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May 25, 2018, 05:57:19 PM

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Author Topic: Bleach RP: Original Characters [M seeking F]  (Read 327 times)

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Bleach RP: Original Characters [M seeking F]
« on: October 05, 2011, 08:32:16 PM »
Looking for a writing partner to write the female role.  You do not need to be caught up with the anime episodes or latest manga, but please know at least a good deal about the anime before sending me a message of interest.  I myself have read every manga released so far online.  Decent grammar and spelling are a must, it's alright if you make a couple mistakes here and there...I know I do, just be literate.  No one liners, I like detail and description so you must be comfortable with reading and writing a few paragraphs each post.  I'm not asking for a book or thousands of words but give me something to read, enjoy and respond to

The start of this story is virtually the same concept of how Rukia met Ichigo.  You have this teenage boy with a highly concentrated amount of spiritual pressure.  Hollows are constantly hunting him down because well, he would make quite the tasty treat.  So that's how it all starts, the two of them...a run in with a hollow, she tries to save him, he ends up having to step in.  The whole Ichigo and Rukia scenario on how she lends him her powers and he becomes a Substitute Shinigami.  Though she would not completely and totally lose all of her powers and abilities like what happened to Rukia.  She would of course be drained and weakened, but it will be completely temporary. 

So my character would simply feed off her reiatsu to unlock and release the immense amount of spiritual pressure within himself and so on and so forth.  It is definitely up for discussion, suggestions and ideas, as well as where it goes and leads.  I would like to sort of follow a different storyline and plot than Bleach.  We can have scenes in the human world, in Hueco Mundo, and in Soul Society.  We can decide the main plot, the protagonists and all of that.  Something to do with Arrancar would be interesting I think, just Arrancar themselves and getting away from the whole Aizen element.

So this role play will have its points where it focuses primary on the story, but there will of course be the sex scenes as our characters will have a romance bloom.  They will have a chemistry and attraction toward one another.  It won't be voiced out in public or really even shown, but behind closed doors or when alone the sparks will fly.  Sexual elements/kinks/fetishes/etc are open for discussion.  My character's tend to always be naturally dominate so it will probably lead that way in the bedroom, but the female Soul Reaper will still be very strong herself which would suggest a switch relationship with a slight lean of domination toward my character.

She will be the one to train him, after all my character will not know how to really use his powers.  He has a lot of potential and raw spiritual energy and power, but is unaware of how to tap into it and really control it which is why she helps him.  So they would be sparring and training partners, and during the hot and sweaty sessions together one thing could lead to another...I imagine my character perhaps making advances on her, teasing her and messing with her by ripping and tearing at her robes to reveal more and more of her body.  She protests of course, though would playfully give in.  We can also have scenes of them bathing together in a hot spring, or a passion moment after a battle or while one is attending to anothers injuries...heated argument turns into makeup sex, so on and so forth.  There is a lot of potential in where the main storyline leads to advances in their relationship that we can have fun with and explore.

Also I think it would be interesting if he had a Hollow in him and make him a Vizard, having the hollow awaken perhaps during a near death experience.

Send me a PM if you are interested and we can discuss some ideas and details and flesh it out a bit.