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Author Topic: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]  (Read 4879 times)

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #25 on: October 29, 2011, 08:32:07 AM »
I was hoping for at least one more Illuminati to start with other than the one I'm going to play, but I'll probably get it started this weekend regardless to make sure people don't lose interest.

Muse, as long as you don't disappear completely without a word and try to post at least once or twice a week (extenuating circumstances taken into account), I'm fine with whatever pace you choose. I don't think it should be too difficult for people to post, though, since I'm not going to impose some ridiculous minimum-words-per-post rule.

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #26 on: October 29, 2011, 08:42:43 AM »
Well, I can make a second character if you like. I've done juggling multiple characters before, so I'm used to it.

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #27 on: October 29, 2011, 08:50:34 AM »
Couldn't hurt, though don't feel obligated to make another. With only five or six people, though, especially in a two-faction RP, I'm hoping some people will have multiple characters in order to make more varied interactions. I'll be using four characters, though (not counting NPCs), so hopefully that should pick up some slack.

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #28 on: October 29, 2011, 03:14:47 PM »
I usually play around 4 as well, so that won't really be much of an issue. Actually, my second character should be done by the end of the day.

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #29 on: October 29, 2011, 07:05:33 PM »
Name: Jane
Age: 22
Height: 5' 3"
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Faction: Templar
Role: Knight
Weapon: Longsword - "Wintergrasp"
Magic: World Magic, Ice

Personality: A firm believer in the Templars and what they stand for. Outside of combat and work she can actually be quite soft-spoken and gentle, but when she is working or fighting she is cold,tactical, and blunt. Cares little about her reputation or politics, and more about winning victories for the Templars. Her friends see her as trustworthy, intelligent, and competent. Those that don't know her well see her as an uncaring, cold, suck-up.

Background: Jane was found by a cadre of Templar Knights when she was just five years old. She was wandering the wilderness alone and seemingly unharmed, though she bore no memory of who she was or what she'd been doing there. Jane found a home with the Templar order, and engrossed herself wholly in repaying them by diving deep into studies. Her gratitude to the Templars is all-encompassing, and while her devotion makes her an astounding soldier, it also blinds her to any corruption around her. She soon found that she had a gift for World Magic and could manipulate ice and cold. Jane studied magic relentlessly, to the point that it has turned her formerly black hair a bright white. When she was finally completed her training she was at the top of her class and quickly put into combat where she continued to prove herself. It wasn't long before Jane received full knighthood.

Jane's combat skills are on par with the rest of the Knights, though she is far from the best swordswoman. Her ability to think like her opponents and outwit them is what leads to her repeated victories in battle. Her swordsmanship may not be the best, but her skills in World Magic are just about unrivaled. With her control over snow and ice, she can create blinding snow storms, walls, columns, or barriers of ice, and even freeze individual targets solid. One of the victories that led to Jane being promoted to knighthood was when she flanked an enemy encampment by walking her troops across a river via a bridge of ice.

However, being so hard-working and talented isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Jane's cold and blunt attitude in battle as well as her desire to impress her superiors have not won her many allies among the rank and file. She's earned the nickname "The White Witch" for her demeanor and magical talent. While many dread serving under or with her, there are a few who enjoy sticking by her side because they know she will do what it takes to win the day. It only remains to be seen if Jane's views of the Templars will hold true through all her upcoming ordeals. And just who is she, really? Who were her parents and why was she abandoned?

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #30 on: October 29, 2011, 10:07:36 PM »
Looks good to me, approved. :-)

Tentatively, let's say depending on how much other stuff I have to get done and if The Roleplayer Formerly Known as Demonwing01 gets his second character up, I may put the main thread up. If nothing else, I'll get the OOC and character threads going so we can get everyone organized.

Offline Maelyn

Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #31 on: October 29, 2011, 10:39:09 PM »
I should have mine done by late tonight or tomorrow I think.  Just need some finishing touches.  :)

Offline SargentToughie

Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #32 on: October 30, 2011, 01:47:18 AM »
Remember when I said that I'd have the character sheet up yesterday? Well... I lied... Arkham city didn't want me to do ANYTHING productive with my Saturday.

