The Witchs of Eileanan: Heartfire

Started by Sabby, December 15, 2007, 09:28:49 AM

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In the land of Eileanan, long years of oppression, rebellion and war have finally restored the old ways, the Coven of Witch's returning to power to guide the land as they once did. The 7 Towers are being rebuilt, and the first generation of new Acolytes are well on they're way to becoming fully fledged Witch's.

A promising young man, Khan is determined yet needs focus and direction. He finds this in a fellow Acolyte, a more skilled and a better Witch then he is, Khan looks up to him, and though it is not forbidden in the new order of things, they develop a deep love for each other.

The Witch's of Eileanan are a series of novels, 6 books long. Written by Kate Forsythe. If you take the role of Khan's lover and have read the books, then we can go all out, but if you have not read them, it is fairly easy for me to limit details and still have it interesting. Its a great series with some good back story and interesting characters, but don't feel intimidated if you haven't read the books. It won't be an issue :)

Khan is the Khan Cohban word for "Child". Khan was born of a union between his Khan Cohban father and his human mother. They ran from they're tribes and so he was brought up in a fairly good family, and showed potential to be a powerful Witch.

He has inherited the more human side of his blood, and the Khan Cohbans are not so different either, so his heritage is impossible for most to pick.

He can be easily intimidated, and also become shy, but he is also enthusiastic and good natured. He looks to his friend for support and their love will be a very strong one once its realized.

And yes, Acolytes also train in melee combat.