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Author Topic: Love bonds/Love hurts [ M/ M ]  (Read 511 times)

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Love bonds/Love hurts [ M/ M ]
« on: September 29, 2011, 10:18:20 PM »
So this is my very first request topic on here. I've got a few idea's in mind I'd like to try and play out. Bare in mind that these plots aren't just about sex. They are drama driven and emotions will be very involved. Here is my On and Offs.

All or Nothing At All- M/M, Consensual, Romance
I've had the rest of you now, I want the best of you...

The Plot
As far as he could remember 18 year old high school senior, Alex, has had everything he could have wanted. His parents love and accept him...for the most part. His dad is still adjusting to his lifestyle but is trying to hold their relationship together. His school life is pretty good too. He's not insanely popular, but he has a fair amount of friends. His life isn't perfect but it's pretty damn near it. There's just one thing. After realizing his sexuality, he also realized his feelings for his best friend; who also happens to be a captain of the school's football team and quite the ladies man. Or is his player status just a front to hide his bi-curious nature and his subtle feelings for Alex?

The Roles

Alex- [Played by Me]
Age: 18
Appearance:  (The pic above) 5'8'' Blonde hair, blue eyes. Lean, toned. exercises and runs on a daily basis.
Personality: Alex is a pretty laid back guy and has his priorities in order.  Sometimes he can be a bit of a smart ass, which he gets from his mother and father. Shown epically when he and his parents trade snarks at the dinner table.  but overall, he's nice. Music is his passion. It's been a part of his life since he started playing in middle school and he hopes to continue through with it through college and his career goal is to play in a world renown orchestra.
Notes: When I say Alex has feelings for his best friend, I mean he's in love. They've been friends since the 4th grade and pretty much know each other like the back of their hands by now. Also, Alex is still a virgin. He's only gone as far as 3rd base with other guys. Yep, time to shed the innocence. Well, whats left of it anyway.

The Best friend (Name is of player's choosing)

Age: 18
Appearance: Also up to the player. Preferably at least 5'10'' and he plays football, so he can't be like a twig or a twink. lol. Not like, incredibly ripped with muscle but well built and define muscles. Blue eyes are a plus. ;)
Personality: I too leave this up to the player for the most part. Preferably not just another stereotypical dumb jock where he gets like straight D's and is barely passing. 
Notes: Should be somewhat experienced in sex because he's kind of a player. He's only been with girls since he's been sexually active but has always been sort of bi-curious. And of course, he too shares deep feelings for Alex that transcends more than just friendship. Just always been afraid to act on those feelings and the 'taboo' of being with someone of the same gender. He is the dominate male.


I don't Wanna Know- M/M, Consensual, Romance
Somebody said they saw you, the person you were kissing wasn't me...

The Plot
Ever found the one you thought was perfect in your eyes? A person who stole your heart away only to throw it in a woodchipper through betrayal? That is the story of Marcelle. He's been through a string of failed relationships. Each of them ending with him getting hurt. Tired and strung out, he was about to give up on ever finding the right partner. He met a new man, slightly older and successful. Reluctant, Marcelle resisted the other's attempts to woo him until he finally caved. Two years into the relationship, Marcelle is well aware that his beau is messing behind his back, but his heart is to worn down to even fight it. Maybe it's just time to compromise. What matters is that his beau always comes back to him, right?

The Roles

Marcelle- [Played by Me]
Age: 24
Appearance:  (The pic above) 6'0'' black hair, brown eyes, lean and toned.
Personality: Marcelle has a shy demeanor and tries not to draw too much attention to himself. He sort of gives off this melancholy vibe as he dresses in black almost all the time. While he forces a smile around his friends, he just isn't happy with his life. He's got his career and his friends, but he wants real love and a partner who won't hurt him. Unfortunately he's sort of in a rut and given up on that. Instead he's decided to just settle for hos current cheater of a boyfriend and just ignore the obvious, even though it's slowly breaking him.

The Boyfriend (Name is of player's choosing)

Age: Age can be anywhere from 28-35
Appearance: Preferably someone at least 6'0. He's a suit man and under the suit should be a toned physique since he also takes care of himself and stays well groomed.
Personality: Once again a dominate male. He is a successful business type, fools he literally can't keep it in his pants, when confronted he usually likes to beat around the bush and chooses to try and seduce Marcelle to distract from the accusations. Anything more than that is up to the player's discretion.

Note that this story has two more parts to it that I have plotted, but I'll wait until I can get through this one to suggest the other two.  And I think that's it. Feel free to post here or PM me if interested.
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Offline SaphirTopic starter

Re: Love bonds/Love hurts [ M/ M Seeking Dom M]
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2011, 04:55:18 PM »

No Parade- M/M, Consensual, Reconcile, Drama
The story was supposed to last, you were never supposed to be just somebody in the past...

The Plot
One minute your relationship is paradise, the next a hurricane suddenly sweeps through leaving it in ruins. Or perhaps you were just to blind to take heed of the warning forecast? Naveed can relate full heartedly. For the last 4 years, Naveed dated his high school sweetheart. They attended the same college. However, post college the couple were forced to endure a long distance relationship and within a little over a year, things hit a bumpy road. It's hard to stay attached to someone who you are only able to see every couple of months. They drifted apart until it finally faded into nothing. It was after a couple more failed relationships that Naveed realized he should have fought harder. Now he's determined to get back who he believes is his soul mate.

The Roles

Naveed- [Played by Me]
Age: 22
Appearance:  (The pic to the right) 6'1''  dark brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build
Personality: Naveed is a terrible flirt and has a playful nature, but in general he's a loveable guy. A drawback though is his inability to always express any negative feelings he may have. A stepford smiler if you will. He's more than willing to help another person and lend his shoulder to cry on, but when it comes to dealing with his own drama, he tends to go on different routes to forget his mind off of it. His most notable way of running away from his heart is clubbing.

The Ex (Name is of player's choosing)

Age: (22-24 is good)
Appearance: Player's choice.
Personality:  Also player's choice


Teach Me, Touch Me- M/M, Age gap (not a huge one), consensual (maybe a little hesitance, but ultimately seduced and consensual.)
Reflection on the water, H to O, no flow without the other...

The Plot
Graduating high school is a landmark in everyone's life. It represents the closing chapter of adolescence and the transition into adulthood. A goodbye to your hometown as you head off to college. So many goodbyes to be said to the people you've grown close to the most. Your friends and the teachers you've had over the past four years, uncertain if you'll ever cross paths again. The whole summer, Kyle has been having the same thoughts as he prepares to leave home. Theres only a couple more days before he heads off for his freshman year at college and he would like to show his favorite high school instructor some appreciation. Teachers and student interaction outside the classroom is usually frowned upon. It's a good thing Kyle isn't a student anymore...

The Roles

Kyle- [Played by Me]
Age: 18
Appearance:  (The pic to the right) 5'8''  dark brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build, usually wears glasses.
Personality: Kyle is a bit on the nerdy side. He does take his schooling seriously. So much so that it's almost impossible to drag him out of the house until he's completed with all his subjects or at least in a safe area in them where he could spare a little time. He's sort of shy, but once he gets to know someone, he opens up and can be a fun guy to be around. He has a fondness for corny jokes and loves making puns. He's not just adorable...more like adorkable. He also tends to blush and get timid around people he likes and/or finds really attractive.

The Teacher (Name is of player's choosing)
Age: Late twenties to mid thirties
Appearance: Player's choice. He's a gut who takes care of himself though.
Personality:  Also player's choice.

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