Name: Marie Valorain
Age: 19
Height: 5' 4''
Sexuality: Bi
Faction: Illuminati
Role: Hand
Weapon: Anything she can imagine
Magic: Self

Personality: For the most part, Marie is a very light hearted and energetic girl. Whenever she approaches a situation, it's usually with a smile on her face and with a very optimistic view of things. Her favorite thing in the world to do is lift the spirits of those around her, even those who would normally be famed for being brooding or depressed all the time. The way she sees things, the world is already dark enough, so she should do whatever she can to make it lighter, at least until the Illuminati has completed it's task and restored the world back to the way it once was.

Background: Maria came from a rather typical family and lived a fairly typical life up until she was about sixteen years old. In all honesty, the only thing that made her family so special was the fact that they had a very natural and powerful gift with using self magic. Maria learned to use this self magic in several different ways, though most of it involved causing very flashy and eccentric blasts around her, mostly for special effects during her performances.  After all, Marie liked to make people feel better, and leave the stresses of every day life behind them for a few moments, and she found that one of the easiest ways to do that was through song, one of Marie's specialties.

As such, when she turned sixteen, she left home to travel the world, mostly out of a desire for fun and adventure. Still, the bandits that polluted the paths and trails of the world guaranteed that Marie would either have to hire protection, or become her own protection. With her bloodline having as potent self magic as it did, it didn't take long before Marie was fully capable of defending herself while she traveled.

Sometime during her travels, agents of the Illuminati realized just how potent her self magic connection was, and they realized that she would be an extremely powerful ally. As such, they reached out and made her an offer, and upon realizing what the final goal of the Illuminati really was, there was no way that Marie could refuse. If the world could be improved, made into something better, then the people would be happy, and Marie would be doing exactly what she set out to do. Besides, there was something adventurous, exciting, mysterious, about working with the Illuminati, if for nothing more then the experience of it, Marie would have collaborated with them.

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #33 on: October 30, 2011, 04:30:36 PM »

Name: Levien Sutherland
Age: 23
Height: 5 feet and 9 inches
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Faction: Illuminati
Role: Mind
Weapon: None
Magic: Self Magic. He specializes in Psychic magic with a talent for telekinesis in particular, being able to move even large boulders with but a flick of his wrist or create kinetic barriers that can block arrows and blades as effectively as any metal shield. On the flip side he's completely inapt at telepathy and mind controll.

Personality: An eccentric but highly gifted young man who often seems very detached from the world around him. He perceives life and death as trivial things, remaining perfectly calm even in the most dire situations. Morals and standards are things he views as restrictive or even ignorant. The only thing that can hold his continued interest is his research. All other things bore him quickly, even the Illuminati organisation he belongs to.

Background: The sole reason that Levien Sutherland was part of the Illuminati was because it was more convenient for him. He had stated as much to the Patron himself. Some would call that a foolish action, but it made Levien no different from other members. Everyone in the organisation was part of it in order to gain something, and the organisation from them. The only difference was that the eccentric young man was completely up front about it.

Levien holds the rank of Mind due to his previous research, which produced an effective (but costly) way to cure stage one Poison infection. Of course, the infected person had to receive the treatment within three hours or the Poison would have already progressed too far.

Living in a secluded old mansion far East, closer to the edge of civilisation then most would dare, Levien spends most of his waking hours advancing his research. For almost half a decade he has studied the dreaded Poison that taints the world, intrigued by its capabilities. He believes looking for a cure is a fool's task, instead focusing on finding a way to make the human body capable of absorbing the poison. If the body could be altered in such a manner then mankind could finally explore the currently inhabitable lands that caused the second flood. Naturally, it would also make it possible for humans to use Poison magic without the current tedious side effects.

Levien uses his position within the Illuminati and the potential results of his research to secure himself a steady supply of... "volunteers." Studying small samples could only get you so far, after all. Luckily his test subjects always consisted out of complete scum that nobody would miss. Murderers, thieves, barbarians and other such ilk. Pretty much the worst humanity currently had to offer had been strapped to his operating table at one point or another during the course of the last four years.

