the lead- but also happy to be pushed around with a horny demanding partner
Will Do On Camera?: Long slow fucking – all holes. All specialties
Won't Do On Camera?: scat-gore- bestiality
Background: Has been a regular actor- but finds sex is a real turn on - he acts erotica, but also gets into it- not embarrassed by being turned on. Loves the porn industry and likes to give a hot realistic performance. Lots of physical contact- and makes sure his partners get full pleasure. Will play one on one and group scenes
Personality: Lively laid back guy- works with his partners to make it as realistic as possible. Prepared to take the initiative. Or take the back seat.


I have tried a few times to set up a game around a porn label as well, two times that faltered. But I might give this another shot, as I have nothing to loose.

Character's Real Name: Darren Johnson
Character's Screen Name: D. J. (might come up with something better later)
Age: 23
Occupation: College student (business administration)
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: black, very short
Eye Color: dark brown
Physical Description: Darren is not a hunk of bulging muscle, but a trim, clean, very strong guy. He likes to take care of himself and give himself a groomed appearance.
Sexuality: (Straight, gay, or bi) Straight
Specialties: Strength and stamina - Darren can go long ways in bed. No inhibitions in front of camera. Darren is very much into oral sex and loves to bring women off by solely using his tongue. And of course there is his cock, which is the subject of a few rumors among the female students.
Will Do On Camera?: Absolutely! Will do almost anything, better see what he won't do, that list is shorter. (or check my on's and off's)
Won't Do On Camera?: Anything related to toilet, strong violence, or hard BD/SM stuff. A silk scarf is a possibility, ropes and gags are not.
Background: Darren comes from a background with little privilege. He started college on a scholarship from his church community, but was bannished from the program when some semi-nude shots of him appeared on a website. He is now looking desperately for a job to pay the next rate of tuition, and is running out of time. He might consider working on-screen at the porn studio, but might also do some behind the cam work, like writing, or business stuff.
Personality: Darren is some kind of very likeable bad boy. Outgoing is the best term to describe his personality, he has good skills working with people. Darren believes in chances, and the right doors opening at the right times, so he is always one to pick up a challenge. When it comes to girls, he is somewhat loose - he is very flirty, never lets out a chance for an affair, but keeps things clean, and doesn't make promises he doesn't intend to keep.

That's it for now - questions and so, let me know.
If you like any of my plays, let me know,
and we may cook up something of our own...
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Ophelia Jaxon

Hi, are you still looking for a female? Or are you full up?
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I can't speak for lesleymoon, but the game's been pretty quiet for a while now. Maybe possible to do a restart, or try and kick things into gear again? I don't know. I'd be up for it, but it's up to lesley.


Im glad i got pointed back to this thread I havent checked it in awhile! Thats my bad. Yes it seems the game has stalled but I definitely want to get it back up and running again. And I was getting ready to repost the interest thread. And yes we have plenty of room for new players! One caveat...if I may ask. Please consider making a character that isnt a total newcomer to the industry. By no means do they have to be some grizzled veteran who has been in the industry for ten years or anything. Maybe they are only working on their second or third film. This is by no means an edict, you can if thats what you're feeling.   


There are currently three characters new to the industry though, aren't there? That would get a bit silly to have nothing but newbies...


You see my concern! And while there are newbies that come into the industry every day...yeah. It would be a little silly. And I totally get the angle, it gives you a lot of things to explore and play out. And like I said I dont mind a newcomer that has some movies under their belt.


Well Lesley, I'd recommend sending a PM to everyone in the current running and see which players are still interested. Then see what sort of characters you need from there.


I'd be interested, too. I could play an actress from Japan for example, who is a star there in the AV industry.

Here's the concern: I wouldn't like to do just another "sexy plummer works on the housewife" storyline for the porno. The studio could go all out and try a Western for example (I like Westerns). The Japanese actress(es?) could be hired to play Indians.

Ophelia Jaxon

Character's Real Name: Jessica Henley
Character's Screen Name: Alexis Jade
Age: 24
Occupation: pornstar/dancer
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Jessica is a slim girl with light brown hair. She dances in VIP clubs, so her body is well toned. She's all natural so unfortunately her breasts are a little on the smaller side, but they match with her body so she's quite happy with them.
Pic Please:
Sexuality: Career Bi (She prefers men, but has no problem getting with the ladies for film and entertainment purposes)
Specialties: Fetish videos.
Will Do On Camera?: Everything the script tells he to do.
Won't Do On Camera?: Nothing
Background: Jessica grew up the middle of seven kids, there was never any money for anything, so it was always hand-me down clothes and sitting out for school trips and things like that. She hated that life. She hated always accepting handouts from everyone. Going to a youth group just to get a free meal once a month, being on welfare. It sucked. There was no money for any further education, but that didn't matter. Jessica was never any good in school anyway. She left home at sixteen, moved off with a boyfriend (probably couldn't even tell you his name now) He was a bit abusive, but she could handle that. Especially after she got a fondness for the drink.

