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Author Topic: Exploring Erotic Fantasy Worlds Together  (Read 1726 times)

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Exploring Erotic Fantasy Worlds Together
« on: October 07, 2011, 11:15:55 AM »
STATUS: Currently available and looking for roleplays. **UPDATE: July 27, 2012**

Greetings to all erotic fantasy enthusiasts, roleplayers and adventurers,

I continue to find more like-minded individuals who would like to meet others who share similar erotic fantasies and arousals as me. I have been roleplaying in erotic themes for a long time now and have lived in my erotic fantasy world and universe since I was 12 years old when I first laid eyes on Boris Vallejo's amazing artwork of naked women riding atop fire-breathing dragons. Ever since then, I have been hooked on all things erotic fantasy and have imagined and pictured naked women and men in fantasy riding dragons, riding horses, challenging monsters and getting deep into erotic action, adventure, danger, peril, and even doom. A fantasy where being naked is as normal as being clothed, and sweaty action takes place in all manner of erotic ways too lengthy to describe with words here.

I grew up with Western and European influences of erotica rather than the more common hentai, anime, etc. The famous erotic works such as those of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Heavy Metal magazine, Paolo Serpieri's Druuna, FAKK2, Den, Jungle Girl (I love Frank Cho's amazing artwork of women), and so on play a very huge role in the developing and maturing of my sexual fantasies. And ever since, I have been captivated by the naked human body and enjoy every aspect that is sexual and erotic in fantasy and roleplaying.

    The visual that changed my life forever and plunged me into a world of erotic fantasy.

Who I would like to meet

I actively roleplay on MSN Live Messenger, and at times e-mail. Having roleplayed for some time, I am lucky to have met amazing people whom I have kept in frequent contact with. I am looking to find others who are laid back and have a friendly attitude along with a vivid and detailed take on erotica and fantasies. I want others to be honest and open with me; sharing with no fear and embarassment, and plunging into erotic worlds that will arouse and give pleasure to all who participate in it. Really, if you have thought of it, I have probably thought of it or even done it before. However, that does not mean I have no limits, but it certainly means I am open to many ideas, and I want all enthusiasts and fellow roleplayers to be friends and be thorough and honest with one another about their likes, arousals, kinks, and fetishes.

**UPDATED** With the above stated, I however would like to also flesh out a very important factor and requirement when it comes to the person I would like to communicate and explore erotic fantasy with. I am looking for others who are BIG hyper-sexual individuals, and are, for lack of a better term, BIG perverts. How do you define such? Well, you are basically one who just loves to share sexual fantasies, erotic thoughts, and talk dirty with no shame. I don't mind others being direct, and you can expect me to be direct as well. Take note that although highly erotic and very sexual, roleplays and scene developments do not necessary contain sex. There are alot of elements that can be highly erotic and sexual without having to be sex. If you are the shy and quiet types, I believe we will not do well together and it will be uncomfortable for you.

I am not interested in non-erotic roleplaying. I have no interest in playing a conventional D&D roleplay and don't have the time for such. Elliquiy is an erotic fantasy & sexual roleplaying site and this is what should be the main goal when it comes to finding suitable and compatible roleplaying partners and friends. In short, I want highly explicit, perverted, dirty and filthy!

I am a male with hectic work schedules and run about, even outstation. But I always find time to get naked and dive into my erotic fantasy world which I love to escape to. Many of my close friends and fellow erotic fantasy enthusiasts will know that, and we have successfully juggled time and schedule for amazing encounters.  I enjoy honesty when it comes to time and real-life commitments. I clearly understand that work, studies, family, and other factors are important and I have no problems with that. I just recently gotten myself a girlfriend (again); and the sex is good, but I still do enjoy the time in my fantasy worlds with others (though she thinks its funny and weird) and I am expected to spend time with her as well.

