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June 12, 2021, 04:20:22 pm

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Author Topic: Duke Nukem Forever! (F looking for M DM)  (Read 694 times)

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Offline iridum248Topic starter

Duke Nukem Forever! (F looking for M DM)
« on: October 01, 2011, 04:46:13 am »
Always bet on Duke. -_^

Heya all; After playing Duke Nukem Forever, I've been looking to play as a sexy, action movie-esque heroine in the glitzy, high-machismo setting of DNF. While the game didn't, objectively, feel like it was worth wait, I can't help but think that there's room for *all* kinds of naughtiness in the 'alien invasion' setting.

To clarify, I'm rather looking for a male player to be the 'DM' for this game- Playing as the men and monsters she runs into! I've found that I respond better than I initiate, in particular- But I'd do my level best to steer her towards naughty opportunities as offered. -_^

I've always had a thing for gorgeous women on ugly men and monsters; And I can't help but feel this would be a perfect opportunity to give it a shot. Conceptually, I plan to play a girl who's sexy and somewhat naughty- The idea would be based off Bombshell, Duke's 'dummied out' female partner who was sadly cut out from the game, or some other sultry babe who's caught up in the effort to fend off the alien invasion.

I'd love to see her get into potentially naughty 'Bad Ends'...Or even run into more consensual encounters. Perhaps our heroine has a massive alien fetish, and can't help but indulge herself when temptation- Or the opportunity- arises! Perversely, I don't find the canonical males to be that attractive- Way too 'craggy-looking' and generic, in my opinion- but there's plenty of ways this could go.

As for my kinks- I enjoy risk of impregnation, smutty encounters (leaning more towards lighthearted sexual play), close-to or mostly humanoid monsters (orcs and goblins in particular), and 'unlikely' pairings, mostly along the lines of fat/perverted men on hot women.

My definite 'Offs' are scat, extreme S&M, gore/violence during sex, excessive erotic degradation, beastiality, and macro insertions. (The thought of a girl taking a cock *way* too large for her sounds more painful than fun.) Some potential ideas for girls...

(Possibly a punkish girl from a Finishing School For Young Ladies, or the like. -_^)

As for what she'd be up against, think the kind of men or creatures you'd see in your typical hentai anime- The kind that give the girl a good going-over, so to speak. -_^

And, to round it off, a version of the Holstom twins that doesn't look quite so trashy: