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Author Topic: Curves of the Pencil [Seeking BBW Character]  (Read 526 times)

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Curves of the Pencil [Seeking BBW Character]
« on: October 11, 2011, 04:11:38 PM »
Looking for a female writing partner who can be detailed and descriptive and is comfortable with reading and writing a few paragraphs each post.  Literacy is a must, a few grammar and spelling mistakes here and there are fine but if there are too many it tends to be a problem.  I know I myself make some mistakes, my writing is not perfect but I try my best.  If you are interested in the idea below then please send me a PM.  Keep in mind that I am always open for discussion and if you like the overall idea but have some of your own or some tweaks and changes then let me know.  I always like to discuss the role play a bit more in detail with my writing partner in order to flesh it out between us before we start.

My Character is currently in college and is obtaining his degree for Web Design/Graphic Design.  He is computer savvy and intelligent though also very artistic.  His classes are well rounded, both pertaining to the coding/programming of websites as well as the design, images and appearance.  He has taken many art classes, photography classes, digital graphic classes and computer classes.  He has tried to work part-time jobs in order to make money for college and pay rent, though he tends to have a problem with authority and always ends up quitting due to being bored or hating his job.  Now he makes his money on the side as a freelancer.  He takes pictures, sells his art online, creates and maintains websites, etc.  These are the sort of jobs that he enjoys and loves to do, these are activities that he would usually just do on his free time as a hobby anyways and now he is making his own money on his own time.  This leads him to the decision to become independent, to be his own boss and business owner.

So this idea leads him to the fact that exotic pictures/art have a much higher demand and market on the internet than everything else.  He still has a web design business he attends to and sells some of his sketches/photographs/paintings online here and there but he is still not doing as well as he wants.  This leads him to find his muse, to find a woman to model for him.  His artistic mind has always been mesmerized by the beauty of a females body, unfortunately he had limited experience with woman in general. 

This causes him to go to someone he knows such as a friend, or even a step sister.  He asks her to pose for him and model, she is uncertain at first and believes she would make a poor model.  After all, she looks nothing like those skinny super models, she is plump and curvaceous, her hour glass figure completely filled out with a chubby little stomach.  He convinces her otherwise, telling her how beautiful she is and how her figure is a work of art, how he sees her as a BBW.  He explains how she has the body of a true woman, radiating and gorgeous...she is the real deal and there is nothing fake about her.  So it starts simple with her posing in clothing at first as he takes pictures and makes rough sketches just to try and learn the shape of her figure, his pencils flowing over the paper as his eyes study every inch of her curves.  It leads on with her stripping more and more down with his encouragement until at last she is naked before him and in all her glory.

From there one thing would lead to another as he confesses his attraction toward her, and as she poses naked and he draws her it creates a thick sexual tension between them that leads to their relationship.  They would continue to explore their relationship as she continues to be his model and he takes pictures of her, draws and paints her and sell his works of her body online.  So it would lead to him creating an erotic website around her and the beautiful images of her body as she become true art and draws quiet the fan crowd.  It would continue to advance, with photos of him with her as the captures the movements of two human bodies moving together sensually and making love.  So basically a porn website...though more erotic and romantic, one that focuses on the artistic matters of sex and the human body.

So that is the general idea, things can be changed of course depending on the pairing or preference.  We can definitely discuss sexual elements/fetishes/kinks that can be explored and incorporated with this pairing and as well with the erotic website.  She could already be living with him as a roommate in the apartment, or move in shortly after they start up this website and realize they can make a living off of it with the income they are receiving as their fans are growing.  This could lead them to exploiting themselves even more, such as making videos of the too of them making love or even do a live webcast where the fans make requests.  The possibilities are endless, we can add any twist or turn to make it interesting...such as her getting pregnant later on.

Also here is an inspirational pick of a sexy, BBW redhead posing in a bathtub with rose petals.  It is a very beautiful picture.  She is nude and this pick gives a very good example of what the female character would be like.  I would like this picture to be used as the female character in this story, but it is not necessary.
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