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Author Topic: HELP WANTED:  (Read 1126 times)

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Offline RedtailTopic starter

« on: December 15, 2007, 08:55:11 AM »
You might have been reading the newspaper, skimming the classified ads or such, just out of curiosity, or maybe because you needed work. Regardless, one giant, half-page advertisement catches your eye.

Most interesting, you see a peculiar photograph of an obscure creature, some kind of desert-dwelling monster that might have belonged in a mythology book. The term “gryphon” comes to mind, though this one looks more cougar than lion on bottom, and more hawk than eagle on top.


HELP WANTED: Breaking/training a fresh slave

Are you an experienced slave trainer or breaker, domme or dominatrix, or just habitually cruel and harsh? Would you like to have your very own, unused, unbroken pet for two weeks? Would you like to make some money while you’re at it?

Assuming you’re interested at all by any of these questions, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this.
I recently purchased, from the desert of Egypt, a most gorgeous pet for myself: a young, handsome gryphon. The handlers I’ve talked to say he’s a handful, and to be honest, I’m not at all keen on having such a wild creature loose in my bedroom, when I’d rather have him lying at the foot of my bed waiting for my command.

Simply put, I wish to request the services of a trainer to break and adapt the creature to my rules. Ideally, I think this would take two weeks, though if more time is needed, this can be negotiated.

Trainers should not be afraid to use any methods necessary, from binding or restraining, teasing or tormenting, intimidating, electrical shocks, forced cross-dressing, paddling or whipping, sensory-deprivation, muzzling and humiliation, reward-punishment conditioning, biting, plugging, any of various sex acts, and piercing. Any of these is perfectly acceptable, as are many others. Use of magic and drugs are acceptable, though I would prefer they be kept to a minimum. Mind control will not be allowed, since I want my pet’s will to be broken, not just hijacked temporarily. Though I require very few of these actually be used, I have to insist that for your own safety, he be kept at least handcuffed and collared, until you’re satisfied that he’s safely broken. The more effectively restrained he is, the more likely you are to be totally unharmed.

I prefer to do my own branding, but if you’d like, I’ll have my personal insignia sent to you so you can do the job for me.

Conditions I request are that while I certainly do not oppose a few scars on my bitch-to-be, I would prefer his body left completely intact, and damage done to him kept mostly psychological. I have little objection whatsoever to your adding body piercings to suit your taste, as long as his face is kept relatively typical in appearance.

You’ll find that his lower paws have already been declawed, and his talons trimmed, which should save you a considerable amount of trouble. He’s not outright aggressive, but again, I’ve been told that he’s a very frightened, and may still consider attacking if properly provoked.  He has a pair of rather large, full wings on his back, much in the same position as a typical image of an angel. Clipping the primary flight feathers at the ends of these wings may show him you mean business, and should probably be the first thing you attempt.

Now, for any of my pets, I expect four basic rules:

1. A pet should be seen, not heard, and only speak when spoken to. A pet should always address his master with the appropriate title of “sir/ma‘am”, or “master/mistress”.

2. A pet should always come when called. A good pet should follow his master’s every whim, immediately.

3. A pet’s will should be his master’s will. A good pet exists only for the pleasure of his master, and as such, his only pleasure should come from his master.

I’ve included a number of images of the creature for any individual interested. The photography in these images is a bit inconsistent, including the picture by some joker who decided it would be funny to electronically edit my pet’s wings out.

I would prefer a male anthropomorph, though a female anthropomorph with appropriate qualifications might also be accepted. I have no requisite for species, but would prefer either a bird, a reptile of some kind, or a mammal. Others will be considered, and are still encouraged to apply, including humans and humanoid species.


I've included pictures of your potential plaything, for your benefit in helping decide, or just to further arouse your interest.
He's an arid-climate pseudogryphon, and I've decided to give him the name Phelan.You'll find that this name has already been stamped into the tag on his collar.


Any interested should either reply here or PM the user "Redtail".

Offline RedtailTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2007, 08:58:06 AM »
Hey, guys.

From the nature of this RP proposition, you may have guessed that I prefer a rather extravagant writing style. I prefer to make appropriate posts fit into a very heavy, descriptive format, while during scenes involving lots of interaction, I also prefer to cut my length substantially to allow both players to equally interact.

If anyone is interested in dominating my gryphon character, as described here, please let me know.