Well it wasn't very long before they were up shit creek. There was always bills to pay and having no experience of any kind was tough. For two ears she worked as a waitress, finally dumped her man when she was embarrassed to go to work due to a black eye and afraid she'd be fired. He moved out and the bills were suddenly hers alone to deal with. So...What did she do? Well, she found work, that's what she did. She began to dance is a proper dive. It was full of sweaty perverts, but they usually tipped well.

That's where she was discovered and given a promotion of sorts. Shemoved up to a classy strip bar, one for VIPs only. Again she was discovered. If it wasn't for her drinking habit, Jessica could have it made. Every so often she would act in a porn video. Most of the time she didn't even like the work, but she made it so the camera believed it. She could sleep with both men and women plus do things that some other people of her profession would consider squeamish. It was all a job to her. It didn't matter what she did as long as sh did it right and got a paycheck out of it. Four yearsnow she's been in the movie making scene.

Personality: Her personality changes like the wind. Sometimes she can be quite moody and snap pout at people, other times happy and carefree. She doesn't make friends easily and isn't very often sober...but she's good at what she does.
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Yes... it might be good to maybe start the gamethread anew, as the old one obviously has not been active in two weeks, neither has the OOC thread. And maybe the OOC thread should be sorted out as well, if not started anew as well, so we see who's aboard and who isn't.

@Kaya: A seasoned asian porn pro might be good... I'm not lesley, but I'd love tosee you aboard. And an absolute agreement from my side on the movie idea... maybe Temptation Studios aims at producing high-quality porn with some story background, instead of generic short scenes with the usual suspects.

About the newbie matter... it might be a way to show the start up of the studio from the scratch, with all of them being relatively new to professional porn filming. But I agree a mixture of more seasoned personnel and newcomers might be the best and most erotic mixture.
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Here is the profile for my character. It's not approved yet, but feel free to have a look.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character's Real Name: Asuka Kirara

Character's Screen Name: Kirara Asuka

Age: 23
Occupation: Japanese AV Idol

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 107 lbs

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: brown

Physical Description: Kirara is a cute, slender, petite girl who has rather long legs for a Japanese woman. She is well known for her impressive breasts. Her measurements are: 35-23-34.

Sexuality: Straight, but will do lesbian scenes.

Specialties: Everything involving boobs, and recently she has added sexy death scenes to her repertoire, especially death by gunshot. Together with a Japanese effects specialist, she has developed special squibs for synchronized entry and exit wounds that can be used on bare skin without the squibs being seen. She has patented those and did a short 10 minute movie, demonstrating that technology on a paysite. This video has been a huge success, and now she wants to use the technology in a full length movie.

Also, she gets aroused extremely easily. She will do the nerdy pimple guy, the fat guy, the old guy, it doesn't matter, she's always quick to get in the mood, as long as people pay attention to her breasts (which have become quite sensitive).

Will Do On Camera?: See my Ons please.

Won't Do On Camera?: see my Offs please.

Background: Kirara had breast augmentation surgery at the age of 19, and this surgery went so well, even the doctor himself was impressed. Soon after she was all healed up, she debuted in the Japanese AV industry. She quickly became a huge success, mainly because boobs like hers have not been seen yet. Recently she gained a huge new following with doing a short video where she pretends to get shot.

Personality: Kirara is a bubbly personality, easy to get excited about a project, if it falls into her specific talents and preferences. She is a true professional, and she always is on set on time and ready to go. She has been a star in the Japanese AV industry for nearly 4 years now, and she only takes on projects that interest her. Currently she is looking for (you guessed it) something where she can use her new squib technology. She would even take part in a project of a minor studio if she can use the squibs.


Quote from: MrDisclosure on December 02, 2011, 04:04:57 AM@Kaya: A seasoned asian porn pro might be good... I'm not lesley, but I'd love to see you aboard. And an absolute agreement from my side on the movie idea... maybe Temptation Studios aims at producing high-quality porn with some story background, instead of generic short scenes with the usual suspects.

