Here I am! Looking for a few new roleplays!

Started by Codexa, October 01, 2011, 11:34:09 AM

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I'm back on E, and am looking for another RP or two.

Please, check out my ON/OFF thread. While old, its still accurate. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. :)

I can't post a ton of times a day, my posting needs to be flexible, because of RL. :P So, I'm hoping for a partner(s) who don't mind a flexible posting schedule. I can do about 2 times a day, most days. To give a rough idea.

I love working on the world, the people in the world (NPC) and the story and plot with my partners. I need someone willing to discuss things, who don't mind getting down some of the fluff before we dive in. :D

Please PM me.


Story Idea One:

~ Avatar Inspired ~ (Romance, Action,Drama, Adventure)

This is just a rough idea, but I've recently seen some of the show and I find it very interesting and something that could be fun to do.

Basics:( An Alternative world- Yes there was a war, and turmoil in the world, but it happened faster, the Avatar didn't vanish) The Avatar is supposed to bring peace to the world, and he had. But there is always darkness lurking, waiting for it's chance to swallow the light. The Avatar had been slain right at the end of a bloody war. Yes the world had been saved, but at a pretty hefty price.

The people waited and searched for the new avatar, wishing to keep him or her safe.  But they weren't the only one's searching for the  avatar.  The infant was found, but not by people who were good.

The remaining forces of the 'other' side of that war discovered the child and took him. Instead of killing the new avatar, they kept him locked away - The boy grew up living under lock and key, he was a prisoner. By the time he was a young man, he had grown far to troublesome. So, the ones who had kept him hidden instead chose a new way to hold him hostage. They put him in a kind of sleep, frozen within a crystal cage that kept him from aging any further, it also kept him in a deep sleep.

And eighty years passed.

The world is struggling, and there are talks of war again. Most people just don't want to believe it.

My character would be a young female bender (not sure which element) who comes upon the sleeping Avatar and awakens him. Becoming his companion and guide to the world as they figure out things together.

The partner I am looking for would play the newly awakened Avatar ( personal history/personality/element) is up to the individual who takes the role.

Please PM me and we can discuss details! :D

Story Two:
Coming soon! :)


The Avatar Inspired idea sounds interesting.

I'd want to play want my primary element to be earth. I'm thinking about having him not know how to bend at all at first, since he'd been locked up for most of his life. The only bending he would have done up until that point would be when he entered the Avatar State. I was also thinking that he wouldn't have great social skills or know about the differences between men and women, having only had male guards his whole life. Think of it as something like Goku from Dragon Ball when Bulma first finds him.

Sample Character Sheet:

Name: Botong Tsu

Age: 16

Element: Earth

Appearance: Tall, roughly 6 foot. 150 lbs. Long, dark hair. Brown eyes. Wearing beat up, baggy shirt, and pants. Has a scar on his left hand.

Background: Was raised in a stone tower that had no windows. He was raised by several male guards. Starting when he was four, he was forced to cook and clean. When he acted out he was beaten. When he was ten, during one of his beatings he became enraged and passed out. When he woke up he was in a diffetent room and most of his guards had been replaced with new ones. When he was allowed into other parts of the tower again, he noticed some rooms had different looking stone then what had been there before. This happened several more times until he turned sixteen. On that day he was attacked from behind, and knocked out. When he woke up, something told him a lot of time had passed, and there was someone he had never seen before standing in front of him.
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