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Author Topic: The Prototype [M seeking F]  (Read 850 times)

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The Prototype [M seeking F]
« on: October 09, 2011, 10:43:19 pm »
This is a futuristic setting, one that has to do with different planets, space travel, space colonies, ports, and so on and so forth.  Please check out My Role Play References before sending me a PM of interest.  We can discuss the details together.  I am open for discussion, ideas, suggestions and questions.  Note that I am looking for a role playing partner who can be detailed and descriptive when necessary and can manage a few paragraphs per post.

You, the main female of this story, was sent out with an exhibition team to explore the remains of a massive ship floating around in space.  The ship was said to be one of your own own and was transporting high advanced weapons and research before being intercepted by the alien enemy.  Exploring the ship with your team you find there is no signs of life at all.  No survivors, not even a body laying around.  Completely abandoned and empty though there are many signs of foul play suggesting that the enemy picked the place clean and apart.  Soon come across a large, thick door that has been locked down and impossible to open without the correct code.  It has been built so that it cannot just simply have been forced or blown upon, and since the enemy was in such a rush and crucial moment they left it and hurried on their way.  You and your open it, discovering a hidden laboratory that seems to be untouched and unscathed but like the rest of the ship it is abandoned...except for one figure that his hooked up and floating in a stasis tank.  As you slowly approach it, you find the figure up a well built and attractive male with long flowing hair.  As you get closer and closer, his fingers and eyebrows twitch until his eyes shoot open and stare directly at you almost as if he could sense your presence.  A cold, emotionless stare looks upon you.  You have just discovered the one and only survivor and last remaining being on the ship, but just what is he and why is he hooked up like this?

So that's how it all starts.  Your character will be a human female.  This is a futuristic/post-apocalyptic setting where earth has been drained and practically destroyed as most of it is in ruins from years of war from the invading alien army.  This had caused humans to launch into space, creating space stations and also settling down on distant planets as they battle their enemies for control and survival.  My character, this prototype happens to be the high-tech and advanced weapon they were looking for.  He is a biological weapon, a human that has been tested and experimented on in order to create the ultimate super solder and weapon. 

I plan on him being rather mysterious, quiet and calm...though he will be strong, dominant, perhaps a bit possessive and rough.  He will often give into his lust, basic instincts and urges.  His character will slowly unravel during the role play, and I do plan for the two of them to create a bond and romance.  He will be very intellectual, a fast learner as he is very observant and analytical but curious.  He will still need guidance and control, like every weapon he will need someone that is able to wield him and point him in the right direction which is exactly what your character will become.  She will help to tame this wild beast as his powers are revealed bit by bit over time as situations arise and she helps to contain and control them.  We can discuss some of his possible powers and abilities as the role play go on.  He will basically become the turning point in the war...and we can always add some twist like since he has grown attached and fond of your character his powers and abilities do not function properly unless she is with him or somewhere nearby which is why the prototype remains with her ship and crew.

The female character will be strong and independent, the pilot of her own ship and captain of her crew though still a woman on the inside of course who can show some tenderness behind doors.  The sexual elements can be discussed, but I see it as more of a raw, passionate and lustful relationship full of strength and power, rough sex, throwing down on the ground or bed, up against the wall, fast and hard, cannot get enough, heavy breathing with deep grunts and groans, loud yells of ecstasies and gasping moans, clawing, biting, smacking, hair pulling, breaking objects and glass, getting a little scrapped up and collecting some bruises, knocking every down and out of the way, tearing or ripping off articles of clothing when it seems like there is not enough time to properly remove it or get it all out of the way...just go go go!  Coating each other with mouth watering saliva as they explore each others body with their lips and tongue, sucking hungry and passionately, becoming wet and slick with sweat and sexual secretions as they go round after round.  He will be curious, adventurous and wanting to explore and experiment.  Driven just by pure, basic instinct. 

Of course it will not always be just fast and hard, there will be some slow and romantic moments, some tenderness and cuddling perhaps before which leads up to the intense moment or after while they come down from their pleasure highs.  We can just have fun with it.  We can have some moments, where he has not really been civilized or socialized, he does things such as wonders around naked or perhaps walks in on her dressing/sleeping/showering...or does something sexually inappropriate to her in public, etc.

My character would look something like this, though perhaps a little less of a frankenstein-ish vibe:
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And I would want the female character to look like this (NSFW)
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