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Author Topic: BiRen's stories starters...  (Read 824 times)

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BiRen's stories starters...
« on: October 14, 2011, 04:49:47 PM »
These are a little stories that I have wrote so far when the inspiration hit me. I plan on elaborating in the future so for now I would LOVE some critics. Good and bad.

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Re: BiRen's stories starters...
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 04:50:07 PM »

Sarah walked slowly dragging each step as she looked for a book that peaked her interest. This library was one of her favorites because of the aura of silence and the feeling of being watched through out the entire building. She liked the tight clamping around her heart as she felt the feeling again, which caused a soft sort of fear mixed with anticipation that she craved. Although, she admitted to her self, that the library was one of the last places she would expect.

She continued down a long bookshelf full of books old and new, most of which was filled with parchment and paper she has read in the past. Sarah inched along until an utterly unremarkable book she hasn't seen came into her peripheral vision. She stopped and turned to examine it for a second or two then pulled it out to see what the contents where about at least. The plain dusty tome was brown with a slightly darker brown binding. Sarah mused at it as she noticed that it had no title nor did it have an author.

A sudden rush of being watch fell over her again. Her spine tingled and chilled her from bottom to neck. Her heart pounded for she somehow knew something was about to happen if she opened the ancient book. Sarah pulled the hard almost wood-like cover from its pages which took some effort for it seemed to take a life of its own and resister here through and through. Then, with an audible click it opened to reveal...nothing. There was nothing in the book but blank pages. Sarah frowned the the thing in disappointment. She was tempted to throw it at a wall or something in anger of being led to believe she would finally find some excitement.

She dropped the book in disgust on the flood and turned to walk away when she heard and felt a slight shaking that seemed like and earthquake in its newborn stages. She spun around fast and the feeling looming over she shoulders once more as she saw the section where the book was fall back to reveal a dark and murky passage though the library. Sarah  took a tentative steep forward and peaked her head inside. All she saw was spiderwebs and darkness. She took another step inside she heard the rumble again. She stopped halfway inside the passage when the bookshelf door slammed behind her leaving her in the pitch blackness alone. She screamed an unheard yell and banged on the door for but a second before a flash of light appeared behind her. She turned around quick with he back to the trapdoor to see torches lighting themselves down the bypass of murky eeriness. Torches lined the tight walls of the cavern that appeared to go down slightly then dropping to further lengths. Sarah took a deep breath to calm her heart that was hammering like a sledgehammer. The act was in vein but I did steeled her resolve for mystery and adventure enough for her to travel down that passage bypass. Each one fearful step at a time...

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Re: BiRen's stories starters...
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2011, 04:51:14 PM »
Story Two.

James rolled out of bed groggy and aching from head to toe. He had had one too many drinks last night and could barely remember how he got home. He sat up in his wrinkled bed causing his brains to, what seems to, ricochet around in his skull. He sat their for a minute with his palms over his eyes to shield the blinding light that peered from around his dim see-though maroon curtains. After the world stopped, well slowed its rotation around him he pushed himself up slowly off of the mattress. He forced his body to the bathroom connected adjacent to his bedroom.

He finally reached the sink and her turned on the water, cupped some of the streaming liquid in his hands, and splashed it on his face. As he did so he got a good look at his face in the 7x10 inch mirror embedded in to the wall. Saying he looked like shit was putting it simply. He dark hair was all waggled and bedridden. His eyes wore a reddish hue around the lids and in the whites of his eyes. Bottom lip was busted and ached when he felt the wound with his wet hand. He had a rock sized lump on his forehead that he knew not where it came from but from the looks of it he either got hit my a semi-truck or got his ass beat in a fight at the bar.

Three loud bangs at his door broke him out of his effort to remember what happened after going out to drink. "I'm commin' I'm commin'." he said at the door.

He stepped out of the bathroom and stumbled over a pile of clothes to his dresser by the bed. Another three bangs at his apartment door proceeded just to piss him off. "HOLD THE HELL UP!" He yelled anger now clearing his head a bit. "I already told her that I will have he money next week..." he grumbled to himself.

Grabbing a shirt and putting it over his bare chest then he stepped to his door. He undid the double lock and flung it open to find, not the older nuisance of a landlady but a slightly shorter man in a black suit with a balding widows peak and a black briefcase tucked under his left arm like it contained something important.

Before the man could say a word James said, "I'm not buyin'." and slammed the door in the mans face and turned away to take a step towards his kitchen when another series of knocks hit his door. Head pounding at each loud reverberation he turned back and opened the door again. "What the hell do you want man?" irritation clear in James' voice.

The man looked at James for a second as if he was making sure he was the right person. Shaking his head to himself as if confirming that he was right the man started to talk. "Sir. I have information that you will need to know. It will save your life because you will die before this day is up." James was about to slam the door on his face when the man speed along to the bulk of his message. "I have proof to show you. Proof that I am from the future and proof of you impending demise. Just give me a second to show you." He looked in to James' eyes waiting for an answer then he added, "Please..."

James sighed and guessed he needed some amusement or he still wasn't right in the head. "Fine you have five minutes before I kick your ass so lets get this over with." The suited man nodded and reached in to his briefcase and pulled out a news paper and handed it to James. "Here is your proof." was all he said as he gauged James reaction as he read the heading article which titled in big bold James Marlow, brutally murdered in his apartment... "James what the fuck is this shit? Its dated for tomorrow!" James looked up and asked but the man was gone. The only thing to prove that this wasn't a dream was the olde news paper that hadn't even been published yet. "Well shit..." Was all he said as he closed his door. He collapsed on his bed still gripping the paper with trembling hands as he read and reread the article again and again.