Theme Song:

Greatest Battle Music of all Times: The Epic Assassin
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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #34 on: October 30, 2011, 09:48:48 PM »
Very nice characters, both of you. Approved. OP's updated with all of the approved characters so far (if by some stretch of idiocy I forgot yours and it's not up there, let me know), and I'll throw up an OOC in a moment here, followed by the character thread.

Edit: That's one up.

Edit2: And the other one.
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Offline Maelyn

Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #35 on: October 31, 2011, 12:27:08 AM »
Name:  Charis Mazerie
Age:  19
Blonde hair in varying shades of honey and gold falling down to mid back and brushed back from her face.  She braids strands of her hair on the sides from time to time.  Her deep, dark brown eyes seem more intelligent than the youthful face in which they are set.  Pink, bowed lips, the bottom one a little fuller than the top, sit below a pert nose. 
Charis keeps in shape, a result of the many hours of weapons practice and the amount of walking she does while traveling.  Encased within her leather and chain boots and armor, it is easy to see her long, defined legs and arms.  The chain armor across her chest covers a pleasant enough bosom and emphasize the elegant shape of her neck and shoulders. 
Her general appearance is as pictured with the addition of her staff and a hooded cloak.  She also has a satchel filled with necessary supplies including a book, paper and writing utensils, and a few other essentials.  She has a belt with a few pockets for such things as well.
Height:  5’ 6”
Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Faction:  Templar
Role:  Cleric
Weapon:  Staff (pictured) and dagger

