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January 21, 2021, 01:52:00 AM

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Author Topic: Once a Whore.... {Extreme. Looking for abusve/sadistic Male please xx)  (Read 516 times)

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Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Damon was overall a good guy sure he's made a few bad choices in life, but who hasn't? He makes good money. Sure that money comes from selling drugs, but it keeps a roof over his head and he has some pretty regular clients so the money just rolls in for him. It might not be a persons dream job, but hey...when you've not finished high school and don't have any qualifications a job is a job and besides...he makes almost the same amount a year and a bloody doctor!

Being a drug dealer was how he met -her- Cassandra. Cassandra is a hooker and was a hooker when they met. She got his name from a friend of a friend of a friend. He knew right away what she was, the way she was dressed when she approached, the bruises on her face from a client that got out of hand. She overpaid for what he gave her, but if he was going to provide for trash, he was going to milk it for all it was worth.

She became a regular. Of course he didn't see her for a week after the first time. She couldn't work with bruises on her face, what would her clients thing? They'd all want to treat her like a ragdoll. The next time he saw her he noticed how pretty she actually was. Lovely face, hair most girls are jealous of and quite a hot body. When work was hard to find she begged him for some drugs, just a little to take the chill out. She offered a blowjob. Who was he to refuse? It was good. And so they worked out an understanding. She'd even let him fuck her for some pills.

So, they got together through sex. They got why not? They started dating...or at least going to parties together and fucking after...or during...or before. He kind of wanted her from her life and when he asked her to move in? Well...He thought she'd give up the job, she wasout of her rat infested apartment building, didn't have to scrape around for rent. He provided for her. At first that was fine with her. She became a regular house-woman, but she became more into the drugs. Demanding even. He decided to try and help her kick the habit so stopped bringing it home. Refused to give it to her..,Saying he couldn't afford to give it to her for free.

So, she went back to the streets while he was out conducting business. Once a whore, always a whore. He had a few times slapped her when she got whiny or shouted at him during her withdrawl, but that was it. Until he came home early, surprise her for lunch and found her with her back to him, on top of some random guy telling him how she loved to fuck him.

A guy can only take so much. He was well respected, lived in a great neighbourhood...what would people think....what would happen if the COPS showed up at his door? He'd be fucked. There was no way he was going to do any prison time for some skirt. He went un noticed as he approached her from behind, his fist was in her hair and she was on the floor before one could even bat an eyelash.

Cassandra was too stunned to say anything. The guy on the bed quickly made his exit, tossing some change onto the bed. Once he was gone she shouted at Damon. What the fuck was he doing home? He listed her up by the hair, pulling so she was on her toes so they were eye to eye. He didn't slap her. No. He punched her. In the stomach, she didn't see it coming. She screamed and he dropped her. She fell to her knees...He got his cock out and fucked her face so hard that her head was hitting the wall. Once again he grabbed her hair and threw her on the bed. She tried to scramble off, but he grabbed her ankle. God he was pissed off.

She sat up, as much she could, crying about how she was sorry...Sorry...ha! He hit her..she'd have a nice black eye, he flipped her over and shoved himself into her whore pussy and fucked her for all she was worth, slapping and punching her back as he did, pushing her face into the pillow so hard it was a miracle she didn't suffocate to death. He hadn't meant to be so rough...she'd just pissed him THEIR bed. And he remembered how she couldn't work because of the bruises when they met...

When he came inside her...something he never did he just pulled out, turned over and went to sleep.

Cassandra slept too, her body hurt too much to storm around. He woke up before her and felt guilty. He looked at her and bruises had already  formed. He got out of bed and had a shower and for about ten minutes he felt bad for what he'd done. He hadn't lost it like that for a long time. Once upon a time he was a bad boy. Joined a gang...he'd beaten the fuck out of his share of people, but all of them were men and it was questionable wether they deserved it or not. His mama always taught him to never hot a girl.

Feeling sorry for himself. For her. He came out of the bathroom, but when he saw her he couldn't help but feel a little satisfaction. She really -had- deserved it hadn't she? Besides...he WAS sort of doing her a kindness wasn't he? At least he won't go out for a few days maybe a week or two. She'd be his. No more fucking. He could deny her all the drugs and it'd be a kind of rehab...It was for the greater good. If she couldn't see that so what? Where was she going to go? He didn't dwell on the fact that it actually felt good to pound hid fists into something made of flesh and blood. He wasn't a monster.

Things were a bit rocky for a while. Cassie...well she didn't want him to hit her again, so she was the absolute perfect woman. Had dinner made every night when he came home, she took up baking and the house had never been cleaner. After a few days she didn't cry when they had sex, she was becoming enthusiastic again. The bruises faded and were almost gone. Anyone would be proud to call her their woman. They went to a party, kind of a fancy one as one of his upper class clients wanted hm'd be good business for him and everyone would be happy. Cassandra was the perfect arm-candy...for a while.

The wine was flowing nonstop, and Cassandra had more than she could handle. One of the men had recognized her, and she flirted with him while Damon was off elsewhere setting up a deal. She and this other man found a room to go into. Damon came looking for her.

They weren't having sex...but her breasts were on display and she was just undoing his pants while on her knees when she was found. She was too drunk to pretend surprise or feel embarrassed or sorry. She just slurred out that she could make some money too. Her mouth was getting her 300. The man zipped up and walked out.

Damon was once again pissed, but his name was called, so he left her there on her knees.

Smugly, Cassandra got up, packed her breasts away and sauntered out. She began to dance to the music that was being played. She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto a table. It was embarrassing to all who attended as she was moving like a stripper. Damon was approached by the house owner and asked to kindly remove the filth he brought from the premises. A taxi was on the way and for now on he would conduct his business elsewhere.