i need a creative, forceful writing partner! (f seeking m)

Started by quitefancy, October 01, 2011, 03:57:41 AM

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i'm open to multiple ideas at this time, but i'm really looking to start some new stuff. I was away from E for some time because life kept happening, but things have settled down a bit now so i'm here to play!

right now i'm looking for mxf roleplays, where i play a straight female. this could change, as i do occasionally do mxm and fxf. i will roleplay over forums or YIM/AIM, but NOT private messages. I tend to think of myself as being pretty "go with the flow" so if it's a serious moment that needs a lot of description and great imagery, i will definitely go for it! if it's a less important, sort of passing moment, i don't see the need for a 5 paragraph post. just feel it out, you know? (:

i like a good vibe with my writing partner. this should be, above all, fun for both of us! what turns you on, turns me on. if you're looking for something a bit more specific though, i do like:

taller men, older men, dominant men, spankings, gagging, hair pulling, HUGE cocks and being a cumslut. (:

these are a few ideas that i'm tossing out there, and i'll add more as i go! also, feel free to ask me about your ideas. it can't hurt to ask!

Arranged Marriage I could see this being some sort of really interesting thing just in the traditional women as chattel kind of arranged marriage, but i have another idea as well. my character is in line for the throne in a country who's royalty runs through matriarchal lineage. neighboring countries however, being largely patriarchal, don't accept her as a ruler and thus, for her people, she must marry the slightly chauvinistic king/prince of a neighboring country. all sorts of fun and shenanigans between a woman who was raised to take her place at the throne, and a man who was raised to believe that a woman's place was on her back.

Hostage Situation super vague on this particular idea, but i just think it would be fun to be someone's hostage, especially if that someone was particularly inclined to take advantage of my vulnerability. ;)

Captive Spy/Prisoner of War this one i think could be fun if you played an interrogator with some unorthodox methods or perhaps a rival spy putting pressure on her to reveal information/crack.

Exploring BDSM pretty simple this one, but i think it would be fun to explore a young couple trying out bondage, humiliation, spanking, handcuffs, etc. for the first time, and how it evolves into more between them.

ehh, i'll keep adding more, but in the mean time, bring me your ideas. i will especially enjoy if they end with my character getting a faceful of cum. (:

feel free to post here OR PM me!

thanks for reading!
find ecstasy in life;
the mere sense of living is joy enough.


I always like a nice faceful of cum for my lady friends ;)

I don't have anything in mind at the particular moment, but I'm sure you'll hear back from me soon...


well thank you for being so generous to us ladies, kind sir. (:

i hope to!
find ecstasy in life;
the mere sense of living is joy enough.


I am particularly interested in your idea about a young couple just exploring BDSM and would definitely be interested in RPing that with you.  Just let me know by PM if you are interested.