I think a porn set in the wild west including some fight scenes would be something very special, right?

Laughing Hyena


I'd also like to check if you'r full up on male characters?


If I recall, the original idea of Temptation Studios was that they didn't just make any porn, and were a sort of classier establishment.

My original impression was that they wouldn't be making just one film, though, but bouncing from set-to-set recording for several different films. Considering a lot of porn stars are in more movies than there are days in the year, it seemed to make a bit of sense.

But, having a specific movie in the central theme could be interesting.

I'll be using the same character, and probably the same introduction.


I am very interested in this here is my character sheet.

Character’s Real Name: Shane Ransom
Age: 22
Occupation: Returning Porn Star
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Tall and muscular with a large package to match. Shane sports a tattoo of a cross on his left arm.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Specialties: Smooth talker, performs excellently in front and off camera, and can take a ridiculous amount of drugs that would kill any normal person.
Will Do/Won’t: Shane is willing to do virtually everything imaginable except scat and mutilation.
Background: Shane went into the porn industry at the age of 18 quickly gaining fame. He has worked with porn stars like Brent Corrigan and Jenna Haze. At 20 years old Shane was offered a huge modeling contract so he left the industry. Shane modeled for various companies like Calvin Klein and Adidas but was quickly fired because of heavy partying and drug use which was making him inconsistent in his work. After a year of doing nothing Shane has decided to go back into the porn biz and has cut back on his drug and alcohol consumption. Very little is known of Shane’s background as a child.
Personality: Shane is an extrovert and a daredevil and the “perfect” Casanova. He attempts to be very humorous and is usually the life of the party. Shane also has a weak spot for the more shy and reserved guys and girls because he believes he can corrupt them, which he usually does. Shane tends to worry about nothing and constantly lives for the moment. When asked about his past Shane tends to become very quiet and even aggressive at times.

Ophelia Jaxon

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Character’s Real Name: Ryan Rock
Age: 26
Occupation: Seasoned Pornstar
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 203 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Description: Muscular, broad shoulders, smooth skin.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Specialties: Big Cumshots and great staying power. 
Will Do/Won’t: Most things Heterosexual, minus scat, blood, gore and watersports.
Background: His father was a pornstar, so he grew up around the business. Started in the business himself at the age of 18 when his father started up a company. Has worked with a few famous names like Alexis Texas, Rachel Starr, Rachell Roxx and Jenny Hendrix, dating the last one for a couple of years. Has always been part of the business and is friends with most of the people he works with. Did a series in his fathers company where he slept with women that applied to sleep with him which got him a bit more recognition as one of the top male pornstars.
Personality: Calm, cool and collected. Ryan is very sociable and friendly but in a very understated way. He goes to the parties but isn't the wild one. He has a very zen outlook on life which seems to sometimes clash with his job.


So, okay...I wanted to put up a link to the current OOC and Game threads. I don't see any reason to make new ones when those already exist - Game Thread - OOC Thread

So feel free to post your approved characters in the OOC thread. Speaking of approvals, Trey, Kaya, Ophelia, you're all approved :)

And just a note, in case there is any confusion, some info

Temptation Studios is a highly successful production company dedicated to creating superior quality adult entertainment, with the main focus being the production of adult films both short subject and full length features. Recently they've also purchased a a pay per view cable network, and are planning a major relaunch there, to include both scripted and unscripted shows and of course a showcase for Temptation productions. (Think Playboy TV)

Temptation prides itself on the quality writers who provide scripts above the abysmal level of most porn. Temptation Studios has differing lines that, together, appeal to a wide variety of the erotic film audience. Dark Temptation produces films that are BDSM-oriented or which are considered outside the mainstream line of adult cinema.


Character's Real Name:
William Blake
176 lbs
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Physical Description:
Tall, muscular but not toned
Pic Please:

Sexuality: (Straight, gay, or bi)
Background: (Give a background to your character)

Had a good youth and got everything he ever wanted. He wanted to be a movie producer and his parents supported him. After graduating he started to look for jobs but no one wanted him. He really wanted to stay in the movie business because he thought that sometime his time would come. Than he started to work as a cameraman but that wasn't what he wanted until he foun an ad in the local newspaper. They needed a cameraman for a porn studio. He had found a dream job. Getting paid to film the things he'd wank on.

Personality: (Just a few sentences about what type of person your character is)

He's sweet and caring. Always protective of the female stars. When he's not filming he's friendly and sociable. A perfect person  to talk to when you have problems.