Arousals, likes, desires, and fetishes

I have been more intrigued and interested in erotic fantasy worlds (perhaps, called high fantasy or dark fantasy - the worlds that similarly are like more popular universes such as Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, and even World of WarCraft) rather than erotic sci-fi. I do not explore modern settings as we currently live in a modern world that can be explored through sex in real life. I roleplay with both male and female characters and am open to exploring anything with either gender. As stated above, I find the naked body a subject to focus on in roleplay scenes. I love buttocks, breasts, cock, cunt, anus, balls, thighs, and I have to tell you that I have a deep liking of semen. I love the look, texture, smell, feel, taste and erotic value of sperm, especially when they are abundantly (unrealistically) ejaculated and stuck onto the body. I enjoy watching the naked body go through action and adventure, facing sexual danger and erotic peril, and even erotic doom. To me, final ejaculation and orgasm has always symbolized a sign of defeat, as if the life force (what some of you roleplayers call 'Hit Points (HP)') is forced out of the body, leaving the victim incapacitated and defeated. Dodging, evading, striking, and facing obstacles in erotic fantasies are just some examples of how action-oriented requiring quick thinking and replies with little downtime.

**NEW** To further give an idea to all potential (and perverted) erotic fantasy enthusiasts and roleplayers, the following are some of my on-going story plots/arcs. I have been noticing that most of the ads on Elliquiy seems to show story plot settings. I refrain from doing so as I enjoy and am looking forward to discuss and build the story and plot essentials itself with you, which will go in-line with our arousals and desires. Though as always I am open to hear your ideas and existing story plots as well. In each section, a story arc description profile is accompanied with its relating character profiles for your viewing pleasure.

The Unseen Enemy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character Profile 1: Ali'ana Stoneclaw, Amazon
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

High Seas Stakes
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character Profile 1: Ea'na, Rogue Medicine-woman
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character Profile 2: Kai-sa, Pirate
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character Profile 1: Mi'drah, Barbarian Battlemistress
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

If I haven't scare you off, please feel free to PM or contact me on MSN Live Messeger listed in my profile. Although I used to roleplay via e-mails, I currently would like partners and enthusiasts to roleplay on IM only. Please refrain from posting in this thread, but instead PM or contact me via MSN IM.

As we get to know one another, I will open up and show you the works that I have done for my erotica and you will know what I mean when it comes to detailed, vivid, and imaginative requirements.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Please read on for more updates and to better gauge compatibility between one another.

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The "Right Fit"
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2011, 11:19:34 AM »
This section better aims to expand upon my ad to better clarify certain questions that seem to be frequently asked and pondered upon by fellow potential erotic fantasy enthusiasts and roleplayers. I hope that this section will help you and be used as a guideline to describe my erotic fantasies, arousals, fetishes, kinks, and wants to better find the "right fit" in terms of compatibility with others who share similar. However, such a guideline should be used only as a guideline as it could never completely describe and explain the volumes of erotic and sexual thoughts and fantasies that fill my crazy mind.

What do you mean by 'erotic doom'?
Erotic doom is better known with the term 'bad end' which is more frequently used and understood by others. An 'erotic doom' scene or 'bad end' scene results in an erotic and sexual doom or death of the character. In my case, my arousal is facing erotic peril which leads to erotic doom. I can imagine and deeply enjoy scenes where a naked male or female is hanging on to dear life where a loose grip or snap of a vine will plunge the helpless nude adventurer down into a pit of vipers. Or perhaps facing off against a more stronger opponent, and being thrown about like a ragdoll before being snuffed. Such bad end scenes result in a 'final orgasm' and ejaculation of the character. It leads to the satisfaction of the roleplayer having his/her arousal and need met.

Although such bad ends happen, is doom/death permanent?
No. When it comes to bad ends, nothing is permanent. Erotic fantasy is meant to be relived over and over again, unless you decide to have a particular character meet an end for the sake of a canon storyline, etc.

Imagine playing a game such as Tomb Raider or Bloodrayne, and the scantilly-clad heroine plunges to her doom (whether accidentally or purposefully ;) ). You just LOAD GAME from a SAVE GAME point from before. Bad ends are not canon and do NOT disrupt the continuity of the story. Erotic doom merely adds an avenue for those with similar arousals to experience an added dimension of roleplaying and satisfying a need and arousal.

Are your roleplays violent?
I have been classed by many as 'Extreme'. I don't really think such a general classification would properly identify me. In terms of my erotic scenes, my roleplays are brimming with intimacy (whether direct or indirect), interaction (between players, NPCs, and the world), along with character development (characters may meet doom/death, but they develop a whole backstory and become permanent mainstays).

