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Author Topic: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [FxF]  (Read 3452 times)

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Creation is a drug I can't do without. [FxF]
« on: October 14, 2011, 12:20:46 am »
    Status: Open.   Updated:May 2016

    Welcome!  For more about me and my tastes please refer to my O/Os.

    General Expectations:
    Long-term, or at least potentially (no one shots)
    I'm not really into D/s but that's mostly because I don't write much with it in mind.  If you want to add some power play, please let me know.  I will usually play a switch or sub in that case. 
    Plot before all else, Romance is great! Sex is a nice treat!
    World/Plot-building partners
    Forum and Email only (possibly Skype), multiple paragraphs[/font]

    Current Cravings:
    Dark humor
    Modern Fantasy
    High Fantasy
    FxF with a female writer (I usually don't care but I'm looking for some female input!)
    Larger plot/world

    May 2016- Accepting Ideas
    I am taking a stab at trying to find one or two partners to begin potentially long term roleplays with.  I'm in the preference to start a FxF roleplay but a FxM would be nice as well.  While I do have some ideas written down from ages ago, I am looking to see if anyone has any worlds they want to get off the ground.

    I'm looking for/ receptive to:
    Originals Worlds (Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Sci Fi, Space, Dystopian/Post-Apoc)
    Worlds/Plots loosely based around Pathfinder or simple systems
    Adventures, characters learning about one another over a period of time and a common goal (though we don't have to be working together).  I have a soft spot for adventuring in both fantasy and non-fantasy worlds
    Looking for plots where the characters have to work at it a little bit at getting to know each other.  Possibly starting as unlikely companions or mildly antagonistic towards each other.

    I have little experience in bondage and power plays (or roleplays revolving around D/s).  I can be guided into picking it up if you require or have the patience to guide me.
    I don't really do horror, or major gore.
    I'm not really in the mood for zombies.
    I am not looking to start a fandom roleplay with some very minor exceptions.  I don't mind roleplays loosely based off something as a starting point

    Please send me a PM!  I look forward to discussing plots with you.

    Oath of the Drake: I have taken the Oath of the Drake for group roleplays.
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    Offline VNConsortTopic starter

    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF] Plots
    « Reply #1 on: October 19, 2011, 08:10:20 pm »
    Plot Ideas

    Fantasy Escort Adventure Pending
    A really general high or low fantasy world.  I was thinking along the lines of a Merchant and a Bodyguard that meet and work together through an adventurous world.  There's a lot of room for play in this, including what a "bodyguard".  It can start as a simple premise of hiring the services of a bodyguard or escort and then the two find themselves deeper in an overarching plot.  The plot can span anywhere from a simple slice-of-life type of feel to a more action packed adventure with a big bad evil and the call of destiny to destroy it.  The key is the character development and relationship growth between the two.

    Possible variants:
    Merchant can be replaced with a political diplomat.  I would prefer to play the Merchant but any role is fine.
    Can include a loose system feel (so like a diceless Pathfinder, grab some skills and just roleplay around it).

    Master / Apprentice Available
    Looking to roleplay in a low fantasy world where a master of a class is teaching his/her gifted student with twists that will provide various conflicts.  This can either start as 1. already long term Master/ Apprentice bond and now recognizing other potentials or 2. new apprenticeship (older student). 

    This roleplay takes place in a low fantasy world where Crafthalls exist.  Crafthalls are medium sized towns that revolve around the expertise of a particular set of crafts.  They maintain the current knowledge and history of the craft as well as remain the center of advancements in such crafts.  Crafthall examples: Harper, Healer, Smith, Miner, Farmer, Fisher, Tanner, Weaver, etc.  More details can be revealed as we go on. 

    Possible variants:
    Dragonriders of Pern (besides Crafthalls, we can take more from this world)
    Fantasy, high

    Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop  Available

    I want to roleplay very closely to this world that Anne Bishop created.  The trilogy has been a favorite of mine since I was a young child and I would love to roleplay in this world.  I've never done Cannon Fandom, but I will be willing to try with this.  I rather prefer to create original characters in this world though. 