Magic:  World Magic is her focus, specifically elemental and healing magics which include, but are not limited to, the following:
Air – She can still the air in the room or remove it completely, making breathing difficult if not impossible.  Or she can create movement with the air, causing objects to move with it.  Speed of movement varies from being absolutely still to amassing a whirlwind that sucks the air from the surrounding area to feed its strength and speed. 
Fire – She can create flame with a snap of her fingers, causing a small ball of fire to form in her hand.  From that ball, she can feed the flame with both her power and the oxygen in the surrounding area, letting it grow in size from a diameter of two inches to two feet.  She can then force the flame from her body in a fireball and direct it at a target within a range of 100 yards.  Or she can feed the flame to encompass her body, including her armor and weapons, giving her additional damage per hit and a bonus to her armor when she herself is the target.
Earth – Manipulation of earth in a variety of ways – moving, creating walls or other structures, reconstructing landscapes, etc.  She can pull pockets of earth and hurl them at a target or pull large segments up and around a target to immobilize them for a time.  (The target can hack through it, of course, but it would take time.)
Water – This includes the creation and manipulation of water in various forms.  When without, she can create water for drinking.  She can also purify said water for rituals and the like.  She can change the flow of a body of water depending upon its size – i.e. a stream or creek. 
General notes and combined elements – Basically, she can create, manipulate, augment or discard any element, though she is restricted by sizes and ranges, etc.  She can also combine elements for various results such as feeding air to fire to fan flames or adding water to earth to help with plant growth, etc. 
Healing – While stronger in her ability with the elements, Charis is versed in magical healing.  As such, she is able to assess the damages and decide whether a wound is minor (i.e. cuts, scrapes, bruises), moderate (i.e. broken bones with clean cuts, stabbings, minor to moderate internal bleeding) or severe (i.e. multiple fractures, serious head wounds or gashes, removal of limbs).  Minor wounds are easily cured with the simplest and fastest of spells and care.  Moderate ones are more complex and take a greater concentration and draw more power, making them difficult to perform in the midst of battle, though not impossible.  Severe wounds are night impossible to perform without total focus and concentration.  They also take a great deal of power and can incapacitate Charis for a time once complete.  In some instances, it may take multiple healing sessions for moderate or severe wounds.
Personality:  Charis is a woman with many facets to her personality. 
Quiet Observer – She sits back and assesses the situation, learning what she can of people and places by watching the goings on around her.
Big Heart – A kind and compassionate woman for the most part, Charis likes to see people happy and healthy.  She has an easy smile and ready laugh, often eager to share her joys with others so they may join in her amusement and happiness.  Due to this part of her nature, she sometimes gets upset by people’s cruelty and lack of understanding or compassion.
Passionate – Charis is very passionate about a number of things, but mostly for being a cleric and a storyteller.  In her position as a cleric, she helps to spread the word of God through use of her stories and songs.  She shares these with others on her travels and hopes they understand the message she is trying to portray through them. 
Proud – Charis’ mother and grandmother were great women – intelligent and determined to do whatever they could to help others in need.  Proud of them for the women they were, Charis endeavors to be such a woman.  She is also proud of her own accomplishments with her magic, training, and induction as a cleric. 
Fighter – She will fight for what she believes is right, whether it be physical or no.  While she often hopes to find peaceful solutions, she knows that is not always an option.  Fighting is sometimes a necessity and she does not shy away from it if or when it comes to that.
Charis’ mother, Shanna, was unaware of her pregnancy when she decided to embark on the latest research trek to the explosion site hoping to find cures to a number of illnesses, not to mention the low mortality rate.  While she turned back as soon as she was aware she was carrying, the damage had already been done.  She’d ventured too far into the toxic cloud. 
Upon her return, Shanna was deathly ill and nearly lost her child.  But Charis’ grandmother, Maigren, was a powerful cleric, and a Templar.  After a quick assessment of the situation, Maigren gave her daughter a choice – her or her child.  Shanna was a loving and selfless woman and gladly gave her life for her daughter.  After a long, grueling pregnancy with Maigren at her side, Shanna finally brought Charis into the world.  She was able to hold her daughter once in her arms before passing into the afterlife.
Maigren never learned the father’s name from her daughter.  Indeed, when asked, Shanna had refused to confess it.  With no other options, Maigren took her grandchild under her wing, though it was no hardship.  She was glad to have her granddaughter with her, especially after having lost her only child.
Charis grew up in a world rife with the Templar teachings, especially once Maigren realized the ramifications of past events.  Whether it had been from Shanna’s travel into the toxic cloud or from Maigren’s powers being used so much to save her granddaughter’s life, Charis was born with a gift for World Magic.  Maigren taught her from a very young age about control and the consequences of losing it.  She also taught Charis against abusing her power.  Charis was taught the Templar way and it is all she has ever known, in a sense.  As she grew into young adulthood, she began to understand the meanings behind the teachings more and more. 
At sixteen, Maigren was called away to help with an uprising in the south.  She never returned.  Instead, an old friend of Maigren’s came, informing Charis of her grandmother’s death and taking her to the church.  Charis was then interviewed and assessed.  Realizing her potential, they offered her training to become a cleric, as her grandmother had been, and  Charis gladly accepted.
Throughout her life, Charis developed a love and affinity for the written word.  Upon first sight of the Templar library, she was in awe.  It was there she spent most of her life for the next few years.  She devoured anything and everything she could on a multitude of subjects.  This also culminated into a love of writing – stories, fiction and non, and even songs that spoke of all she’d learned, sending the Templar’s message to all who would listen.
She was also willing to learn anything anyone would ever teach her, which is how she ended up with basic weapons training.  When she first started using pole weapons, she found she quite enjoyed it and has since specialized in them.  She’s no Knight, but she can hold her own for the most part.
At eighteen, Charis was officially inducted into the Templar Order as a Cleric, the culmination of all her years of training.  Since her induction, she’s been traveling – sometimes alone, sometimes with others.  During her travels, she spent a lot of time with the people of each town or village, asking about local lore, gossip, anything they wanted to tell her.  She recorded everything, taking meticulous notes, then incorporated some of what she’d learned into stories or songs that she would later sing to them. 
Most enjoyed her stories and songs, complimenting her on her talent.  She had a clear, beautiful voice that was a joy to hear no matter if spoken or sang.  Its soft and sometimes sultry tones helped to soothe or distract a person from their troubles while listening to her.
Theme Song:  BarlowGirl – Never Alone

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Re: The Dusk of Man [Templar vs. Illuminati Post-Apoc. Fantasy]
« Reply #36 on: October 31, 2011, 08:34:01 AM »
Very much approved. :D Feel free to post her in the character thread and say something in the OOC if you want. I'm currently working on putting up my two characters, and then I'll work on the IC thread after that.