In terms of roleplaying style and arousals however, my preference could however be classed as such but yet be nothing more than necessary by others. Having a female knee your testicles in a fight could be extreme, but not for someone who enjoys the BDSM aspect of erotica. As much as I enjoy skirmishes, challenges, fights in order to survive, I do not go into gore, mutilation, dismemberment, and extreme blood play as it is not arousing for me. I used to roleplay in DALnet's Snuffsex channel where indeed the general classification of enthusiasts and roleplayers there are extreme but highly imaginative and open to exploration.

A gigantic python coiling over your naked body as your struggle and squirm helplessly as it begins to suffocate you; or a gladiator or gladiatrix grabbing and squeezing your cock or clit and enjoying your screams (or moans) of pleasure and pain; or a giant spider biting you with its poison-filled mandibles as you feel the poisons surging through your form; or just being vored by a blob creature or man-eating plant. These are scenes that are highly arousing, and will happen in our roleplays.

**NEW**Do you DM? What is your roleplay style?
This is one of the most frequently asked question I have had to answer on PMs and IMs. I hope this will help to clarify and better explain what a roleplay is like when we play together.

And indeed if this is your primary question, you are not a very interesting roleplayer to play with anyway. I and many others who take erotic fantasy world/universe building seriously know clearly that erotic roleplaying is alot like sex. All players involved pull strings together to stimulate, arouse, and satisfy the other. They do this by contributing to the scene by adding elements such as the environment, NPCs, the feelings felt, the weather and how it causes the naked body to sweat, the soft moist soil or mud that splashes about to stain the running naked form, the musky smell of a female adventurer's anus after being in the jungle for days without a bath, the smell of the hair of your companion when you make love to them, the crush of the hand as it wraps around an opponent's testicles, and I can go on and on and on. I am running wild and my imagination is as endless and bottomless as my desire for all things erotic and sexual.

Every player must contribute to the scene and roleplay. The DM & Player style is a 'one-way' roleplay style best left to roleplaying with conventional gaming systems in place such as D&D, and not for erotic roleplaying which touches on an individual's sexuality and arousals.

**NEW**I am bisexual/gay? Is that ok?
I get this question quite often as well. Yes. You are honest to tell me that and there is no reason why you should feel uncomfortable with your sexuality or think others will be.

And as stated above, I am comfortable roleplaying in scenes with both female and male characters. May I also say that some of my best roleplaying enthusiasts are bisexual or gay, and have been highly imaginative (and not forgetting perverted ;)) in creating amazing encounters. And the few women that I have met have been rather shallow when it comes to erotic fantasy imagination. Sorry, ladies... I am not generalizing but it is a well-known fact that men are more visual than women, and thus it is exactly like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to finding a woman who is truly compatible and share similar erotic fantasies. If you are, I may marry you and take care of you for the rest of your life, and that's a fact.

It's also a very well-known fact that a big majority of the "females" on Elliquiy are actually not females but males. Reading through some ads by ladies, I can clearly see it is written on the basis of an aroused cock. I don't really care if you lie or wish to enact a different personality online, after all this is the Internet. But it is through my experience that the greatest satisfaction and arousals are achieved by being yourself.

Any more examples of how I can better gauge our compatibility?
Indeed, and thank you for taking the time to build on compatibility instead of just rushing in. Just Google image search Boris Vallejo, Simon Bisley, FAKK2, Julie Bell, Frank Frazetta, Jungle Girl, Druuna, Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris, Vampirella, Heavy Metal Magazine, etc. and you will get a good gauge of what my picture of erotic fantasy is all about.

If you can see yourself naked atop a galloping horse or flying dragon, feeling its bareback fur or scales against your crotch and you enjoy scenes where exhibitionism and all manner of sexuality reeks into the roleplay, then I believe we should talk and get to know one another.

Thank you!

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I continue to be impressed with the vivid and downright perverted imaginations that some of you have. Thank you for the PMs.
As always, I am looking for more enthusiasts who share similar fantasies and arousals and would like to share them together.

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Monthly bump to find others who wish to share in amazing erotic fantasy encounters! Thank you.