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Author Topic: Three Dreams: M-f-f need F-char (rough job exploitation-D/s & humil, raceplay)  (Read 429 times)

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Some basic themes
(the quick and "so tidy, it’s dirty" section):

* Set initially in a successful, mid-sized modeling agency on the West Coast, and around the local villa of its owner. 
** Drama of success and exploitation – everyone’s dreams growing at once. 
*** Seeking 3rd party to play young female, an immigrant or some ethnic-American, someone looking for a new life and used to authority. 
--->  Someone willing to make sacrifices (and more than she initially expected).
..........  General Ons for this ......
     *** Reluctant/ confusing, some NC sex or physical impact, some teasing and humiliation   
***  Light psychological manipulation (verbal, schedules, outfits, grinding job demands etc.) 
        ***  Forced F-F activity (demanded by the guy etc.)   
***  Possibly some more traditional fetish gear scenes.   

     Overall working toward more psychological D/s fantasy
in business, modeling, some public settings. 
Possibly racism or ethnic taunts and stereotyping
(the characters may actually think a little deeper too, but they also tend to wonder
if the stereotypes are becoming too real ...  Or simply to jab each other with words for leverage)

Basic Cast

The investor: Joe   
          A day trader, he has a flexible schedule with much of his work online. 
Possibly some flights off to visit clients.  He owns various small operations.   [Played by Urbanzorro]

The model: Peony
Working for a company of his (while also fishing for other small gigs on her own).   [Played by kylie]

A new girl   [To be filled.]

          ............. He brings this one fresh into his modeling company and life .........
Your character may be employed as personal assistant, photographer, model,
all of the above, or even in grooming to become his trophy wife. 
Her specific background is open to discussion,
but basically she is employed by Joe and almost wholly under his wing. 

          She may or may not love him.  She will “respect” him tremendously. 
Whether this is initially more due to a demanding background or more under present duress, is up to you. 

         Joe will soon handle her roughly anyway, for amusement as well as any “management” he feels is in order. 
You see, Joe has a bit of a violent streak toward his more vulnerable women… 
She and Peony each suffer his attentions in their own way, but they will also have to learn to deal with each other. 
They may understand each other and sympathize a little, but they also begin half a world apart in their expectations. 

.......... Some minor NPCs may be introduced, and split or shared among players as the story goes on ................

The particulars : 

*  *  *    Three American dreams…    *  *  *

A dream of easy success: The model.

         This dream is growing now –  bigger, better, broader, more independent (or so she imagines)

         “Peony” is a young Asian-American who’s finally starting to get in on the glamorous life.  After a few years of car shows and catalogs, she has hooked up with a new agency to steady up her income better.

         The agency is one of investor Joe’s pet enterprises.  One of his more “entertaining” personal operations, he might say to some men. Peony’s found out in the past year with this one that the owner isn’t entirely present.  But when he is around, Joe is a bit of a lech. 

          Fortunately, he usually comes back with some easy deals for her.  Actually, when he isn’t shadowing her with all kinds of rude comments, it’s kind of fun to spar with him over silly things.  Things like her style of the day, his presumptuous views of women, or just how long she’ll be work shooting with who after the next car show gig. 

        They’re both using each other and they know it.  It’s amazing they get along as well as they do, bumps and all.  Maybe it’s because neither has usually been in the same place more than a couple days of the week.  But it is kind of cute in a sick way...... 

        Oh, speaking of the devil:

A dream of living a little decadently after success:  The investor (boss).

This dream was settled, but now it’s getting deeper.  More demanding.  More aggressive.

          Wealth is already here for Joe.  The dream is starting to grow. 

          Quietly, where he controls the shots, it's starting to meet his quietest, darkest expectations of excess and control.  Could it exceed even those?  The only question is which hobbies to expand upon and how much.  Oh yes...  And with precisely who?  It’s time for new blood, a better trophy girl to help keep things interesting.

          Joe has a dark side.  He likes to be a little rough with his women, try some new things. 

         Unfortunately, that Peony is a little stubborn.  And she’s a little too restless, starting to try to make more contacts on her own again. 

          It’s time for some fresh blood to mix things up.  Someone easier to just enjoy.  Someone  Peony won’t be quite comfortable around.  Even better, someone who can easily be made to follow directions precisely.  Another piece of exotic eye candy of course…  But, this one can be tasked to find out anything he needs to know to make sure Peony doesn’t wander too far, too soon.

A dream of finding stability, wishing for success with a strong guide...

(Getting more than she bargained for.)   The new girl.

         In the previous plan (bounced around with Black Jade), this was to be a young Chinese immigrant who was promised a visa with lots of strings attached by Joe. 
         For this go, she could be the same...  Or if you like, a recent immigrant from another place.  Alternatively,  a domestic girl of some “ethnic” flavor who needs help might fit too. 

        In any case, the new girl needs the stability of a new life and new job that Joe is only too happy to provide. 
She makes herself look sharp and eager, but she fears what would happen if it falls through. 

She won't go back the way she came from, not now…

          She will be surprised how rough and demanding Joe turns out to be when he has a chance to show it. 
She and Peony will probably begin holding each other in contempt. 

The newcomer despising Peony’s exaggerated (partly surgically redone) figure and some haughty edges to her personality.
Peony hating the new girl’s submissiveness in the face of Joe’s escalating demands, while fearing how much more attention she gets... 
Why, it seems he can get away with almost anything with this one! 

         Peony had tried to keep his rougher side away, waved him toward whatever diversion would get it out of her face, but this...
This is too much and now it's happening at the agency too, almost under her nose, practically in her face.
Is this an act for her to see?  How can she stand to watch? 
And then some of his humiliating demands start to focus more back on Peony's body and her job, too. 
How will both of Joe's young employees manage then? 

          How long can these dreams last together?    Will one shake up all the others? 
Will it be what anyone expected?    (More?  Less?  A nightmare for some?  Or a new dream?)    What will happen next?

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I'd love to play an eastern European girl, maybe Slovakian or Russian, who has been brought to the U.S. under false pretenses of becoming a model and is suddenly thrust into this world!

If you're still looking for someone let me know and I'll draw up a character.