    I do require that whoever plays this with me already have (extensive) knowledge of the Black Jewels Trilogy.

    Possible variants:
    Political Conflict

    Furry/Anthro, Any Genre, Setting

    Looking for a good humored (though doesn't have to start as such) and dominant partner.  In this scenario I would love a daddy dom.  I'm willing to try different species but I love wolves.   

    I will not place any plot idea here because I don't want to limit the possibility of partners and their interests.  I am not new to the idea of Furry or Anthro, but I am in terms of roleplaying.  I have long watched people express their furry desires ranging from very vanilla to the far extremes.  You can say I'm a closet furry waiting to be formally inducted.  In line with my O/O's, I would enjoy partnering with a character that is humorous, romantic, and more or less dominant.  I play switchy-sub females. 

    Any Genre, Any Plot, Any Idea!  As long as it's longterm it's a go for consideration.  I would love to bounce a few ideas depending on your favorite genres.  I am even willing to go a bit outside my comfort zones in some areas if you're willing to guide.  I am a fast learner. 

    I'm looking for an experienced player who will world build with me. 

    Academy Setting.    Available
    Involves a romance between two older students attending their final year(s) of said academy.  Depending on the details this will include political, military, social, and/or other external conflicts.  Plot creation required based on genre.
    Possible variants:
    Sci-Fi: Light or Heavy Mecha, Cruisership Piloting, Advanced Academics, Military-esque
    Fantasy: Advanced Academics, Magics

    Oldworld Werewolves/Shifters Not Available

    Our roleplay starts in either the Highland Steppes or a heavy, cold, woodland terrain nestled between ominous mountain ranges.  In a well populated town resides my character, a young female werewolf who has grown up on the guidance and shelter of the Church.  She is a castaway noble deemed cursed by her birth and left in exile.  Your character will be a male werewolf, who comes upon the town or finally takes notice of the young lady's werewolf form.

    My character has had to discover and cultivate her werewolf attributes on her own.  Your character has a detailed and in depth knowledge of how a werewolf is supposed to behave and how to cultivate packs.  How they interact and the choices they make through a hard winter will be up to the individual character personalities.

    Eventually down the line, my character is called upon to return as the remaining heiress to her noble name.  It will open a new world, new difficulties, and new challenges for the relationship in question. 

    Looking to roleplay a deep, serious plot having to deal with life as a werewolf: the secrecy, the joint life, the difference, etc.  This includes creating a mico culture as to how werewolves deal with human society.

    Possible variants:
    Historical (eastern europe, carpathians, romans, etc)
    Fantasy, high
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    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF] Plots
    « Reply #2 on: November 04, 2011, 05:06:32 pm »
    Updated plot availability and cravings.

    Offline VNConsortTopic starter

    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF] Plots
    « Reply #3 on: November 05, 2011, 01:56:54 pm »
    Updated: Cravings, Plot Availability 

    Offline Stargate525

    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF] Plots
    « Reply #4 on: November 05, 2011, 02:47:53 pm »
    I sent you a PM about the furry idea.

    Offline VNConsortTopic starter

    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF]
    « Reply #5 on: November 08, 2011, 11:01:22 pm »
    See cravings.

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    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF]
    « Reply #6 on: October 06, 2013, 03:46:04 pm »
    Adding current specific craving.  Anything else is open while I am available, but caution to my sporadic posts.  Current craving is easy, freeflowing, and I will be lenient on posting.

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    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [MxF][FxF]
    « Reply #7 on: May 30, 2016, 04:02:47 am »
    Updated: May/Jun 2016.  Looking for parnters

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    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [FxF][FxM]
    « Reply #8 on: May 31, 2016, 10:24:03 pm »
    Updated.  Tweaked some plots. 

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    Re: Creation is a drug I can't do without. [FxF]
    « Reply #9 on: June 14, 2016, 08:05:27 pm »
    Looking specifically for:

    FxF plots with female writers
    non D/s focus
    long term
    (large plot world)-optional