Items from the attic. M looking for F. Whats your kink?

Started by seeker619, October 15, 2011, 09:40:11 AM

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If anyone has any ideas that they prefer more than these please share them and hopefully we can play them.  Here are some of my ideas

1-This idea is very simple.  A psychiatrist who offers therapy gets his beautiful patient hooked on medication.  In order to get more from him she will do anything.  Or will she try and black mail him?

2- A gymnast coach stays late while on of his team works on her routine.  She falls and injures herself badly. He does what he can for her and offers to drive her home.  She is 18 and living at home but she tells him her parents left for the weekend.  He decides to take her home to his house asking her if she would like him to take care of her over the weekend.  One of them has plans they are not talking about.

3-Aggressive woman counterattack- A woman has been having the same dream since she was a little girl.  She is now 21 and the dream continues.  It is a dream of getting married to a specific man.  One day she meets a man who looks just like the man in her dream.  Right down to the freckle on the side of his neck.  She is extremely flirtatious and comes on to him in ways he doesn't like.  If not for the pushiness he may like her but it is what it is.  The man is a sorcerer who conjures the devil to look like him and gives the devil, through the spell, permission to have this woman but in ways she might not like.

4- Cheating Wife- A wife after a few years of marriage decides she is going to date other men.  She never tells her husband but he finds out through his friend who is talking about this great woman he met.  She tells this guy she is single.  Much to his surprise it is his coworkers wife.  The man whose ex wife cheated on him years ago decides to go in on a plan with his coworker to kidnap her and bring her back to her husband.  What do they plan to do with her?


Hostage x hostage taker

Student X Teacher

Brother Vs Sister-One variation of this could be a  brother who likes the same woman as his gay sister.  Who will win the battle.

Cop X Criminal

Spy X Spy

Father X Daughter

Employee Vs Boss- My idea for this would be that the boss is constantly degrading the male employee.  He decides to drug her just before she leaves work each day and by time 9 pm comes every night she is passed out at her home where he has set up cameras to record their sex every night (He finds her key under a rock by the door.)  He wakes her up and she is horny as hell from the drug and they have wild sex.

Female volleyball player Vs Male volleyball player-  The males are playing the females in a big match.  The female has bet on her team under an alias.  She has decided to bribe the captain of the male team to throw the game so the females can win.  Can she persuade him?

Error in Creation- A woman has created the perfect male to mate with.  She is a scientist and a loner and through her science work was able to create this male.  At first the male is very obedient but as time passes he becomes less and less obedient.  Finally he makes her is slave as she did to him.

E Fantasies-  A male criminal breaks into the home of a female who is on E.  The computer is still on and he is able to see all of her fantasies.  He decides to find her and hit on her.  As he gets to know her he shares his fantasies with her and they are the same.  Some aren't to make it look possible.  How does she react?

Rude bartender X two brothers- A female bartender is a player and is only polite to her handsome clients.  Of the two brothers one is handsome and the other just average.  She is flirting and talking up a storm with the handsome brother while she ignores or insults the other.  Together they decide to teach her a lesson.

psychiatrist vs patient- A psychiatrist with a patient hooked on meds forces her into sexual slavery for more meds.

Would love to hear your ideas on any of these.

Siren X Sailor